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Seyd hussey
why did i get it on my recomended now? this is like 6 years old
dhruv pathak
Time sure does fly.
shafik sheikh
can i play gta 5 on nintendo switch
Damn I was in 7th grade when this came out and now I'm graduated 😞💔 time flies
Alvaro Hernandez
Anyone else here right after the red dead redemption 2 announcement
i remember the night the game came out i kept refreshing the youtube search for gta 5 gameplay...did anyone else do that??
Mystery Science Gaming 3000
going to be tough topping this trailer for gta 6. GTA VI Trailer is coming Nov 6 2019
Sssaga Benches
Wow, this game has the potential. I bet it will succeed.
Michael Goth
at 2011 people might think cj is in the game at 1:06
A gta in Tokyo would be pretty sick
نينجا الكمبيوتر - Ninja PC
whos watching on 2017
Toxin Shadow
I can't wait for this grand theft auto
Andrew 39291
gta 6 we need now
Alexander Schmidt
when is this coming out for ps2?
I cant wait for the release
Nathan Drake 24
who is watching this to remember the old times leave a like and comment
Has it really already been 4 years?
God is False almighty
Uses the next gen graphics on the trailer in 2013
whoa this game will be amazing, can't wait for the release :O
That awkward moment when you realize this trailer is almost half a decade old...
Lord Of The Pings
One of the only recent games that lived up to the hype.
Brandonlon !
Anyone else remembers the hype?
Niks Landratovs
When is this coming out for iOS?
i remember when everybody was like: oh shit is that tommy vercetti?
Qwerty Serbia
Why do I watch this? I guess it was the weather.
Dippy Gamer
Who still watches the trailer eventhough you played this game for years?!
Armin Gameplay HD
0:25 Franklin in the car
norm en
Originally Network
I played gta 5 on almost all consoles the only console i haven't played on was Xbox one and computer
GTA 6 Who Is Ready.
who else wants 2013 back, like right now?!
Zachary Engquist-Wargo
1:05 I wish that police car was in gta 5
Whose watching this in 2017?
Khanz Gaming
Did anyone noticed cj at 1:05😱😱😱i think its an easter egg😕
BleaJiFri Bliz
when is it going to come out?? So much hype!!!!
Back when GTA was good.
Niko Bellic
Why did Rockstar remove the prostitutes from the countryside they looked sexy.
General Albert
1:06 Oh shit is that CJ?
Aye Jaidenn
Who is watching this in 2017
ajbr lloll
Griffin the Dragon
wow 5 years ago
Daniel_ Gamer12
#esperando gta 6 ser lançado!!!!
György Borhi
Who's watching this in 2017?
Lennert Van Daele
Who is here from the gta 6 trailer? (I am from 2020 btw)
Humberto Onofre
I remember when this came out i thought it was fake
Big Smoke
If Rock star hasn't shown a trailer for GTA 6 yet imagine how many more years for the next GTA
Jayplaysgaming HD
Went from this to Deloreans and over priced cars great!
The Amazing Austin
1:08 kinda looks like the beggining of gta 3
Muaaz Mahomed
GTA 4 will always be better <3
Is it just me, or do the graphics look a lot better than when it first came out on the 360/PS3?
Ashribad Behera
Zli Kurac
0:22 cut feature actualy this trailer has a lot of cut features
I remember how hype I was for this. I bought it that Christmas and got in trouble for it. Long story lol
Zach Arroyo
Nick o Cavalo
I still get excited for this hahah
Multiplying Emojies Are Not Necessary
I don't need no GTA 6..I need a GTA 5 Part 2..!
Isiais Quiver
who is watching this and finished the game in 2017
og marijuanas
cant wait for this game to release
Proud Kiwi
I too remember when everyone was having orgasms thinking that Micheal was Tommy Vercetti, and that this was set in Los Santos which meant a possible return for CJ and the Grove street family. That was until rockstar stupidly bought out their ridiculous "separate universe" rule.... meaning noone from the PS1/PS2 generation could ever cross over into the PS3/PS4 generation. Its like GTA 3, VC and SA never existed. Stupidest thing they ever did.....
Batman Boi
Still the best game ever
Michaldo Gaming
Whose watching this in 2018?
watched this when i was like 11 now im 15 shits crazy
Mr troll Hahah
i rember when i thought that 1:05 that was cj
the best trailer ever
6 years ago..
funny fanny
but u know how it is? man goosebumps on the way. .... This game ❤
I can't believe it's been 3 years since I last saw this trailer. Man, how time sure does fly.
turner pike
I wonder if they will make a prequel to GTA 5? Like show what happen in North Yanken before GTA 5 actually starts off. And have the ending be where GTA started off. I think maybe that would be a good idea.
Alexis Molina
Red dead check la noire check next up gta 6
Best game ever I really like this game very much
J4K3 Krebs
The Game That Killed The Series.
Gayb Nudell
1:01 Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd they released the hydra 4 years after...
Still Waiting for Gta 6
Skate 24/7
watching this trailer 6 years after brings back all the memories of being excited for this game. man I misssss 2013
chris tian
Can't wait for GTA 5 🤗☺️🔥💯
Rockstar NEED to release a beta version for people on PC to download. We need it!
omg I can't wait for this to come out. :)
ChocoCake 5
I m 15 but i dont remember being 10 while i saw this for the first time..
Luxurious Gaming0216
Gta VI please!
mikhail rascalov
i would like to see vice city in gta 6
Cant believe its been six years..
Mr. Zombrazz
6 years later: Still tryin' to make money for a pc that can run the game...
Qwerty Serbia
I can't wait to play this on my ps2
Yuvraj Sachdeva
MY Thinking
Woh GTA 5
This brings old memories When I was in 5th grade I was eagerly waiting for this game I simply enjoyed all the trailers now I can't belive that it is going be 2017 Time goes very quickly
Santi Dominguez
Wow can't believe this was released in 2013
bunny kat
Crazy this game has been out for that long now
Vishal Bhatia
We want GTA 6 in 2k18!!
Those times where perfeect
shubhangi G
one of the best trailer of gta.