Jung Ho Kang 2015 Rookie Highlights HD

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2015 Highlights!

Matt Kaminski
I love this guy
I'm predicting a future MVP candidate, and possibly a hall of famer. Call me crazy, but I think this might happen.
Shame he got injured, was really having a solid year.
sucks he´s gonna miss the postseason
Oh look...a video celebrating a bush league rapist. Nice.
Forza Horizon 3 Stunts
I love the bucs!
Frank Glaser
Could you please do Heyward, Carpenter or Piscotty? Love the vids!
Peter Kim
Nice highlights video... Loved the way you left the commentary in the vid.. please make more :)
I'm guessing a 30+ home run season this year and 100+ plus RBIs
Done in the MLB.
John Smith
So glad Kang is back for 2016!!
Welcome to my Diamond Dynasty!
Jungwhan Park
thanks for your ability
Billy Large
My favorite player
kim Useop
King kang
Gail Cha
I've never thought this man has such power to shoot up homers like those against big-league pitchers. proud of him.
German Watches Korea
does anyone know the name of his walk up somg
Do you like the Rockies Team Rvhx?
RC Tech
This guy is monster solid pick up for the Buccos definitely expect another good season from him next year
Fuck the coghlan. He ruined Kang's first season. If Kang finished this season without injury, he must be a first asian ROY . Even though coghlan played in legal way, he is not a fair player to many fans. He did it before too.
Dol Manglee
King kang !!!!!!!^^ 2016년도 홧팅!
did he just say jung ho ho. thats racist. lmaooo
Ki-Seung Baek
what a nice clips bro. Thank you so much man.
STGA Cohen
Kris bryant