Kenichi vs Odin part 2

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Part 2 of fight!

Kenichi vs Odin part

Hazy Black
2:33 - 4:33 I really feel like this scene could've been more a lot more emotionally powerful if the author had a little more creativity. For example, a few episodes before this, Miu's heart would've been claimed by Ryuto. (She knows that he's in the wrong, but still loves him). And Kenichi, who got into Martial arts because of his affection to Miu lost his will and his reason to fight and train in martial arts, and everyone at the Dojo try to find a way to restore his fighting spirit. And then Hayato takes him to the mountains for training and to determine which side he's on (Calm fighter or The violent type) while training him at the mountains and trying to find a way to restore his spirit. When he meets the Sage, he then hears from him that ever since he lost Miu to Ryuto, the darkness found its way to his soul and infected his heart (Negetive/false reasons, anger, depression) And that the only way is to utilize the darkness and use it as his source of strength and will. After a lot of thought Kenichi disagrees and Hayato determines that he is the calm type of fighter. But is still aware of the darkness inside, and that its almost impossible to get ride of it. And then, when he hears that his friends are in trouble because of Ryuto's Ragnarok, he wants to halt his training and go there. Hayato would then say that if he won't find his fighting spirit and a true reason for fighting, he will definitely lose. And then balblablablalbablablablalbblalbalbabla THIS PART CAME AND Kenichi couldn't match Ryuto's abilities. Kenichi is down on the ground. Tries to stand up. *Ryuto:* Kenichi, why bother? You have no talent, no fighting spirit, and the girl you love doesn't want you. For what reason did you go to this fight!? *Kenichi:* ..... *Kenichi(Thoughts):* He's right... What am I doing here? Miu chose him... The miu that I always admired.. She is the reason I came to the dojo... So why do I bother trying to stand up... I can't do anything, I'm hopeless... Maybe she loves him because he's worth it? No, that must be it. Miu doesn't look at superficial features... It just means that I really don't worth it.. *Nijima:* HEY TALENTLESS BASTARD! WIN OR SHINPAKU LYNCHES YOU!! *Kenichi:* Nijima!!? (Can he read my mind?? That telepathic alien triple-faced monster..) (Emotional music begins here) *Takeda:* Oi, Kenichi don't you dare lose before our rematch! *Kenichi:* (Takeda? Wha..-) *Tanimoto:* Same here, Shirahama!!!! If you lose, I'll beat you senseless to the ground!! *Ukita:* Shirahama! I didn't come here to see you lose!! Beat this guy! *Kisara:* Hey Ukita! You're not even related, buzz off! Go KENICHI! KICK HIS ASS!! *Ukita:* That's mean Kisara-san... *Kisara:* What was that!?? *Tanimoto:* Hey, can you all shut up! *Kenichi:* (You guys...!) *Takeda:* Tanimoto-kun you're hurt, you should stop talking! *Tanimoto:* Bastard! I'll kill you! *Shinpaku flag carrier:* Lets everybody calm down... *EVERYONE: BE QUIET!!!* And then, everyone's chatter slowly fades away as the camera closes up on Kenichi's darkness-covered face while he is down on his knees. *SCREEN GOES BLANK* *Kenichi:* My reason for fighting? **Pit of darkness shows up like this one **2:43**** *History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi second opening begins to play* Good memories of his friends, fighting for his friends, being trained by his masters, fighting with his friends, learning, experiencing, and having fun with everyone he met began to flow into the pit, filling the middle of it with bright, shining light in the middle of the darkness. As memories flow in, the light in the middle grows bigger! And then, right before the singing part of the song begins, everything inside the pit becomes bright until there's no darkness left. And just when the singing part of the song begins... He stands up and starts fighting Ryuto! He begins to imitate his masters! And even making new moves out of his experiences with everyone! THAT is how I think it should've went. What do you guys think?
Nomo Kame
OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mattingly don
08:44 its over 9000
hahaha! Shigure`s so happy! Both arms up.. :O "wooooo!!!"
And this, kids, is the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist:When the protagonist goes "just a little bit more, just a little bit more, move, my body!" His body moves. When the antagonist does it, the protagonist goes all "lolno you don't" and punches his lights out.
kokila manohara
no matter how many times i watch this i can't get enough of this :D
Moja hair
またアニメやって欲しいな 声優もすごい
0:47 so Apachai has 2 left hands, that explains his clumsiness
RZ- Tiger
Kenichi is udyr in LoL
I loved this anime and the manga. Such a shame how the ending was just rushed and butchered. After 12 years it deserved a much better ending. Not to mention the english dub was so bad it almost became hilarious.
Anastasia Louka
Kenichi is my favorite!!!!
Jami Mäkinen
who needs ribs anyways
漫画とイメージが全然違う〜w できれば漫画見てくれ
these subtitles are wayyyyyyyyy off
DeathX Row
"By Akisame"
Kevan käll
lol that laugh doe 4:24
Lucas Vicente
鷹宮カメレオン(Takamiya chameleon)
中学生の頃これ見てたけど、なかなかおもろかった。  今見てみると、ヘタレだったケンちゃんの固い意志と学習能力の高さを感じる。つか、驚かされるw
And dear God, do people understand how deep of a moral narrative this is? over 9000)
Mumen Rider anims
Its over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marq FJA
What's the music playing at the beginning?
Hussain Amir
I just love Each and every member of ryuzenpaku
anime pls :)
it over 9000
mega hot rod
Stefano Leso
Are both over nine thousand!!!
Stefan Vasiljevic
over 9000 explain? dates Dragonball z before or after this?
この回好きだったわ… 闇の続きが見たい… よし。漫画買おっと
subaraşi tatakae kenichi
ray sufran
any other anime like this one plz
Javier Rivera
Dragon Clau
Name Of this anime??? plz
Teo Nti
name of the anime?
rebekah scaife
what anime is this
Raggedy Exynos
_ Khairito
OVER 9000!!!!!
Michel van der Linden
the powerlevels one... ugh. Bad joke for a series that doesnt need it.
The 9000 joke is not real in the japanese anime or the manga :T The north-americans are so stupid ._.
Mark Sadejev
Em.. Actually it's 8000, it's because of a mistake the english voiceactor made in DBZ that this happens...
the subtitles in this video are horrible.
love carry
They are over Nine THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!
Nicholas Ang
Why does kenichi and akisame look alike? Even without the imitation face
Dwight Bamfiel
8:44 - 8:48 looks like dbz made its way to this anime too
JD Gaming
wat the name of this anime
なんか絵が軽くてな、そのせいで戦闘も映えないから好きになれない、原作は大好き 制作会社変えたほうがよかったんじゃない
Phan Boy
Damn that final punch is so awesome.I love it.
Phan Boy
WOW...This was one hell of a badass fight. And to think that I found this fight several years ago and refused to watch it because I thought it was boring.
Cough* Its cough* cough * Over cough* cough * 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Apachai Hopachai is the funniest character of the show. :-D
Joe Hut
8:44 is where i totally lost it
Epic Rebel
One word. Anime
Hawi saja.
History Strongest disciple Kenichi
Funny, read the exact same comment in an AU video of this anime.
Sher Singh
Appaaa APAPAPAPAPAPA - i just love this guy :D
over nine THOUSAND!!!!!
It's worth watching the whole anime just for this fight :)
que luta epica !
yes i saw that to i hope it's true i don't understand why they stopped the anime in the first place i loved it APAAAA
N.A. VI - chan
HEY no fair !!! He went into Broly mode , super sayain BS XD
Another Penguin
Mhm, I liked the manga much better than this. The anime seems so much more childish...
Xanthor Dark
close your eyes at 6:25 and just lissen,,, do you hear franky from one piece? =P
When Kenichi defeats Odin, there's a kind of sad song/soundtrack, anyone knows the name/number? thanks in advance
Aqua Anime
Name of the Anime???
Anime Name?
hace un par de años vi este anime XDD que buenos recuerdos me trae XDD
Vakaris Adomėkas
Which episode is that?
kenneth lim
what anime?
el tigre negro
apachai is like a pokemon
Anass Anouche
The name of song
Kairos Sanchez
Mhmm....8:47 DBZ took it's toll here.
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
EvO Abi
haha fucking DBZ FREAAAK ;D
The sub is a bit wrong, bu whatever. It's a good fight
NAGU Alvarez
wath name manga?
Zwei-Händiger Schwertkämpfer
Over 9000
There is a season 2?:)
really??. coz if you are lying then i will cry.....
reaperzz pplayzz
Great Sage Fist:Their powers are both over 9000! Vegeta:Goku's power is over 9000 too! Elder:dafuq
Giuseppe Fernandes
The best epic fight moment ever
8:57 the andser is plot armor
"Last" ;-) But no, Kenichi really whoops his ass with that technique. It seems so easy it really becomes funny...
2:17 That smirk on Shigures face :D
I half-expected him to spontaniusly grow a fitting mustache...
You can't really appreciate this scene if you don't know what Kenichi went through to get to this point. For example, Apachai literally killed him the first time they trained together. With a single hit. POW -> dead Kenichi :( Look up the anime, it's well worth it :)
3:05 Yeah right... you're sorry, old man... WHO THE HELL WOULD BELIEVE THAT?!?