The Stones to their many fans are the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. Here you can trace their evolution in music in the 1960's towards their dominance for the next four decades. Without a shadow of doubt the story of '60s rock would be incomplete without the Rolling Stones. Their r&b roots when overlaid with hard rock lifted them into a different dimension.

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Seth Tyrssen
Fantastic compilation, thank ya! It's so rare we actually get to see and hear Brian doing vocals!
Paul Dwyer
HERE IS WISDOM:   It is not fair to any rock fan to compare the stones to the Beatles.   Here's why:  The bands of the sixties all were fans of eachother.  The in thing was to enjoy the music and not compare who's better than who.   No band ever outdid the Beatles, but the beatles themselves encouraged people to create and appreciate other bands.   This way, you can enjoy both bands.   When you compete and compare, soon you'll find yourself asking is Zeplin is Better than Pink Floyd...Then you take into account Cream, Yardbirds, Birds, Mommas and Papas.   I love the stones, but I love all that music.   I'm 46.   I used to worry about that stuff when I was twelve.   At 20 and up, I appreciate all the great bands by loving them all.   Afterall, the songwriting is different and worth much appreciation.
Luis F. Elgueta
let's spend the night together at 43:37
E Rogers
and, Brian could play anything. so sad. such a lost talent.
Tony Wade
Fantastic footage!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Los Lopez Heredia
This is great! Is it a DVD? Or did you make it?
Nguyen Phuc
The Rolling Stone > The Beatles
Charlie Brockett
How can 154 viewers give this the thumbs down ? A superb compilation and should be watched on a daily basis .
Barclay Robertson
One of the grestest bands ever. The 60's is the best decade in music history. So many fantastic bands and musicians - The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, The Doors and many more. It must have been a sheer joy growing up in the 60's listening to the groundbreaking music. Jealous that wasn't me.
arne berg
Stones are not only The Greatest Rock n' Roll Band in the hole wörld, but also The Wörld greatest Cover Band of them all.
timothy foleyjr
This is such good stuff. This is the "Stones" in their prime. When Mick sings ".. don't you play with Me, 'cause your playing with fire", you better believe it. And when He snaps his fingers, you expect to see a flame.
Great video!!!! The Brian years!!!!!
Artur Belo
Thank you Brian Jones for creating The Rolling Stones and for hiring Charlie, Bill, Mick and Keith.
Carolina Hicks
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Dave Wilson
Who ever put this video together a great collection THANK YOU THANK YOU
s j f
lots of bad shit about brian jones on the web but he founded the stones and you can hear his driving force on some of these clips.
Ted Hofland
Thank you  for this ! Very nice to see them in their best,and for me only good period.
Montgomery Denzer
Mick must have been black in a past life to sing BLUES
This band keeps getting better with age.  I love the energy of their early work and their early dedication to the blues.  Keith Richard deserves a lot of credit for bringing the blues back to American audiences.  I remember when they first broke out in America they were covering Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Slim Harpo, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly [and even the Beatles!] with their early stuff.  But they really took off when they mastered the art of song writing as this video clearly shows.
tony black
They were better before they started sticking cocaine up their noses,
Tuula Westra
When the people walked out in the Marquee club when the Stones started playing, saying, the noisemakers that they are. Now they wished they'd stayed, I never left.
Geo De L
Just not same without Brian Jones. What a different sound, what a legend.
Carlos Alberto De Castro Gonçalves
Com Brian Jones os Stones eram demais de bom, rock'n roll de prima!!!!
Katalin Dudas
It was long time ago!!  1960'S
Dan Sm
Good grief!  How long do you think it takes to read your opening remarks (which, quite frankly, could be eliminated altogether)?  I've gotten bored waiting for the video to start so buh-bye.
Steve Allen
They have had an incredible career !  And I must say, since I was youngster, in 1964, I have enjoyed the ride... They are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS.  BAR NONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ezequiel Visconti
thank you very much for doing this
Jeff C
Brian Jones, thanks for putting this band together, RIP Brian. You did well...
David Hobbs
I remember being in England from Jan. '63 to Jan. '66 when the British rock scene was exploding. I first knew The Rolling Stones as a blues band. I saw them on the BBC on "Ready, Steady, GO". If I wasn't on duty I was in front of the barracks B&W TV  every Friday afternoon. A couple of times Jagger came on in drag. The British musicians had a deep understanding of the blues roots of R&R. It was a rock 'n roll revival unrivaled in the U.S. where the musical form was in the doldrums.
R Hall
Brian Jones was a great musician - too bad his life was cute short....
freine agathe
brian alive
Wolfs Rain
Thanks for adding this to the great Stones music. As an American I've never seen them in the old TV shows from Briton.
Sweet Heart
Really liked them while BRIAN JONES was in the band...
love the small crowds ....those days are surely gone
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones In The 1960's
The Best Rock n' Roll Band EVER.
The "Brian Jones Era" is definitely my favorite Rolling Stones era! Like The Beatles, they were creating, or re-creating, a kind of music never heard before, or since. The volume of songs, original or otherwise, that the original Rolling Stones put into the pantheon of rock history that still get people off their butts, to this day and for as long as we have people, is just incredible. It is no mystery why they remain the top live attraction in the world.  I have to also mention that the group's ability to mime songs before the camera (particularly Mick and Charlie) is spot on. Once in a while, the back up singers miss their cue, but Charlie and Mick are like machines. I wish that they never had to do that as the live tracks that we do get to see here are pretty kick-ass!!!
Even young, the Rolling Stone's were so talented, creative, and innovative. Their music seems a complete contrast to the early Beatles songs. Great video !
obviously Mick sing ing straight form the heart when he says, 'i love her so, you better move on'
Walter Pawlat
brian jones unforgetten
The underrated Stone: Brian Jones could play any instrument, apart from guitar we see him playing xylophone, organ, sitar, and harmonica - a truly eclectic musician for his age and time. Sad end in 1969, at the bottom of a pool. Brian, your bandmates may have forgotten you, not so your fans. R.I.P.
plamena vasileva
Brian Jones, an outstanding musician!
Wonderful stuff! Thanks for compiling and posting.
Mari juana
this video is "off the hook" !
Felipe Pavan
eternal band - yesterday, today and tomorrow
Richard Austin
"these songs are 50 yrs old and better than anything playing now Stones Forever here I come California Desert Trip October 7th front row going for $14,000
Excellent Stones archive material!   Thank you for the upload, one for saving in my extensive Stones Playlists, cheers.
Mary O'Grady
This is the music i love
Sandy Sandy
Brian Jones is the Best !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love watching Mr Jones , so cool !
Excellent stuff-thanks for putting this up
Some songs were remakes as I want to be your man by The Beatles; It's all over now by TheValentinos; Key to the highway by Charles Segar; Little baby by Howlin' Wolf and many others.
Dave Wilson
The Stones took American rock soul and blues music and made it their own, their early stuff is so deep south black music, Muddy Waters type stuff, Stones got it all over the Beatles as the best ever
Jos van der Gun
Mick singing Arhur  Alexander's classic 'You Better Move On'. great!
Jagger's lip-synching on Little Red Rooster is pretty good - except he was a bit slow on the draw with the harmonica at the end! Thanks for a very fine compilation.
Don Park
Bowlegged Keith.
I always smile at the thought of Mick writing his letter to L E S, asking to be granted a year off, on account of a commercially significant project...
Annie Egea
Merci ,Le meilleur groupe de tout les temps ;.fan depuis 45 ans ;; vive LES Pierres qui Roulent
look at Mick's long hair!  man, that was revolutionary in the early 60s!  To this day I still wonder, if Brian had lived, what he would look like today. 
Tony Malmqvist
Thank You Rolling Stones! For all great music!
Slowfasters - Lucha Escucha Libre
Great job....waiting about ' 70
Cristian Gusman
For me the Stones in the sixties is their best period. Their most exciting music was created when Brian was with them, though towards the end of the sixties his contribution waned. They did do some good things with Mick Taylor too. Thanks for posting.
Iain Brown
lovely stuff - some early material here i had never seen before 
tedeibert klomp
Stones of Beatles. Ik was STONES.
Reading the comments below as to which band was the best. I loved all the British Invasion Music. The one thing that sets the Stones apart is that they're still the Rolling Stones, more than 50 years after they first caught our attention.
Ladis bernardo-orviz
gracias mcbride,genial 
Jack Nurzinski
29:52 the greatest song of all time
Joel Fairchild
This is an awesome historical document that a fan made which is a must see if you are a Stones fan of British Blues & R&B from the 60's...!!!!!!!!!...{]=:
Sheila Zeke
"Sucking in the Sixties". Good joke. We all know they ruled both decades.
As Tears Go By at 5:55, great my teen girlfriend's memories...
Daniel Abelenda
It is hard to beat, for instance, "Jumpin´ Jack Flash", "Time is on my side", "Satisfaction"!!!
Daniel Abelenda
In my view, the best songs of the Stones were those composed between 1965 to late 70´s. After that, not much new!
Aldo Francesco Werner
A hard of stone
Sandie Chapman
Ooh god Mick was sooo beautiful !!!! :)
E Rogers
yup Mick played for the cameras, Bill for girls, Keef baby for the music and, well Charlie is my darling. lol. would have loved, loved to see them on the beach in Rio boy, missed my dream.
Even if Im a huge Beatles fan, I think the Stones are the closest to the Beatles
Dave Edwards
The Stones were my favorite band, starting in 1964... but maybe even earlier.. as I was born and raised in Queens, New York City- Clay Cole was the first American television show they appeared on. It might have been as early as 1963.  Bill Wyman, was my first influence on the bass. I've been a professional bassist for 45 years now. They were unlike anything I'd ever seen before...I was 12 years old, and they made me want to be a musician.
Charles Steenburgen
"Wild Man" Dean
16:08; "Off The Hook".  Great song.
Great understatedness on the slower numbers. Today it is all so much in your face ie. no artistry.
pup lover
The BEST vid of JJK here. Mick, w/ that sexy predatory walk and the war paint. Wow! Color version is even better.
this is it.
Inspector Nigel
I'm pretty sure everyone likes the Rolling Stones.
The beatles never had a chance.
Damn, Keith's guitar is horribly out of tune during the first song!
José Baeta
The coolest ever .
isa doors
herman munster
imagine if brian took the right path and stood wit the stones,just imagine the music
Is it just me... or does Mick look like Haley Mills @ 6:01? Murrough, great video. Thanks! OK (thinking to myself) who, listening to this, would know (or care) who Haley Mills is? OMG, I have severely dated myself!
Once Brian Jones left the band they became the best garage band in history, no question.
jose suarez
Beatles#1,by to many miles.
49:52 "It's All Over Now!" Legendary performance of Mick doin' his strut on stage!
Waleska BIG MAMA
Timeless music. No bands coming through like this anymore.
A good compilation.  Interesting to see Brian playing half a dozen instruments here.  In all I believe he played 19 different instruments on Rolling Stones records.
torn mask
these sixties footage of the fabulous Rolling Stones are simply 100% spectacular!