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Grand Theft Auto V Трейлер # 1 Первый официальный трейлер Grand Theft Auto V. Музыка: Огдэнс ​​«Орех» («Маленькие лица») Производитель: Rockstar Games & Rockstar North Субтитры: английский, французский, немецкий, итальянский и испанский =================================== GTA Series Videos - это посвященный фан-канал, который позволяет вам следить за последними новостями, видео-походами и официальными трейлерами самых успешных видеоигр, выпущенных Rockstar Games, включая серии Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, LA Нуар, Булли и многие другие. Этот канал никоим образом не связан с Rockstar Games или Take-Two Interactive. Следуйте за GTA Series Videos по: || YouTube - />|| Google+ - />|| Facebook - />|| Twitter - /> Для получения дополнительной информации и видео посетите: | | |

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VD Gaming
why did i get it on my recomended now? this is like 6 years old
Seyd hussey
dhruv pathak
Time sure does fly.
Who still watches the trailer eventhough you played this game for years?!
Brandonlon !
Anyone else remembers the hype?
Big Smoke
If Rock star hasn't shown a trailer for GTA 6 yet imagine how many more years for the next GTA
Wolf Gaming
Why do I watch this? I guess it was the weather.
Why did I move to pc? I guess it was the graphics... Or the... Ah, I don't know, that thing. That fps. You see it on the consoles. I wanted to retire from all that lag, you know. From that, that 720p. Play at high res for once, at high fps. So I bought a big pc, play more, with my feet up, and I thought it would be awesome like all the other pc games. The graphics, would be like Crysis 3. We'd play at high fps, no rage because of lag... But, well, you know the release date...
Nathan Drake 24
who is watching this to remember the old times leave a like and comment
Armin Gameplay HD
0:25 Franklin in the car
GTA 6 Who Is Ready.
Zargeus Lol
Kaylor styles
Proud Kiwi
I too remember when everyone was having orgasms thinking that Micheal was Tommy Vercetti, and that this was set in Los Santos which meant a possible return for CJ and the Grove street family. That was until rockstar stupidly bought out their ridiculous "separate universe" rule.... meaning noone from the PS1/PS2 generation could ever cross over into the PS3/PS4 generation. Its like GTA 3, VC and SA never existed. Stupidest thing they ever did.....
Zachary Engquist-Wargo
1:05 I wish that police car was in gta 5
Toxin Shadow
I can't wait for this grand theft auto
i remember when everybody was like: oh shit is that tommy vercetti?
Faizan Boy4
Damn I just noticed this trailer was released in 2011, and who else is watching this in 2017,
ajbr lloll
Original Network
I played gta 5 on almost all consoles the only console i haven't played on was Xbox one and computer
The Amazing Austin
1:08 kinda looks like the beggining of gta 3
It Chileno
1:06 Cj 😱
Erick Aldana
The hype for this game was unbelievable...I was like 15 at the time watching this everyday haha waiting for this game to come out. To be fair it’s not like we get a Grand Theft Auto game every year....Until the next Grand Theft Auto.
Khanz Gaming
Did anyone noticed cj at 1:05😱😱😱i think its an easter egg😕
Is it just me, or do the graphics look a lot better than when it first came out on the 360/PS3?
Kassim Kassim
Who watching this In 2018
whos watching on 2017
Saurav kc
2018 Any one
Gaurav Singh
This game realease in 2013 & this year is famous game of GTA 5
Sssaga Benches
Wow, this game has the potential. I bet it will succeed.
The Isiais show :D
who is watching this and finished the game in 2017
6 years old saying it's from 2011 yet it's 2018
Steve Irwin's left nut
Remember when everyone thought that Michael was tommy
Slugterra Slug it out
Bank robbery ?? Really inappropiate for children 😂😂
Ethan Jones
I was in 11th grade when this trailer was released. Now I'm almost 25. Time flies. :)
Michaldo Gaming
Whose watching this in 2018?
Damian Oveka
its 2018 and this is still the best trailer and game ever 👍rock star
Young Dagger Dic
watching this trailer 6 years after brings back all the memories of being excited for this game. man I misssss 2013
That awkward moment when you realize this trailer is almost half a decade old...
Choco Bro
Who is watching on 2018 ...June?
Multiplying Emojies Are Not Necessary
I don't need no GTA 6..I need a GTA 5 Part 2..!
ZiasFaceWhenHeThinkinBoutHowStirFryIsMade X
2017 anybody?
Santi Dominguez
Damn I was in 7th grade when this came out and now I'm graduated 😞💔 time flies
WowoX 96
I wanna wait for GTA 6
King Zay
Game was released By my bday Sept 2013 5 years later its the best selling game worldwide🔥 Thanks RockStar✊🏾
Alexis Molina
Red dead check la noire check next up gta 6
ChocoCake 5
I m 15 but i dont remember being 10 while i saw this for the first time..
Whose watching this in 2017?
Gaming Life
wow 6 years! time flies so fast
Nick o Cavalo
Moses X
Well this takes me back to 6th grade
César Andrees,
2 0 1 9
General Albert
1:06 Oh shit is that CJ?
X_GrEeK_ GeO
+1 If u watch it in 2017
Lennert Van Daele
Who is here from the gta 6 trailer? (I am from 2020 btw)
Duck Supremacy
I remember nobody could play online for like a week because the huge influx of players crashed all the servers
i remember the night the game came out i kept refreshing the youtube search for gta 5 gameplay...did anyone else do that??
6 years later... damn
Ryan TheAlbanian
I was 11 when this came out now im 16 . Time flies 😯
Anime Beats
in a few years this game will be 10 years old
I don't need a meme
Three years after the gta 4 release, this trailer came out so if the gta 6 trailer came out like 2 years ago it would've been released this year... cant wait for gta 6 to be announced must be good.
Vonn Bitzer
When can i say "childhood" like on people do on the older trailers.
I remember how hype I was for this. I bought it that Christmas and got in trouble for it. Long story lol
2018 and still my favourite game❤❤❤
Walky Talky58
Mervin Rebwar
2018 you still alive !!!!!
Yung Bratsz
can we have GTA 6 omfg
Ghost Ranger
Ashirbad Behera
ROBUST Sidemen
l l
Obsolete Randomness
One of the only recent games that lived up to the hype.
Alexis Molina
Omg graphical aids
PGE The Elder Scrolls Türkiye
Jesenia Hernandez
1:06 CJ?
tom farrington
Holy shit i remember watching this when i was still in high school, i was in maths and i said "the gta 5 trailer is up" all the guys came rushing over and crowded around me, we watched it and when it finished we were all stunned and said nothing until one guy said "oh yes" we all ended up speaking about gta for the rest of the lesson.....good times
Still Waiting for Gta 6
Joe Armstrong
does anyone else come back and watch just to feel the nostalgia from when you saw it the first time?
Pro Gamer
Gta for life,gta v will never die
Gayb Nudell
1:01 Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd they released the hydra 4 years after...
2017 Anyone???
Yellow Pants
Singeplayer didn't live up to the hype :/ what a shame.
2018 Anyone ?
6 years ago..
Jack Wickham
I know a way Rockstar can make GTA 6 potentially bigger and better. Have it set in both San Fierro (and surrounding countrysidee) and Las Venturas (surrounding desert). Think about it. 2 huge cities. Enormous amounts of open world between and around them. A massive mountain range between the countryside and desert (maybe based of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range), have areas based off the Redwood National Forest and Yosemite Valley (imagine the wildlife and Easter Eggs), plus Area 51 (call it Area 69 again) and Gant Bridge (again imagine the easter eggs).  I think this would be the best game ever and potentially better than GTA V.  Tell me what you think!
Griffin the Dragon
wow 5 years ago
6 years Jesus Christ
Kameron Murthy
Crazy this game has been out for that long now
Rosh Fragger
This trailer still gives me goosebumps! <3 :)
watched this when i was like 11 now im 15 shits crazy
Turken Gamer
2018 Here???