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Mark talks with Yelawolf about their mutual friend, Travis Barker, and how amazing it is to work with him. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: /> For more from Fuse, follow us here: Web: />Twitter: />Facebook:

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If Skrillex and Travis Barker ever had a baby, this dude would be it.
They never said anything about being better friends
Sauvage Ascension
Cultural appropriation
Lucas Garcia
Tale annual commission ctnopv defensive crash should household explore dramatically deal
Blink feat yelawolf in their single 'pretty little girl' so its all good lol
coming from a dude who listens to Chris brown.
Thilo Hornschild
yes and no. i think i know what you mean but then it is sth somewhat new
Tyler Olson
You're garbage Chris Brown.
Nick James
i agree with you but your name is chris brown and that's distracting me from the topic
No :/
GoodToGo fucking named yourself chris brown so ure the one that should shut his fucking mouth!
Mark you devil you!
Mark Walker
well id definently say he is good friends with travis lol hes made quite a few songs with yela so far
No it ended about 4 mohtns ago or somthiing.
Henry Sherman
tom delonge disliked this, jk
No, not really.
thats unfortunate.
Willy Nilly
What a tool
a. sanchez
rap is the shit
is this show still on?
Catfish! my favourite ppl in one room^^ Blink and Yela FTW :D
Mort Fantôme
fuck him as well, but wild boy is kinda catchy. only song I liked.
I hate rap :/
Mort Fantôme
@rangothejuiceman who is mgk
@CommanderMeaty fuck mgk
Mort Fantôme
fuck yellawolf
@clovesv4lyfe Mark right? I've been wondering why he is still rocking that middle school geled up hair when he is like a 40 year old man. Lame.
@clovesv4lyfe hes said that hes always had bad hair so he makes it look as ridiculous as possible as a badge of honor haha he doesnt really think it looks good
That guys hair is outta hand
Terry Stevens