All Songs from MLP: FiM Seasons 1, 2, 3 and Equestria Girls [1080p]

TwilightSparkle Fan
I always loved the find a pet song I found it so catchy and I have sang it openly a few times XD
PixeL Kids TV
nice :)
ChelseaDraws Q
Who else used to watch this 24/7 and still knows all the song lyrics
yshie alcaria
Who among you here loves Fluttershy?!😃😃
Lili Milki
Princess MoonStar
I love my little pony friendship is magic it's all about love,kindness,loyalty,honesty, generosity,laughter,magic,and most of all Friendship!
Samuel Macasaet
I think spike is the element of laughter
FoxyFanGirl _Fnaf
You know the drill 1-derpy hooves 2- princess twilight sparkle 3- Pinki pie 4- apple jack 5- fluttershy 6- rainbow dash 7- rarity 8- princess celestia 9- princess Luna 10- princess cadence .................... I got derpy hooves Lol
Alfi's unicorns!
all the people who disliked this don't know true taste of music. like if you agree!😀😀👍👍
Apples and Cream
Me in the past: *turns this on with ipod and put under pillow* I'm sleeping with this playing under my pillow for maybe a long time Me today: this was a tradition I did for a year. I could almost know all lyrics
Allyza Mae Castilla
I like the way when I' hear the song a true true friend we feel our hearts cry like that
KawaiiSerena Gaming
Master - Suomalaisia pelivideoita!
Why so many dislikes?
Ance Simonova
Who else love Rarity?☺
Ance Simonova
I love Rarity😍
I think rarity has really good songs
Sophia Dewhurst
The grand galping gala is my favorite song
River Spirit
34:42 there are two Doctor Whooves in the crowd!
Miss Awkward
The last time I listened to ALL THESE were 4 years ago and can still remember the lyrics. Anyone can relate?
Ance Simonova
22:39 (I like that moment)
Cesar Acosta
Plus I sing this in the shower / I'm a girl.
Zhel Idanan
This song is my favourite.
Rainbow Splash
I could watch this all day
Red Drago
I love it when the one of the mane 6 sings a song they get a different voice!
katya _DIY
Go to Coach mechanic Astoria😅
Gabriela Varela
I really prefer season one twilight than any thing
Nor Izzu
Twilight gets wings
NFS Beast
Mariposa Ledesma
im 11 years old and i like my little pony i don't care what people say and for all those girls that like my little pony don't let people tell you can't watch this show be your self.
Edro Wirng
Unknown Gamer
I love pinkie part
Alice Kitty
2:36 2:37 2:38 2:40 2:41 PM!!
The Pink One
I like the part when they sang
Alice Kitty
Nova Fang
BlackBack _018
Oh my god, this brings back so many memories!! My childhood. 0,_,0
ku y&h
I like this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE is Rarity songs.
Kalokohan ko Share ko sayo
I'm not even halfway, but I feel that Pinkie is almost in each song! 😂 That's why I love her HHAHAHAHA
pony's are my favourite
winter wrap up is my fav
kelly .laurensia.3
Helen McDowell
I know like every song and the lyrics I sing in the shower even tho I can’t sing 😂
Emma Sedge Official
Me- goes from listening to really emo music to k-pop to MLP
Ungodly Wafflez
So much nostalgia listening to these songs. Definitely need to rewatch the show!!!
Salvatore Cuccia
Che bello
soso shaheen
Mei Jiang
So cool and crazy
twilight sparkle
i love love mlp
Uma Trouble is here
Me too love it
Hahahaha No prank
*Lps Rainbow Rose *
I love pony.Sweet
Ryan Green
I like to see all the season of my little pony songs
Mikasa Ackerman
Boy , These Songs Bring back Memories ^~^
Seneca Zohner
During the song Art of The Dress, when Pinkie Pie is telling Rarity to add more/get rid of items and when Pinkie asks for streamers and Rarity asks why streamers and Pinkie's reply, "Who's dress is this?" That part is my favorite. If Rarity was a dress maker in real life, I want a dress with all my favorite YouTubers logos on them. Though I have to choose so much to put on the dress though.. but that'll be a cool dress to have.
Aurora Stenulson
maybe all the dislikes are from boys that dont like mlp
Blazer michel alex
😘i love you pony's
Can you make a noob vs pro MLP
TO ALL HATERS: That's what you are, Haters. You're joining the masses of bullies who insult bronies because the internet protects you. The fact is, You're lower than most people will ever be, because you judge THOUSANDS of people based on a SINGLE interest of theirs and don't even give an f' about their actual full personality which there's NO way you know. And if you're one of those people don't actually believe what you say and are just trying to get a reaction, that's even worse because you're not just being a jerk, but you're lying all for the sole sake of harming the feelings of someone you will never meet. I'm an 18 year old brony and it'll take a hell of a lot more than insults and ridicule to make me change. Bronies in general are some of the kindest people I've met* and I'm proud to call myself a part of the herd. So do yourselves a favor and start acting like a mature person. You'll bring yourself less annoyance and pain if you do. *Assuming you don't try to piss them off like you haters do. They put up with enough of that crap as is and bronies encourage each other to stand up for themselves.
Ekachai Choknirun
Did apple jack said FUGE?!!!!
5:08 Winter Wrap Up (just the holiday) seems kinda racist. They don’t even let unicorns levetate things but they let the Pegasi fly around all they want. The Ponyvillians are weird cause Earth Ponies have plant magic and Pegasi have weather/flying magic. So if all magic were to be banned, they’d be acting like humans without opposable thumbs.
Kitty Biscuitღ
59:12 I have to find dA WEI
Oh, memories....(
Aarpit Agrawal
I love to be happe
Courtney Girl
Who loves Twilight Sparkle ?Can I get at least 10 likes please for the first time 😊
Lenovo Jepara
Pongo! Funtastic Kids Songs
my little pony :) friendship is ...
Cheirry Darkie
l love it ok
mounia rhezzali
Songs you forgot: You’ll play your part strong as horses Battle welcome to the show the music in our hearts the music in me
huny legends
i love the part end di end day nigth
Andrea Pimentel
1:11:01 *dabs*
Mary Cash
I love my little pony
Drea Oneal
Universal pictures Walt Disney pictures mar vista pictures lion gate pictures presents a dream works pictures studios Sony pictures Columbia pictures a Mattel Hasbro Blum house all spark 4kids tv paramount pictures production
Drea Oneal
The my little pony friend ship is magic littlest pet shop strawberry shortcake and even strawberry shortcake berry bitty adventures and atomic Betty on Disney channel
Allison Keith Colot
I Love Pony Pingkipay
misteRio GXZ
no se cuantas veces habré visto este vídeo jajaja
The Determined Human
I love the Characters' Development From Season 1 to Season 7. 😍😍😍
Audra Chambless
equstrialgirls are bad it taks my little pony and makes it my little girlies
MLP Твайка
Is it me or do the songs change from rememberable moments to meh?
Donut fan🍩
Hi Dashie
Donut fan🍩
1:07:59 this you see his maut so ....
Donut fan🍩
I actually spend 1 hour watching this wow. w0w
Mokra Gora
4:19 omg Rainbow Dash is singing amzingly!!! WOW
graci8 AJ
Listen to this when u are cleaning it works it's so u don't get board and decide to stop cleaning.
I'm not really a fan of these stupid ass ponies, but these songs always cheer me up :)
graci8 AJ
Bab seed! Ya ya ya ya ay aya aya! Hahaha
R.I.P G4 MLP you was best one... :(
Michael Leon
I just joined the brony fandom in October of last year after I saw the movie in theaters
silent fox
1:14:40 I ship it
الأيوبي alayobi
I love my little pony it is my favorite cartoon
Galaxy :3
My favorite My Little Pony song is What my cutie mark is telling me
GreenBonnie - Minecraft And More YouTube!
Is it normal that I know all these songs and I'm addicted to my little pony and it's 2018...
Nataly Mon
who is from 2017 ?
does anyone else when they see derpy just points at thier screen and yells DERPY DERPY DERPY, because i think i have a problem
#Starlight Glimmer Love Mlp oficial :3
(rainha chrysalis)O dia vai ser tão perfeito do jeito que eu sonhei desde criança então cada pônei vai se curvar linda em meu vestido vou estar so nao sabem que eu vou os enganar,(princesa cadence) o dia iria ser perfeito do jeito que eu sonhei desde criança então mas envez de eu estar com meus amigos celebrar os sinos para mim já não vão mais tocar,(rainha chryalis)com o vestido ou com o bolo eu não me importo aquele tolo vai ouvir mentiras no altar na alegria e na tristeza na saúde ou na doença o fato é que eu não vou nem ligar eu não amo noivo nunca amei e nunca vou amar mais ainda quero o dominar,(princesa cadence)eu preciso escapar para o meu noivo resgatar pra ela não o enganar a esperança e pouca de chegar a tempo de impedi-la de me roubar quem eu mais quero amar meu amor e tão intenso que mau cabe no meu peito, oh shinning armor me espere vou chegar,(rainha chrysalis)finalmente vou realizar o intento de uma bela esposa me tornar,(princesa cadence)chegaremos atrasadas pra impedir essa cilada shinning armor vai ser...(rainha chrysalis)/meu todo meu (risada maligna)/reprise da chysalis o dia foi perfeito do jeito que eu sonhei desde criança então cada pônei vou dominar nenhum vai me escapar é agora que eu vou me realizar
Phoebe Wolf
yeah so.
Rainbow Shy
I love this
Veronica Sanchez
Such good friends right
bruhitzquyle :P
This is still my childhood cartoon!! #MLP 😍