Pokemon The Series XY Anime Season 17 Intro/Theme/Opening English Dub

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The remake song of the first season of Pokemon.

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The best one.
can i have your mario party mario plush? i'll pay and give u a diffrent mario plush
make an extended version already!
▕▔╲┊┊┊┊┊┊┊╱▔▏┊┊┊ ┊╲╱╲┊┊┊┊┊╱╲╱┊┊┊┊ ┊┊╲┈╲▂▂▂╱┈╱┊┊┊╱╲ ┊┊╱┈┈┈┈┈┈┈╲┊┊╱┈┈╲ ┊┊▏▕▆▍▂▕▆▍▕┊╱┈┈┈╱ ┊▕╭╮┈┳┻┳┈╭╮▏╲┈┈╱ ┊┊╲╯┈╰━╯┈╰╱┊╱┈┈╲ ┊┊╱┈┈┈┈┈┈┈╲┊╲┈┈┈╲ ┊▕╲┈▕┈┈┈▏┈╱▏┊╱┈╱ ┊▕┈▔▔┈┈┈▔▔┈▏╱┈╱┊ ┊▕┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔┈╱┊┊ ┈┈╲┈┈┈┈┈┈┈╱▔▔┈┈┈ ┈┈▕▂╱▔▔▔╲▂▏┈┈┈┈┈
It took them about 16 years, but they finally got the message about the theme song.
I cant believe they brought back the "gotta catch 'em all" bit, so happy to hear this intro, ill probably start watching it again
Arsene Lupin III
At least kids will finally get a snippet of what we had back in the 90s theme... Original theme for me though, enjoy kids
they brought it back!!
It's like the original theme but more badass I'm so happy
this is a disgrace to the original show. 
Sammi Blue
Everyone is complaining about how this version sucks, how the first version is the only version, etc.  But really, considering it's a remake of the original theme, this is pretty good.  I don't think they could have picked a better singer for it, really.  The problem is that the pacing of the song is WAY too fast, and the visuals seems disjointed from the music.
Try watching it with the original intro audio playing fits nicely
I actually like this one more than the original
Tim Lindekilde
At first I was like "Did they seriously just do that?!" But to be honest, I don't think this version is as bad as some people make it out to be.
Everest Canyon
This one is a little short, the other one was twice the length.
You'll never know how happy I was when this theme played. ^^
Even better, I don't hate the little sibling character this time (lookin' at you, Max).
who thinks this is the last Pokemon season ever :'-(
Raquaza Omega
best part is destiny
This Is Pretty Good :)
Jenae- Anime
Out of every season this is the best theme song
Suka Nekoto
They did a good thing with bringing the original theme song back.
Im going to lie I hate the fact that they are useing the original theme song be more original my god it's like Power Rangers Samurai all over again
Chetana B
awwww.... I wish I could download it offline...😖😖😖
I have high hopes for this season
brenda chaussej-gamez
i like this theme
I luv the series but when the episode when they are on the ghost house they made the series go back on episode 1 :/
Son Goku
what the hell it's exactly like the first one just a different singer but the first one still better
Adam Glett
not to sound gay but ash looks hotter than season 1
It's too short...
Now thats awesome!
Yes!  Finally!  TBH, I didn't really like any of the Unova intro themes, so this was kind of a breath of fresh air for me.
the flaring wolf
Im begining to like pokemon
This is the second time they remixed it right? Either way, LOVE!!!!!! Getting bak into Pokémon, after seeing my cousin being a hardcore fan since 2000 lol, I will never understand how he catches up tho
wow this is way better than the german version and i'm german xD
PickachuMaster 101
Easton Patterson
I wonder if kids today even know that this a remake of the original song...
Corey Neville
OMG awsome pokemon just got awsome again original theme was the best though
I don't even care that the song doesn't light a candle to the original. I am just thrilled that they remixed the iconic theme and brought back the 'Gotta Catch 'Em All' slogan. Love it.
#Ash ketchum I love the original!  
black white
Best season opening song not animation
Ryan Subotzky
Robert Sutton
Between 0.17 and 0.18 my fave poke using thundershock
Katie B
SushiPlayerz 2
Super ce generique non moi je trouve qu'il est très bien!
Buddy LaPoint
Old school
The animation (when in HD) is amazing.
Im 30 now and even though i outgrew the series and the games this brought huge nostalgia growing up and watching the original series in the 90s
mason rowland
Best theme song ever
Matthew Matthayasack
I'm watching on a mobile device. My brightness is all the way up & the contrast lighting is kind of dark. :/
The Hunter Kid
This one is better than some of the others but try season 18. 18 is a keeper.
Smol LilyOwO
I WANT THIS SONG FULL!!!! but its ok
Jose Sigala
I saw ash's old butterfree and its mate in the backround before the title pops up but you have to pause it and look closely
Out of the 2 openings this one and season 1 I say this one is better, but that is just my opinion :)
-Sparkle Gaming-
0:08 meowth has wings
Mr. R_creator
Anyone else noticed that ash is now wearing kinda the same hat as Red???
Piggy Oink Oink
I love how this is simply a remix of the season 1 intro rather than a whole new song!
This makes me happy :) 
Leo Lupin IZG
Pokemon Pokemo Pokem Poke pok po p Po pok poke pokem pokemo pokemon
sjsfbcbdbh dbxxhajajf
meowth weighs a ton in this theme song... really??... even a 6 year old kid can carry a meowth by himself....
That Boy Killjoy
I like this one better than the original, I feel like this singer is cooler. Come at me. *Use's MegaMan's flame shield*
Samuel art's
I like this song but I hate Mario
Is Ash seriously hanging out with even younger children than himself, six year oold can leave there home in this now people
Dat autotune o.O
Varian Wrynn
Back to the old school mtf ;) Miss Misty and Brock :)
<3 Fennekin
> Hi mum so glad you finally got into text messaging and the modern phones! < Howdoyoudoaspace? < Huh, you got a lot to learn :|
LOL The Pokemon company trying to lure old fans back with the same song that started it all off...not going to work but nice try though 
sounds like bootleg green day
the song is good but still the first version will forever be the best one
Wendy Master of magic
Gotta catch em all
Wendy Master of magic
I am alike Serena
Lisa McCoy
It's amazing!!!
IAMEmerald Videos
Eric Clark
I never grew up with the original anime, and I never got to into it, but I did remember the theme song. This remix is pretty cool, though I agree it isn't as good as the original, It is still very good
PinkisCupcake Pie
episode 17.  still no sign of team flare. soon  soon.
I think season Kanto & Kalos have the same theme song because they have so much in common starting with the name, and also lots of the same pokemens
Danko Aramburu
yep , old school new age
DraganNiko UnequalTV
Welp,let's be honest,old one is better.
Louell Jay Rada
love this one than the other one
jose salazar
some of this lyrics are from the old pokemon series
ZyOs [ Alter Kanal, neuer in der Beschreibung und der Empfehlung ]
This the better Intro than the German 17.Intro ... I mean the sings right :D
Wacka Doodle
FINALLY! It took them over 10 years but they finally... Finally realised what was good about the original series. The music we epic and the stories (most of them) were touching. Now all we need is gary to return (which is likely since he was mentioned to arrive kalo in the game ) and make ash a bit older. Ye I know he's never going to age, but at least make his design look older ^^ One thing the original intro lacked was animation quality and for its time, it as good for what they had. This fast paced intro with smooth and clear visuals makes this intro better than the original. ^^
Born in 1993, now I feel old. Back in 1998 to 2004 I had less composure than a crack-addict over Pokemon. I stopped caring after Gen 3.
I have a nostalgia boner.
Pheonix Gaming
Why do I always feel the nostalgia when pikachu is using quick attack :P
Mnv Hvv
I miss this series
the flaring wolf
T_T not any more it gets weird
TypicalOreo :3
BW rival destinies is better
Keenan Henry
I like this original pokemon intro 2nd remastered version after jhoto league part 2. But feels like its rushed
Ashdidntketchum all
what in the name of arceus have these people done the original will always be the best 
After all this ash is like 15 or 16?
Vickash Sooknanan
best of the best
Stella Slater
TheMaid OfJericho
ves you goosebumps hearing 17 seasons later.