Michael Jordan's Best Play of Every NBA Playoff!

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For 13 post seasons Michael Jordan put on an amazing show for the NBA and its' fans. Watch the best play of every single post season Michael Jordan has played in.

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Get Handles Basketball
Still remember seeing him do that midair hand switch layup against the Lakers as a kid. Seemed like he could hang in the air forever...
Darren K
MJs layup package was nasty asf 🔥🍇
X Willy
Greatest of ALL Time
Kyrie Irving stole all these moves
So is he better than lebron or not?
Eli Jaworski
His reverse layup abilities are simply legendary. He's the true GOAT 🐐
- xrampagex -
There a reason lebron wears 23 , the copy will never be better than the original , same goes for kobe.
Johnny Bensonitis
I miss the NBA OF that era... I've always been a Chicago fan, and until the Cubbies came through recently, the Bulls were about the only team we had that we could be publicly proud of lol. MJ was a great champion as much off the court as on and always carried himself so well. Puts a lot of these new guys to shame in terms of off-the-court behavior.
lebron is mediocre compared to this legend! GOAT!
فيصل العنزي
Lebron better at losing finals 😂
mike mike
Gahdamnnn I ain't know he shitted on uncle Charles like that lol sheesh
Kai Traina
Lebron doesnt even touch this guy
not a single one of Lebrons best moves beats Jordans. Not one.
John Lunod
I wish Jordan was 25 again so he could run up on LeBrick I mean stop comparing a God to a mere mortal.
I'm sitting here watching this and just feeling disgusted by the fact people are saying LeBron James is possibly greater than this guy. It's not simply about stats.
I'm telling yall Lebron has to win this year, retire, go play baseball then come back and eventually three-peat. THEN HE WILL BE UNQUESTIONABLY THE GOAT. it would be 7 rings until then yall keep chewing on ballsacks.
Lavar Ball disliked this
Samuel Freitas
The only GOAT, by far, Michael fucking Jordan the 🐐
Notorious HZ
Lebron and Kobe are FANTASTIC players. But this... this is untouchable
JN Productions
now In what way is LeBron anything near this ... gettin tired of the comparisons, let the goat rest
Vehements Bootay
poor stockton and malone had to go against the best
Jason Y
What can you say? MJ is the god of basketball.. nobody's even close to him, stats doesn't mean everything.
badreddine ramdani
How quickly they forget .THis man was unreal
julius dogta
To this day Bryon Russell is still having nightmares about MJ
Lol Man
i laugh when people even try to compare him to lebron
Simply the best. Better than all the rest.
فيصل العنزي
the real goat
panthers dude
Dam its really mind boggling that these analyst an fans say lebron is better than MJ. I don't see lebron or anyone doing this type of shit. Jordan was truly gifted godly!
Aaron Walton
Salute MJ!! Still the fuckin G.O.A.T👑💯💯💯
Adam Brühl
Enzo Ramos 27
The GOAT🐐🐐🐐💪💪
Stephen Curry
Victor Ramirez
Hey LeBron, WHO IS YOUR DADDY??? 💪💪💪
Lebum who ?
Ceasar Araula
that 93.....i dont think yall understand how hard it is to catch and palm a ball mid air
Arian Hamidi
How the hell have I never seen the dunk on barkley, that was nasty!
Jordan and Kobe definitely have style over lebron
I believe today's game has more talents as basketball evolved and learned it from the past but the problem is players today are not fully tested due to many game rules has changed. Watching basketball today is not as physical like it used to be and it's easier to score today. Today's game refs are too sensitive to call a foul. A flagrant foul today seems a normal foul before and you have to earned it the hard way to score. I appreciate LeBron's talent and he's one of all the time greats but for me Jordan will always be the GOAT he's done incredible things especially his offensive prowess in the court that no player until today reached his level. NBA fan since 1990's.
not a lot of people wanted to admit it but in their head they imagine themselves to be Michael Jordan.
keenan ward
keenan ward
bronsexuals disliked the video😂
some says he's the greatest other says he's not a human
AJ Heat
Hundreds of dislike for the greatest player of all time.? Come on now!
I love Lebron & Kobe but c'mon neither of them belong in the same sentence with MJ its really annoying. Everytime i watch clips of Jordan im left scratching my head like this dude really played in the league lol shit was unfair
Eyyyyyyy his airness doing his airness
Justin Venosa
LeBron sucks mj is the god of basket ball every time I play basket ball I honor for how much he has changed the nba
Isaac Meyer
on some of the plays you need a crazy strong core and upper body to pull these off
In Jordan’s earlier years, he was so quick...ball handling was top tier, and he could fly. I saw some people saying Lebron, and Kobe’s ball handling was better. Please! Spare me. Lol! Jordan is the 🐐. I thank God I got to watch him play with my Chicago Bulls. 😊
Chuck Pee
Tony Kara
Erick Washington
If Jordan couldn't be checked while hand checking was legal what makes you think he couldn't have been the greatest in today's era?
Kira Sao
There will never be another like MJ.
LittleWolf Brandon
They said lebron is bigger stronger taller...yes..that's all the advantages lebron has...But the GOAT was a better defender..winner..scorer..killer..pound for pound the greatest basketball player.
Carolyn Brown
Michael is the Best of NBA
Daniel Lahai
Jake Plate
Then they wonder why people call him the basketball God ... U would have to be totally stupid to believe otherwise
Donnell Caldwell
it is no competition between the greatest of all time and that arrogant piece of crap LeBron James. He definitely has the cleanest a$$ in the NBA from everyone kissing it. So beyond overrated. They so wanted him to be the next Michael Jordan. They just don't understand there will never be another Michael Jordan.
It's not just what Jordan did, but also how he looked doing it.
Jay Yan Gunner
No more Debate JORDAN=GOAT
Damn I've never seen the 85 and 86 plays, those were incredible
Fuck Bron Bron
MVPs  Jordan - 5 Lebron - 4 Championships  Jordan - 6 Lebron - 3 Finals MVPs  Jordan - 6 Lebron - 3 Scoring Titles  Jordan - 10 Leborn - 1 Defensive Player of the Year  Jordan - 1 Lebron - 0
I'm a Lebron fan and yeah, Lebron may never be as great as MJ but there will always be someone who doesn't like him who mentions his name in every single MJ video and that's fine with me
hope lebum the choker lose this year tired of the media comparing lebitch to mj the goat
Zarale Vaughn
i like how every one of these comments are about lebron but he is not in the video
Aleksandras Lipatovas
i laugh everytime someone mentions lebron in one sentence with mj. there is really some people who thinks that lebron is somehow as great as mj - i laugh at their face
Lol you can tell how insecure Jordan fans are by even bringing up LeBron in these comments.
Jordan and James whether you like it or not are the 2 greatest basketball players of all time, at least playoffs wise
Can any lebron fans answer this. Could lebron do any of what jordan did in this video?
Creek Water
lebron better
John Bills
Jordan doesn't go to the rim by pushing people. He used his talent, basketball skills....I like people trying to put numbers, comparing Lebron to Jordan. Let me laugh....Lebron will never ever ever be like Mike. He'd be a wanna be GOAT, that's all.
Herb Dean
MJ has a smoothness to his game. Full control over anything he's doing on the court. Lebron's physical advantages help him a ton.
Piss Malone
how dafuq is lebron better than this guy? ignore stats, just look at the intensity. what's enjoyable about watching a 6'8 strong athletic guy who rams his elbows and shoulders when driving while relying to refs not to call him an offensive foul and flops on defense. is that great basketball?
this era of basketball looks pretty poor tbh it's close between MJ and LBJ but the difference in competition is vast, just look out how garbage the opposition looks in nearly every clip and this isn't just because how great Jordan played, just watch with your EYES and not with nostalgia and see the difference in athleticism and technique. that's what makes Lebron the 🐐
Stopping LeTards Since 2003
MJ 1A Kobe 1B
Max _
he was an absolute magician on offense
The Listed
Don't let this distract you that Anderson's got tickets to the game
amazing amazing michael amazing michael michael michael michael amazing wow
It doesn't matter who the GOAT is, just appreciate the work they put forth!!
Bobby D
So good, so very very good!!!
Renz Vallarta
NBA out here reminding us the truly inhuman plays of any player who ever existed. No one can touch the level of clutch of this man. True greatness. So sad about the kids who try compare....
You can't tell me LeBron is better than this, because it don't get better than this.
Jeff Kressner
There is and will likely never be anyone in a long time who can play at Jordan's level. He dominated every aspect of the game including defense. In a very physical era he could go over the top of guys and did more by going around numerous defenders. Truly amazing. He ate pressure like candy.
niesha patterson
lebrons highlights dont make me cum like mikes
I see flashes of MJ in Kyrie's layup moves oml
in this 92 playoff game, MJ drop 54pt in 3 quarter....GOAT!
henry graciosa
MJ can Survive in a different ERA of basketball..even nowadays he will dominate..he played of an ERA..were too much skilled CENTERS and PF..H.Olajuwon..D.Robinson.D.Motumbo.P.Ewing..A.Mourning.S.O'Neal.S.Kemp..C.Barkley..etc...the defense were suffocating..back then real Bad Boys were very physical..you can see the differents..even at the age of 38..39..40..of MJ..he can put up a scores of 30+..40+ pts..so l prefer MJ..the REAL G.O.A.T of basketball..
carlos castillo
Watch the "super team" that Chicago Bulls had, these new NBA fans are totally crazy. MJ THE GOAT 2:10 RIP Charles Barkley.
Sanjeev Kuhan
Ramzy Fouz
the goat the goat
Slightly Biased LeBron/Curry/Giannis Stan
One of the greatest ever, Michael J Jordan!
Crumpets & Tea
3:23 catch it with one hand. Wow
Ryan Taileb
YK 15
Pure vintage Jordan.