Xingye Li plays Etude No. 1 by Heitor Villa Lobos on a 2014 Roy Fankhänel guitar

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Xingye Li plays Etude No. 1 by Heitor Villa Lobos on a 2014 Roy Fankhänel guitar. Us on Facebook: />Us on Twitter: />Our Website:

Heitor Villa-Lobos (Composer) Étude No. 1 (Composition) Étude (Composition Type) Guitar (Musical Instrument) Opera (Composition Type) Piano Classical Classical Period (Musical Genre) Bach Concerto Orchestra Beethoven Symphony Marcin Dylla (Guitarist) Manuel Barrueco (Guitarist) Xingye Li

difficulty level: Asian
Amazing! Fluent, flawless, wide range of dynamics and lots of feeling. In my opinion, this is the best performance of Etude No. 1 on Youtube so far.
Carl Edwards
Extraordinary control of his dynamics!
Ewerton Muniz
Algumas coisas que me dão orgulho de ser brasileiro são essas composições.
thischannelhasnocontent sorry
roses are red violets are blue there's always an asian better than you
Alfonso Perdomo
holy shit, that guitar sounds really good! so strong tone and volume!
ben Z
1:29 I'm done...
Hakuryuu Ren
The speed was the impressive part for me when I first heard him play it, now that I got the speed down, I realize that it's his dynamics that makes this piece sound so beautiful, not the speed.
Brian Cullen
Very interesting technique, he has a great control of dynamic and rubato even at this speed.
I can play this Etude only may be less than half his speed 😳
Pablo Guazzotti
When you see an asian on guitar, say you play the Triangle, and that you forgot it home!
This makes me want to buy a siccas guitar so i can play like him XD
André Vinicius
Imagine andar pelas ruas brasileiras e em cada canto você escutar grandes composições como essa, ao invés de ouvir só porcaria em todo lugar. O Brasil utópico que, talvez, nunca teremos.
Robson Souza
Esse grande Mestre é Brasileiro ! Heitor Villa Lobos ! O maior de todos os mestres erudito do BRASIL.
Darknes games
Alberto Abella
Este guitarrista es GENIAL, Felicitaciones.
Debbie Kapohe
That was so fast I thought the guitar would go up in flames! : o
Nikolai Lester
Reminds me of Chopin Etude Op 10 No. 1
원래 이 빠르기임?
paul onopa
gawd damn, gawd damn, gawd damn.
Hamza Raissi
perfect for me!!! I don't think emotion should be considered in this piece
A very good take on it, almost Barrueco level.
Camilo Santacruz
hijueputa asiático si tan solo sacara esa obra como vos :(
Xingye! ur amazing! keep going!!
Gary Ormond
Fantastic! I recorded this on my own channel recently, as I've started to practice it again. Someday I'll have it down as well, and as fast as this!
Parlak Jurnal
This is magnifique, best performance on youtube!
Mahatma Levolence
Lovely tone, that guitar sparkles! Smoothly executed too.
José Bretones Salinas
Exquisita interpretación. Difícil facilidad la de este joven concertista.
Antonio Fresi
molto bravo, bella la quasi inquietante complimenti
Tássio Sarrosí
Qual tempo??? 140????
Hugo F. Schwetter
Orgulho da minha terra.
Max Moore
Guitarra clásica
Los asiáticos siempre son buenos en lo que hacen!
Eugene Astol
Magnificent! No. 1!
eszméletlen :D
Great note separation  and a pristine tecnique! Welldone!!
Engine Jack Hammer
very impressive
Kristian Grundström
Arka Mah
Ivan Gordic
Technically flawless. Started off lacking somewhat in terms of expressiveness and rushed a few passages though
Bobby Davro
I can play this with a plectrum.
Lucyna Urszula Gawlik
Very nice!
Antuérpio Montiel Auler
O movimentos das águas do rio Amazonas que desce incessantemente, até o rio negro, e de repente o encontro de seus leitos, num choque das águas, são os mesmos dos acordes interpretando o movimento da natureza, isto é Villa Lobbos.
naxo 997
Fuuuuck i have to play this for college and just seeing this scared the shit out of me
raffi torossian
George Spanoudis
Great performance! thanks for uploading!
Pedro Schoenwetter
Bravo! Belissimo
Earl Sullivan
Oh my !!! That is phenomenal !!!!!..Excellent execution...
Pavel Bláha official
Best version of this study. Dynamics, tempo, overal performance, guitar sound...
No phrasing... No understanding of the peaks and lows of the piece are. Sure his technique is flawless but where is his appreciation for the piece. He just blows through the entire thing like a robot
Иван Устиненков
Вы лучший!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Não consigo tocar esse caralho
You can see his 6th string vibrating, liteurally frame by frame, meaning its acctualy slowed down XD LOOL
Adam Dickson
Low E string at 1 minute is awesome!
GB Originals
You can see which camera has better quality from the movement of the strings....
Camilo Jose Rijo Fulcar
dime tu... es asiatico y mayor xD
Terence Sotiri
I prefer Sanel Redzic in this piece by Villa-Lobos. There's why: there's a very little emotion through the piece. I have a reason to believe that, like in Italy we say, "there are two ways of making music, one is for show how beautifully you play, and one for show how beautiful is the music you play."
Владимир Пьянов
Прекрасное исполнение!
Prof Barreto
Muito bem.
Morris Peltz
Beautifully done!
Matteo Leonardi
This is the hardest etude you can play in my opinion and also one of my favourites. I played it when I was 13
Bruno Gallagher
Stunning! Thanks for sharing,
Carlos Santos
Puta que pariu!
Exibicionista .
Tássio Sarrosí
Low tension strings?
Your mother was taking all of the right vitamins when she carried you in the womb. Your neurological functions, the firing of every synapses, your mastery of disassociative execution, your cognitive functions.... all make me want to take every guitar I own and toss them all into the sea. For as long as you live and play, I have no further need of them.
One of the pieces I played for Turibio Santos in Sydney back in the late 1970s. Brings back long-forgotten memories.
Pablo Lejarraga
No matter what you do,/ there is always a Chinese/ better than you.
Meluu music0
Fantástico!!! Piel de gallina..!! Gran músico, y hermosas guitarras!! (beautiful guitar). Thanks!!! Saludos desde Argentina!
Scott Payne
Faiga Uchôa
Great interpretation of the excellent Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos. Wonderful!
Lily B
amazing! does anyone know what bpm this is?
Jessica Farias
¿Dónde encuentro las partituras de esta canción?
Wellington Silva
the well-known Asiatic perfection
Finn Joosten
what are all those squeaking noises?
Ge St
This man is unbelievable
Camilo Santacruz
excelente interpretacion
Peter Chiem
what is the BPM he is playing at?
Panagiota Toki
Wonderful!! Your technique is perfect
Loitongbam Janjit Singh
Hello,Sir.. May I know the RH finger pattern for this piece? I find it frustrating,and You have nailed it!
Ravindra Pardesi
Best part is 2:18
Ajd Coyote
TOP !!!!!!
Dylan Smith Composer
Edgard Gonzalez
Rafa Cal
que culeado!
Jack Liu
way too fast, we need to enjoy not hear a superfast rythmic of notes
Yarik Lyashenko
Kati Robert
misterjohn john
He uses his RIGHT hand in unconventional way . works rather well! ! ! !
Alexandre Beyeler - Guitare
Very nice