2AM: The Smiling Man - short film

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Help us make more films by supporting on Patreon: /> Based on The Smiling Man by Blue_Tidal Follow me here! /> /> /> & check out our website: /> 2AM Inspired by a true story as told on reddit by /u/blue_tidal and re-told by danrennt98. Here's the original thread: /> Directed and Edited by Michael Evans Starring: Sean Simon as Roamer Paul Foltz as Smiling Man Director of Photography: Tom Hinueber Original Score by Matt Hanks Screenwriter & Assistant Director: Shun Otsubo Assistant Camera: Rachael Tajima Key Grip: Samantha Cook Production Assistant: Cristiane Evans

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I'd just have a dance battle with him, lol
BlastoiseBoy 1
This film still haunts me
Mark Wallis
I feel like this is what Jim Carey does at night
Pinhead Larry
Smiling man: :) *Me* What the hell do you want? Smiling man: are you interested in taking salsa classes?
Ashley Estefani Munguia
1:40 That's me trying to be as quiet as possible as I head to the kitchen for a midnight snack 😂
Jibooty's wifeu
Am I the only one who laughed when the smiling man started running? .....Yes? Okay.
Andrew Araujo
Now imagine if he started crawling
Pfol Chromoly
Dude! Don't just stand there & stare, throw a rock at his ass & RUUUUUNNNN!!
Lady Diana
He's just advertising his salsa classes
gaming with josh josh
When he ran it scared me
Savannah Christopher
Who else is scrolling through the comments just to feel safe because I AM
At the actual story the guy just loses the smiling man and goes home but still its cool seeing a new ending.
Serenity Cheetah
1:40 the way he walks made me laugh 😂
Superedzis TV
prashant saraswat
Moral - Don't walk around like that in the streets at night its not safe fr anyone.
José Mellinas
Jim Carrey at his best.
Hailey Stephens
(2:43) When bae is finally single 😂
Who came here from Life'sBiggestQuestions? Anyone?
Cosmea Crooked
3:25 wtf that wasn't a part of the deal
hopetown 27
This is why I always have a gun
Can't decide if this was incredibly creepy or incredibly hilarious. Enjoyed it either way XD
Ashwin Pai
C'mon was this really that scary/creepy? People just hype things up too much I came here from reddit cause the guy said this was a "really scary clip" ....dammit I was soo ready to be scared ....
djole zmaj
3:24 that scared the shit out of me
Andre226 cz
daily stuff
Imagine the guy running at you, and out of panic you run full speed back at him, then both of you just face plant into eachothers faces.
dylan powl
This was the demonic equivalent of saying 'yes I am human man, look at me dance!'
This is why you should never socialize with nor make interactions with the outside world people!!:\/
Legendary X
No, this is not creepy at all, a guy doing a creepy smile, chasing you.
Melody Seaton
if I see a man just smiling at me I rather just punch him in the nose lol
Jesus christ the ending got me.
Fiery Warrior
I would bring a taser, pistol, and pepper spray
Uncle Pablo
The smiling man didn’t have to worry about keeping a straight face the whole time
Sagar Selin
kizzy salahuddin
The animated version of the smiling man had the scariest face tho , this version is really good it was creepy and funny at the same time. Thumbs up to Mark Evans and the two actors, I gotta say the guy you picked to play the smiling man in this short film played his part very well, you picked the right men for this film, both men are excellent actors great! job! Mark Evans
who else came from Loey Lane?
Mackenzie Maiden
that's me and my crush. i'm the smiling man who just won't leave him alone but still too scared to talk to him.
Jesus Velazquez
Who saw this at llama arts?
Tahira Chowdhury
tht means the animtes version for this was based on a fake story dang it
Iggy Dickson
That was creepy as all get out!!! Great short!
Paul Smith
guys its just Michael Jackson dancing
Cathy Kramer
"what the hell do you want??" ... "oh hey man sorry i was just a little lost could you give me directions to mcdonalds thanks"
King Jason
I’m running if I saw that
Løst at night
yo I think I peed my pants 👖 a little / good job I’m loveing it and u got a new sub :D
mr.roblox noob FILM STUDIO
That guy dancing is psycho addicted to drugs.
Parker H
At 1:40 he looks like a T-Rex. Just saying
I would have smiled back at him and danced with him. he seems like a nice guy
Adrian Chan-Wyles
Disability does pose some interesting social challenges...
Pedro Pias
Well... I didn't want to sleep anyways.
Holy shit 4 am I have, how can I sleep now 😨😨😨
things jim carey does at 2 am
Jay Rob
I saw this animated
Rob Pchow
He runs at my and I knock his ass out! This was not scary at all!!
ريان دي كابريو] RAYAN DiCAPRiO
That weird thing must acts at scary movies
Green Panda
Thats funny
Great casting with the smiling man. Guy's got a super creepy smile! Thanks again for making this.
anonymous tracker
What the background sound dude please.
Kayla The Potato
Same one as llama arts but real life 😂
m ai
this is called 'horror'
Princekds S
Well this is how drunk people are,dont use crack kids.
FcBayernMunichFan 21
1:07 When your crush walks by and you tryna look good
He should have just jazz handed his way up to the smiling man and pulled a a Rhett, “you want some of this!”
Rhona Moffat
I read this as a story someone told and I love that it's been made into a film
LaToya Dent
2:43 When something is chasing you!!!
Remor Playz
Crypt tv needs to make this
sp00ky soup
MY SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER SHOWED US THIS IN 6TH GRADE he also showed us that follow the red dot thing lmao he was a fun teacher
Kiki Hill
He is high AF
Classic Stupid Tom
"What the hell do you want?!" "Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?"
probably not real ooo
Its just a drunk guy doing a jim carrey impression
demo fox
To avoid him walk backwards and do the finger on him.
Come here boy
Troy Pappas
I was at my friends house and ended up running into the other room screaming and it’s an inside joke now but yeah, great film 😊
Stella D
Am I the only one who just reads the comments during these types of videos just to not get scared??😂😂😂
lιттlє мιѕѕ ѕмιlєч
thank god its day time
I’m horribly aggressive when iv been drinking, I’d for sure take a swing at him if he ran at me like that. Not like I could run away drunk.
When I first looked the man I thought he was Miachel Jackson🤣
Leyli Berrocal
what is the name of the song in the final? please I need it, it's awesome!
Damn you Jim Carey, leave me alone! I don't want to be in your movies!
CringeKing 352
He looks happy 😊
Raerae chel
Yes that's right it's literally 2 am right now
eduado shurupita
Its so funny when the guy begin to run in his direction.
Trent Lymper
Why why WHY do I do this to myself at 11:30 pm
Ella Wetzel
Anyone else watching this after Llama Art’s The Smiling Man 😂✋
Ibrahim Zulfiquar
Hedwich G
Verdomme marcel
Mega creepy short horror film ! Like :D
Gina Linetti
Who came here from llama arts
Starlight Sparkles
i actually read the story. like a person actually experienced this crap
benjar Cat
Best short film ever.
Pedram soleymani
Eren is triggered
Captain Homie
I mean they did not say this was a short horror film
Trey Whitley
Snazzy dance moves bro😂
The Tea
(」゚ロ゚)」GRAB THE HOLY WATERRRRR(」゚ロ゚)」 Also, my heart skipped a few beats(⊙_⊙)
k-o kick combo creater
Who here is watching this after Lamar arts
Katie McLaughlin
Now I feel like something is behind me...
mr M Productions
the weirdest based on a true story ever
Steve Mano
If I found a goodlooking guy at 2:00AM, I'd be smiling ,too.
Tera Eid
I mean account
Llama arts