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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp. Go behind the scenes with Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Josef Brown, Peter Mensah, Antonio te Maioha, Shane Rangi, and Lesley Ann Brandt as they train for their physically demanding roles. Watch Spartacus now on the STARZ app: /> Subscribe now for more STARZ clips: /> Following the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus, the gladiator rebellion descends upon the Roman Republic. Gaius Claudius Glaber and his troops are tasked with crushing the rebels, and Spartacus must choose between avenging the death of his wife and making sacrifices that will keep his army together. Containing all the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, villainy and heroism that distinguishes the series, "Spartacus: Vengeance" resumes the story in epic fashion. Like STARZ on Facebook: />Follow STARZ on Twitter: />Follow STARZ on Instagram: /> Spartacus | Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp | STARZ

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Naomi King
Such a shame that Lesley left and didn't continue as Naevia. We see here that she loves doing the physical stuff so why on earth would she leave the show just as her character gets to start kicking ass?! I know the new actress was just doing her best but Naevia will always be Lesley.
i wanna train with them SO BADLY!!!
Navia is so damn hot
where do i sign up for this?
Amaya Jones
I'm gonna say it: Manu Bennet looks hot with hair.
Christian Liu
definitely blaming it on rhianna. she literally drove spartacus and crixus apart, and then got him killed. also, she was a crap actress. ALSO, she of all fucking people, got to kill asher. HER. fucking anyone else there would have been as justified in it, but HER!? ugh. fucking, ruiner of livers
Odd how I see Lesley in workout clothes, equipped with a shield and sword, and I think to myself, "Wow, she looks like Katara."
Nigel Reed
@adgriggP90X great comment lol
i'm so pissed leslie left! WTF?! now neavia has also been replaced. :-( i loved her. and of course andy you will always be missed. you were the bringer of rain!
dont compare gladiator to this. sure, amazing series, but, cmoon...
Teemu Laine
Why the fuck does your comment have 9 thumbs up 300 was as blody as Spartacus and Gladiator was an amaizing movie...Byt yes this series is amazing!
sweet az
Rob Elwell
fucking LOL.
peter mensah is a beast
Toys Addicted
@FalconFreek me too. a camp with a chick :-)
You go girl!... I miss her. I don't like the new Naevia. :,(
@Dzschelebo where did you hear that? ive have been constantly searching for updates on andy's recovery...
damn . . . nothing beat a good workout session hehe
@adgriggP90X youtube commentary of the CENTURY.
Jon Harrison
I loved this video. Barca still makes me laugh. Brilliant stuff.
love it
Where's Andy Whitefield, shouldn't he be there training too? I know he'snot coming in the prequel, but shouldn't still be training for a potential season 2?
Boz Ajanovic
I don't like her replacement either...she went on my nerves, especially in those fighting scenes when they showed her in slow motion screaming. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!
1:36 Crixus going down))))
Mlledeja rawrr
ahhh gannicus i love him so much! then i look at Andy Whitfield and feel so sad because no one should die that young. R.I.P <3
Geez....... Manu is friggin hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!! goddamn
Temuera Morrison's gonna play a part in Season 2?
I wish the show would have some gladiatrix :(
Shiryu Rain
@rocketmorten they didnt have that much hair anyway so he have to cut it becouse i think they wore not allowed to have that long hair becouse spartacus wasnt allowed to.
Martin280967 (Simply The Best)
1:51 Jake the Muss, what a great cult-movie that is.
WheyLand Fitness
it so strange seeing dagan speak perfect english
mark gideonse
andy you are a great warrior on television. but you losed the biggest fight of all your life may you rest in peace. spartacus vengeance is not gonna be the same without you man. why STUPID CANCER why dont you take people who are psycho,s in jail why did it have to be one of the best actors out there
Rafael Pelayo
@randomisraelite Crazy guy ain't him? hate him or love him he's sure a go getter the guy.
Jordi Fili
spartacus la mejor serie sin duda !
El Diablo
Hm shocker, i though Onameus was spelled [Anameus] such as it is pronounced. Ah well! ;P
El Diablo
I love when Jango Fett tries to work out with Spartans, xD
El Diablo
@Notagayusername10 Right, and we're supposed to believe you. They're defining their muscles. Not training for endurance. Simply put, they're training for looks. MMA trainers are in a logical sense training to last longer and be stronger for long periods. So don't call this "pussie shit" Even if you're fit enough to compete in MMA this would probably still be a challange. Looks can be deceiving.
Great series you just got to hope they run season 3 ,4,5,6 ....all 6 episodes on Netflix this month .....awesome
Andy is getting better everyone, he's going to be back for season 3 in 2012. This is a prequel Spartacus is not in season 3 at all. No one is replacing him.
Fabian D. Smith
@hxcedition yeah he just got a little carried away but he went through alot so
Fabian D. Smith
@hxcedition Batiatus is the fucking man! hate him or love him hes about his business
Fabian D. Smith
@joeriginal i think his father is to blame for many of his flaws although they only implied that in the story and his father was a cool person but he couldve dealt with his son better
is manu bannet wearing a weight jacket or what is that?
Sir Alec, King Of Terrors
why can't I watch episode 6? that's fucked up.
This would me my kind of athleticism and my kind of guys to work with Go Gladiator Camp so badass.
@spartan300911 She's SouthAfrican? Born there i think. Her accent makes me think so...
Technically not season 2 because it is a prequal
Has anyone seen any of the new season, war of the damned, is it badass
awesome!! loving the episodes... marisa ramirez is my favourite actress in it though ;))
i wanna train with them :)
BEAST SHOW BEAST this fucking pro best show ever, crixus pro spartacus pro, kill all enemy easy.. u ar all pro level fucking best class
Bojan Kekezovic
This is not a place for a common slave.
Samantha Coon
no one told me Jango Fett was in Spartacus
was that ricky the dragon steamboat there lol
get your boobs out naevia!
Sebastian kolroW
man manu looks like a 90's grunge singer when with long hair :))
Mithra Charon
GOd Bless This mAn! God Bless this type of movie Save this pure blood for 100 years again
Mithra Charon
Jupiter is Our MASter God
Mitchell Makwich
@shadovar123 What the are you talking about?
u made me day =D
Nika Obolashvili
Yea. me too :(
Hamid Khan
what the hell was temuera morrison doing there??
Stavros Pashalidis
One of two things. 1) it was a wig, 2) he used a crap ton of groth serum and natural remedies to grow his hair like a garden weed =P. Regardless, he's a badass.
Stavros Pashalidis
Actually it IS possible. I know some people have massive hair growth, and others just use specific oils and crap =/.
Stefan Badragan
@666milenica I have to be sincere. It's not Spartacus that has kept me glued to the series, but Batiatus. I find that character fascinating. So independently of who's going to play Spartacus in season 3, I will still watch it with sorrow as Batiatus won't be there.
Stefan Badragan
@666milenica You will watch it regardless. Liam is going to do season 3 because he has a contract so deal with it. I'm bummed out too but I "grabbed hold of my cock" and so should you. Even if you're a girl.
Joel Norgren
they have kinda bad kicks XD
Manu Bennet looks way better with long hair. I hated his jersey shore cut in gladiator days.
Sonni Turner
Ctics said that Lesley did not stay because she couldn't fit the fighting role..........UM APPARENTLY FROM THE VIDEO SHES TONNNS BETTER THAN THAT OTHER CHICK!
stupid lesley ann brandt she refused to continue her naevia role how can u leave even for a bigger pay for another movie or tv series u have to do it for the sake of the show and fans damn hate these fuckin actors man
@AWickedMind Yeah I think the women and men are a bit TOO perfect in this film to be accurate, but thats okay because its TV and I like looking at beautiful people! :) Well then maybe she just wanted to spend a few days stuck in a room with a truckload of gorgeous men (especially Crixus)! Dont blame her, hehe! P.S doesn't she look much more muscular in this video than she does in the actual series?!
@AWickedMind Oh, just had a thought! Is this camp also for season three because it could hint that Lesley's character becomes a female gladiator or something, or else she does some fighting for different reasons! We dont know where she ended up so it is possible! I dunno, any theory is as good as the next for now!
@AWickedMind Um, I think she, and Erin last season, wanted to do it to improve their physical condition becuse of their frequent nude scenes and revealing outfits! I read that somewhere anyway!
i love manus hair
you know what a hasa is? thats what hapend to naevia
Oh jesus christ he's so sexy! *faints*
Can I be just PART of the trening? I WILL NOT MAKE IT TO THE END BUT WHAT THE HELL!!!
Anthony L
fuuuuuck, im in love with lesley
Anthony L
they hate each other in the show, but they're buddies in real life. too awesome
You seriously think with a screen name like mine I'm a "bro" :P (though in my defense a friend set it up for me in middle school a gazillion and one years ago). But seriously, Gladiator Camp would be the shit!
I know, right? I would totally do it too!
I want to do Gladiator Camp!
@Daaxtube He won't. It is officially confirmed, Whitfield's cancer had returned and he would not be returning for the second season of Spartacus.
QuiGon Mith
Can't wait to see crixsus and doctore kicking ass again!!
M. Grundmann
Da würd ich auch gerne mal hin ;) so 4-8 Wochen :P das rockt bestimmt!
Lesley Ann would've had the opportunity to put all that Gladiator Camp energy to good use if she'd stuck around. Such a shame.
OH MY GOD! Manu Benett is the sexiest man of the world!!!
R.I.P Andy Whitfield I just can't believe you've lost your battle to cancer,you were the perfect Spartacus and the show will NEVER be the same again without you. I just found out and I'm so shocked and torn to pieces r.i.p Andy
R.I.P Andy Whitfield I just can't believe you've lost your battle to cancer,you were the perfect Spartacus and the show will NEVER be the same again without you. I just found out and I'm so shocked and torn to pieces r.i.p Andy
Manu and Lesley are too cute fake fighting together :)
Is that Manu's wig or his real hair?
@xxsophietJJ I agree. I only started watching the show because of him to be honest <3
@EvilKris I agree! Nothing against Spartacus, but I found this season to be much more entertaining with livelier characters.
Some 1 Azn
1:51 - JANGO FETT!!!
Andy is not coming back.
Karla M
@mremzi94 jake the muss :D
Teresa Rodriguez
so why the fuck did they replace Naevia?