NEW! ✈ Boeing 747 Take Off & Jet Blast at SXM Sint Maarten

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Look at the jet blast, blasting people into the sea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Bedankt voor het abonneren: - Snapchat: leonbaten Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Livestreams: /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alle afspeellijsten: Drone: Vlogs: />Remix: GTA 5: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dit is een video van LeonBaten. Mijn naam is Leon en ik maak gaming video's, die ik vervolgens op het internet plaats. Ik werk samen met Gaming4Soldiers. Wekelijks kan je video's van mij verwachten in lekkere 720 of 1080 HD kwaliteit. Ik upload video's over heel veel verschillende games, omdat ik gewoon van veel spelletjes houd. Ben je nieuw hier en wil je op de hoogte blijven van alles wat ik doe, dan kan je op de 'Abonneer'-knop drukken.

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Yep, human beings, the most intelligent race on earth ! Doh
D Larson
Who the hell would wanna spend a ton of money to vacation on a beach right beside a runway?
D. Paul Gladstone
Stupid people to stand behind the engine wash! They deserve what they get. St. Maarten should close the road and the area of beach where the aircraft start their take off. Stupid officials!
xXVenomousSniperXx And XPlanePilotMaster Merge
This is so clickbate
Doug Borrett
Fake thumbnail/clickbait earns you a dislike.
Toć to stare
I wonder if the pilots watch this?
Vok Man
Several people were killed in the last 2 years.. Fell and hit his head on concrete blocks. These people are all crazy.
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leuk 😎☺😶🙂😅😅😅😅😄😄😆
extra vacation
Next Level : Six Engines Antonov 224
Marc Gomes
Pode isso Arnaldo?
Ruhaan Deol
emanuela here
omg so funny
Jasmin ii
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got click baited so did you.
Becky Moses
One big hair dryer!
Maria de Lourdes da Silva
No for You, Because of Water, Filings BANHISTAS?!
Tin Bender Dobardzic
Great video
bunch of FOOLS...!!!
pozz aapp
That's rare to see
Elżbieta Andrzejczyk
ja pierdziele
100.000 subscribers whitout a video
haha this is so funny :D
Paulina Ortiz
jajaja que divertida se han de dar estos bañistas
Ricky Sleer
idiot that was dangerous, but why the people feeling happy to that beach nearly with runway to see an airplane? you can die soon with that jet blast!.
Parecen cucarachas
Alex Borsi
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This is why aliens won't talk to us.
Jorge de santana
Em busca de algo maior que nós
tia mitcheltree
yal are werd😝😝😝
I am amazed that these people made it safely to place themselves behind a jet like this. Wow! Wowowow!
warish gurung
hahaha injoy fun
Thomas Summer
It's one of the best channels on youtube with sun and beach supported from
Christian R. Li
Human stupidity!!!
oke vet leuk
trop drôle la chaise qui c'est fait emporter
Rajdit Putra
jji njjnbbb bnn
mohaz ismail
when airplane fart kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Som Sai
tu mari maa ki chooot saale hatooo udarr se
Lekker voor ze
Madhusanka Arthasad
haha.. looks like it's so fun!
wat een leuke ervaring zeg! KLM is de beste!
wat een mooi filmpje, fantastisch joh! Tot morgen, DOEII!
bangcho bang funs
ok m8
they clever
Stefany 178
' wow that so beautifully view on this video
Elżbieta Andrzejczyk
ja pierdziele
bullshit quality, it's 2017 after all.
That looks fun
Dewi Sby
bule koplak
robert flores
this why aliens dont visit us
Doran Jaffas
As a pilot..I am surprised they don't erect a blast barrier there.
M. Alkassim
Video picture is a big lie.
Michiel Van Der Meer
de holle
esther Madalena
e irado
That is a pretty big plane
Priyangani Peiris
This is just fake and also who the hell goes to vacation on beach next to an airport typically this is tottaly dangerous!!!
Santhabalakrishnan8 Balakrishnan
Cole Catena
KLM doesn't go to this island any more
zid mizarz
Saint Martin belongs to Holland???
shaik haneef
Mamadou Saliou Bah
Michael Petrucci
R.I.P Sint Maarten
Jeffrey Rodriguez
Look at all of them cover their ears. Lol
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Josti En Nathan
Charlie Van der Steene
Geloof je het zelf nog wel met 1000000 views
Wudruff Wildcard
This method should be considered to control riots of violent leftists.
Diana Posada
Jajaja parecen hormigas contra ese grandulon
Fuad Selimovic
That's not vacation..that's loud nightmare and wasted money..stupid people..
Evi Keba
E. W.
why funny? last week a woman died