Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Will Make Your Day Better (NEW!)

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Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Will Make Your Day Better Follow us on instagram: @Scoop_Gram /> Like our facebook page: /> Lots of people have dogs, because they are cute and funny and we just love them. Probably more than anything else in our lives, except for perhaps our kids, our dogs and their antics are something that we love to share to our friends and the world! That’s where Snapchat comes in. Because of the combinations of video, pics and witty captions that it offers, the possibilities for homemade dog-based entertainment are endless! We love them so much, have already featured plenty of puppy-snaps and you can find the rest of the series Source: />***********************--------------****** Other videos: Only Few People Will Understand The Deep Meanings Of These Illustrations.. #2 /> How Weight Loss Really Affects Your Face /> What Is It Like To Raise Boys? (Boys Will Relate) /> NEVA GIVE UP (Life Progress Memes) /> Celebrities Who Don't Need DNA Test To Prove They Are Related /> THIS VIDEO IS CLICKBAIT (Literally) /> People Who Googled The Wrong Thing, And The Results Were Hilarious /> Cats Who Were Caught Sleeping In The Weirdest Positions /> Look Twice To Understand What You Are Looking At /> Funny Illustrations Showing How The World Has Changed /> When Real Life Imitates Art... /> Jokes and Memes Only LEGO Fans Will Understand /> Only People Who Have Weird Sense Of Humor Will Find This Funny /> Never Take a Selfie With A Cat!! /> How We See Vs How Professional Photographers See Things /> Faces Hidden In Everyday Objects, Try To Spot Them /> The Funniest Menu Translation Fails Ever /> Hilarious Pics Of Kids At Weddings (Kids H*te Weddings) /> Only Few People Will Understand The Deep Meanings Of These Illustrations.. /> Broke Students Are The Smartest People Ever /> If It Fits, I Sits... /> Try Not To Be Confused (Confusing Drawings) /> Puppies On Their First Days Of Work That Will Make Your Day /> The W*rst Spelling Mistakes Ever /> Animals Who Pose For The Camera Like Pros /> People Who Don't Care About Their life Anymore /> These Dogs Can Beat You At Hide And Seek /> Police Who Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor /> Brutally Honest Posters Show Our Addiction To Technology /> Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic /> Hilarious Products From China That Doesn't Care About The Brands /> People With The Most Unfortunate Name Tags /> People Who Follow The Rules So Literally That They Beat The System /> Hilarious Cats That Look Like Other Things /> Incredible Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped #2 /> Hilarious Unexpectedly Ending Tweets /> Signs That Make ZERO Sense /> Guess Where These Pets Just Came From... /> Soldiers Sense Of Humor... /> Vegans Can't Eat These Vegetables and Fruits /> These Cats Can Beat You At Hide And Seek /> These Photos Are NOT Photoshopped /> Oh! I See What You Did There... /> Hilarious Snapchats From Morning After /> Cheating Is B*d But This Is Genius (Don't Try This At School)

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Ashly Menard
Aren't dogs great?
Becky Corona
Hi hope the person scrolling down here have a nice day 😊
Forestwolvezxx Gamerz
I cried when it showed yorkies. Not because they my fav dog. It’s because MY yorkie died. One like=one prayer for Zoey. Btw Zoey is the yorkie. 🤓
Mackala DeBlieck
Just what I needed on a Monday
made my day. soo heart warming
when i see dogs, i click
Mackala DeBlieck
This is amazing!!
Loving Jessi
Omg!!!#21 made me die of laughter!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
harish thakkar
Scoop the video was awesome again ur channel is best ur videos really makes my day 😘😍😍
mike ggg
All dogs go to heaven. All cats too. If you ever see anyone being cruel to otherwise mistreating an innocent animal, report that person to police, animal control, and/or humane law enforcement at once - it is an immediate sign of a psychopath.
the thumb nail on the left when u and your bigger brother fight for the front seat
v you scoop for making My night .Love you from the Philippines. ^_^
Cronibet C.I.U
1:26 i would hug them all!!!!!!!
Izzy Gordon
How can a dog who has never had puppies nurse? There would be no milk
Infernø 121
3:07 the dog’s literally smiling!😄
Ziying Lim
"We don't deserve dogs" So true... 😟😧
New video after a long time
Angel Michaela Tudtud
When you are sick but had a better medicine looking at dogs
Atasi Bhoumik
The monk one was dope.... Such a cutie video
Royalty J
This is my second time watching this... can you tell I'm a dog person? 🐶 🐶 🐶 Dog persons unite in the reply section!
Saraly L.
I feel sad watching this cause my dog died less then a month ago RIP Jake😘
Yo Day
There isn't any Pinned COMMENT
Joe Pallett
My family rescued a white German Shepard and he is so cute
so cute and funny 😂😄
leticia chan
why animals are so precious
5:54 that right there is the perfect example of the dog version of Sofia Dossi
This HAS to be the best group of pics I’ve ever seen! So good in fact, it went straight to my favorites list! I know I’ll be watching this whenever I need a heart-pick-me-up!💕❤️
Satomi Misaki
Awwwww... Cute dogs... OMG! Thanks for the pin...😄😄😊
Maggie May
I love doggos ❤️❤️🐶🐶
superhiro Na
Dogs are better than humans. Dogs are my favorite people
Coco PuppyLover
8:35 what kind of dog is that 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and 10:08
Ludvig og Mikkel
Hi you just made my Day PS love your Channel
Know It All
Cutest thing ever💕💕💕 1st comment❤️❤️❤️
Comment Master Wither
Leslie Abreu
What did we do to deserve dogs?
Rylie Leon
7:53 I would frame that photo
Sarah Films
We don’t deserve dogs 🐕
55 views and 66 likes 🤔 I'm confused
GOD SAID: *he is a good boii*
What is "dog"?!
Hufflepuff Gal
Priscilla Esho
#EarlySquad Yay!
Annelise Rasmussen
I normally hate Wednesday. But today it is better. Thanks Scoop! 😉🐶
Harman Gill
I’m the 27th comment!!!!!!!!
mai aljaberi
IM LATE ! 🤬🤯
Bug Aboo
Scoop i only watch you and i will never stop
Airalin Sama
Dogs or cats???
Dean HT
*Today I am very sad because my teacher died :(*
luna games
BEST VID EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
koshka PLAγz
Brajeng Xiong
Early squad
Katie playz
To bad the one with the bird isn’t real...
Sofie OMG
Yay! #earlysquad
#21 😂😳😀
Brandon de Paula
Creatv Lioness33
One word for everything in this video -precious ☺️
It's nearly bin a year since my cat dissapeared I still cry over it🐾💛🤔😱😢😭😭😭 I hope she isn't sad I hope she is VERY HAPPY!! Not this😿
6:55 It "fell" Off *dog* "Heh nope."
Amelia Ray
As humans we aren't deserving of such wonderful animals I've never been so in love then I am with all 3 of my babies each have their own crazy personality and they make my heart swell and I'll never ever understand how humans can be so cruel to such loving and loyal animals!!!!
Great footage...I enjoyed it VERY MUCH... *: )*
Lin Rogers
There is nothing so great as that bond with an animal. I should know, have had six Great Danes, all amazing. Love dogs.
#54 is Berger Blanc Suisse not white german shepherd, there is not such a thing as white german shepherd
Steven Alvarado
Number 22 is a minature shnauzer which are my favorite breed
angie vara
If I was super rich and had a massive home I would go to all the dog rescue places and take them all with me.
White german shepherds aren’t rare but otherwise he/she is so cuteee!!!! ❤️
Shadow Storm
The rare white german shepard at 8:20, I knew a full grown dog like that. He was so big he would stand up and put his paws on my shoulders and give me kisses. Im 6 foot 1 inches tall.The white sheps were bred to blend in with the sheep and protect them from predators back when germany actually had predators like wolves and bears.I believe these are the original color of german shepards and the black/tan and long-haired ones were bred later, but i cant be sure.
Jules Frost
What is that wolfdog at the end doing, though?
Shuggar The Animator
Drew Ahrens
54 really is a beautiful dog and many others put a smile on my face and melted my heart
Honestly, I loved this video very much.🐶😍💟👍 Whatever the situation may be, dogs always have a positive way to solve it out .
alysha poole
Made my day
So maybe #19 guy is the blind dad or son?
caveman Versace
If you have a wolfdog breed and you don't want them on the couch its very simple. Get a second hand single lounge and have it in the room with them. You'll find they will use it and be happier they have their own. They feel included.
Nancy Allen
Thank you. Made me laugh and cry. We have had my old guy for 15 years. Since the second he was born. Had his sweet mom for 13 years. Will have a dog till my last day. More PLEASE!
Natthaphat Wachiramon
0:42 Even HE said so 2:53 Good idea 3:14 What kinda floating fish is that 4:19 Big Brother Best Friends Forever 5:36 Oh dear lol 5:53 Good job girly
My favorite was when the person said I’ve been told my dog look like Chewbacca
Fruity Orange
You know a white German Shepherd isn't that rare so I don't get much of a meaning to that one except that it's adorable
I have a chihuahua, and two guinea pigs, but I am allergic to them. ;-;
Kirdop Kirdop
A white German Shepard is a Canadian Shepard
Clair Hefter
Less teachers with guns more teachers with corgis
Sheila Quan
Very heart warming.
Katie Irish
omg! They guy cutting the dogs nails while in a purse  is brilliant!!!!!!! I'm going to do that to my mom's dog!
Luvs Snow
im a cat person but these are great I loved them
Kevin Koch
What did we do to deserve these dogs, who help us in times of need, soothe us in times of pain, and join us in times of gladness? We didn’t do anything, we don’t deserve dogs, they chose us, so let’s enjoy haven’t them around and make them glad that they chose us!
Yo Day
I was rewatching your old videos lol
• TopazWolfixx •
First, The stick. Then... THE TREATS
Melissa Cooper
8:25 Hey! That's Bolt!
Raffi Baghdasaryan
Give us at least 15 second to read all of them
All the more reason to like dogs more than people. I mean other than the unconditional love, undying loyalty, and these days even the ability to earn a paycheck.
Chloe Vasquez
2:52 I need that it takes 20 minuets to barely clean my dogs wrinkles lol
8:39 - on the dog ( to the far left bottom ) you can see a cat, but on the cat ( far right bottom ) you can see a dog! Am I the only one? Like if you see it! 👍🏻
I just almost ripped my earring out and it hurts
DeMarie Jones
I’m dying from the cuteness!! 😻😻😻
Mable The Cat
I got a poopsie ad before this,,, if u know what it is..its about a "poo" that comes from pets that eat halo food..The song said at the end "it's a pleasure to *scoop* " What a coincidence
Aww all the pics of the cats and dogs cuddling reminds me of my childhood pets. My dog legit raised my cat. Not lying my cat would bark at people.
5:34 when the puzzle is just to hard
SusieBlue YHVH
A new years eve party for dogs!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeease let me come!!!!!!!