Charly Trailer (fanmade)

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Made using scenes from Charly (1968) and the song Pandora by Immediate Music.

Fanmade Trailer 1968 for Algernon fanmade Immediate +music +Charly Pandora flowers trailer

Venting Show
Horrid music choice. This isn't 300.
TS Eliot
If this just played without the music, it would be very good.
I don't agree with the music used. It overpowers what actually is a quiet movie with no major drama. The music simply is too overboard; it should be changed for something much more subdued. BTW: I saw the film in the theater. Ravi Shankar's music is perfect for it.
Susan Peploe
loved this book
The Pope Himself
I finished this movie today in school, I really love it and the book btw nice trailer
Tom Heck
The novel was amazing and moving, was what brought me here. Great work!
Envious Fred
Absolutely brilliant piece of work Uva, this could sell now as a trailer!
BC Myers
Good scene selections, music could be better... Overall, nice job.