Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

a classic.

classic rock oldies and roll bang gong get it on rex marc bolan electric warrior

Ricky at Xfm
I won't be born for another 15 years and I like this. I will be born in the wrong generation.
Janet Sampson
This song is one of the sexiest songs ever made. Bob.
John Province
Great song from back when freedom was still legal.
Don't hate old rock. We actually DANCED to this. Looked like Frankenstein on crack. But we rocked it. Had no choice.
Blair Pico
584 people can't get it on
Musical genius. Thanks for posting.
Roy Cawthorne
A Force
Is it my imagination or have I finally found something worth living for...
Jaka Jeršin
Cigarettes and alcohol
Buck Johnson
This song was the Summer of 1972!
I've been looking for this song for ages. I had the melody stuck in my head for years and all of a sudden the melody plays on the radio. I'm home . 😂
I can't hear this without thinking of Jarhead.
Anthony Madrid
E Well you’re dirty and sweet A E clad in black, don’t look back, and I love you A E you’re dirty and sweet, oh yeah Well you’re slim and you’re weak you got the teeth of the Hydra upon you you’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl G Get it on A bang a gong E get it on Get it on bang a gong get it on Well you’re built like a car you got a hubcap diamond-star halo you’re built like a car, oh yeah Well you’re an untamed youth that’s the truth, with your cloak full of eagles you’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl Get it on bang a gong get it on Get it on bang a gong get it on Well you’re windy and wild you got the blues in your shoes and your stockings you’re windy and wild, oh yeah Well you’re built like a car you got a hubcap diamond-star halo you’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl Get it on bang a gong get it on Get it on bang a gong get it on • Well you’re dirty and sweet clad in black, don’t look back, and I love you you’re dirty and sweet, oh yeah Well you dance when you walk so let’s dance, take a chance, understand me you’re dirty, sweet and you’re my girl Get it on bang a gong get it on Get it on bang a gong get it on •
Oh god how come the 60's 70's 80's get the best music I wish I was born then
cattywampus jake
lets hear it for dirty sweet girls
Rhys Nichols
I heard this song months ago and I forgot who sung it. Then last night I woke up at 3:00am I for some reason I just said to myself "oh yeah T. rex sings this" and luckily I remembered it this morning haha
Alexander Chopra
One of my all time favourites. Much better than this so called "music" these days.
Still Jammin'
I can be in the most foul mood and this song always takes my out of my funk ... a timeless classic.
Gavin May
I will be conceived in 200 years, and I love this song. Give me attention
Colm O'Reilly
"But all I found was cigarettes and alcohol" 🎶
Nina Eckhoff
What a hot song. Damn Marc Bolan died way too young - so seductive.
Nicholas Macias
Love the line " your dirty sweet and you're my girl.."
Ikaro Bagano
Guardians of Galaxy 2 should use this song.
Everardo Luna
Smoke A Bong
Flying Dutchman
Andrew Devine
I was looking for some action, but all I found was get it on, bang a gong, get it on.
John Province
this is a great favorite at Korean wedding receptions
Ryan Pearce
What brought me here is my thirst for real music, enough said........
Robert Smith II
Great stuff! Love It! "you're dirty sweet and your my girl!". So cool! And then the Chuck Berry finish, "meanwhile, I'm still thinkin'".!
Bruce Sharpe
Good old T REX brings back memory's
Shadow Films
The Bank Job
Melissa Borges
Anyone else finds Marc Bolan very hot?
Groovy Guru
What really grabs my ass is these simple minded fools who can only compliment a song by insulting other songs
Crow Girl
The British Invasion. Oh Yeah!!!
the king
Classic song 👍👍
This is the shit right here !
Chloe Delores
A flambouyant artist who bought glam rock to the throws...Brilliant..X :)
Marc Bolan is a greater God of Rock.
Terry Burleyson
this dude..........rock star all over...............looks......attitude..........stage presence...................good music..........wild shit.......and hell i lived through this ...............hail, hail, rock n roll
Jonathan Krutsch
All these years and I still can barley pick up on what he's saying... Huh maybe it was all those Van Halen concerts... But who cares, this is still badass.
David Bowater
a legend sadly missed
I just heard this song on a 'Remy Lacroix porn compilation' for the first time. So put simply, I discovered this song on a porn. I love how awesome I am.
David M
Saw them at the Mothers club in Birmingham, England in the 70's. "Deborah" was their best dong.
Christine Ricart
My favorite T Rex song!
I had the privileged of seeing Icehouse first show of 2016 in Newcastle. Of course the question on everyone's lips was "what Bowie song will they cover?". They played this instead.
Najwa Laylah
Meanwhile, I'm still thinking...
Nefyn Rhys
Wishing i Was Marc Bolans Guitar
Ildiko Flori
Josh Beauchamp
good song underrated
Epic early 70s mega hit. What a great piece of work...and great choice for the opening of another epic piece of cinema, one of my favorite movies, The Bank Job!!! EXCELLENT :O)
Danuta Gromowska
I love you T.Rex :) Woooow...yeeesss !
Celtic Lass
Before Simon Cowell took over! (:
sal alvarez
great workout song
I saw T. Rex at the Philadelphia Spectrum in the early 1970's
matt kylie
The legendary Mark bolan!!!
This song has flavor.
jerry collins
got to be on my top 10 most favorite songs
S yarbrough
There's some tunes that you have to believe they came from a higher place; songs that the lyrics fit the music like hand in glove. Where the words are as equal as the music and visa versa. When I think of the ultimate in cool lyrics written to paper, this tune immed comes to mind. "Clad In black don' look back",  "Hub cap diamond star halo" ! Jeeze, c'mon this is so freakin' good, it goes to the stratosphere. You look up Rock n Roll in the dictionary and "Bang a Gong (Get it On) is beside it.  
Toghrul Kuliyev
Its The Classic :)
Al Pavlik
a great upbeat song by an artist takin way too soon, so creative and magnetic.
manuel fernandez
Artista: T. Rex. Canción:Get It On. Fecha de lanzamiento: 1971.
Sharrel Wright
my god Marc Bolan was a beautiful dude
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
classic glam rock track oh yes my mum's favourite band, my mum got me into rock as a small child, mum this one is for you my cool rock chick. love my mum so much, thank you for bringing me up on mega cool music.i love marc bolan huge fan.
If you slow this down you literally have every Oasis solo lmao
God this song is so nostalgic and it's amazing on it's own
knive canoli
Just a great song ! Boogie rocks.
Roberto Besenghi
Sballo ascoltando chi non ascolta !!!!
The Great Ammuraf
"Swofford, if you don't pick it up, I'm gonna shoot you in your foot"
Randy Moore
I figured this song would bring out the best of humanity. I can''t understand what the hell any of you are talking about. What's the drug of choice today? TREX kicked ass. Enough said!!
Daved Forkel
Sexy Marc Bolan lead singer
Samuel Newton
was bought here by the Billy Elliott movie
Great backup vocals by members of The Turtles.
Jarhead brought me here
Comprehensiveboy Comprehensiveboy
Is there anything groovier than this?
Fish Tv
Oasis used this riff ...cigarettes and alcohol
Luke Townsend
this song was in an episode of primeval
Kenneth Garringer
t Rex if you need motivation
Ian Whiteley
Dirty sweet
Clive why not
All time best record ever to hit the music scene
Michel Fantin
Quem procurou música do comercial da Oroch??
Hipster Of War
Get it on...
Flow Retlaw
If you're not too busy GAS !GAS ! GAS ! (Best Movie 😂)
Tomorrow marks 40 yrs since Marc left us. RIP
Erica A
NO NO NO not another band to fall for ;___; but in all seriousness, this is somehting good. I love finding "new" bands that make my heart leap :*)
Payjare Walasin
Give peace a chance
Fiona Panduri
Ildiko Flori
Love you T rex
Matthew Hilgeford
Bang a Gong!!
they did a string of great singles back in the early/mid seventies then sadly their shelf life expired . "Jeepster" had a terrific flip side called "Life's a Gas " . Very pleasing on the eye, too . Mark & Mickey Finn , Bill Legend and ....shit can't think of the bass players name ....please forgive me ....another senior moment ..... answers below please ? ?
Ded Dahl
we miss you Mark
Wow 2 Pizzas
love this song
peter oakes
Tina Nelmes
wot a legend great song ☺😊
Get it on, pack that bong, get it onnnn!
Joe Ward
This man was a legend taken away to young to die would have had a great life in music
The Primeval Site
Featured in Primeval: Series 2 - Episode 3 (just before the Smilodon attack on the railway), which turns 10 years old today!
Robert Shields
Apparently 400 people can't bang a gong and get it on. That's a shame...
Debby Odgers
Marc Bolan was the first pretty boy and he knew it. Scream for me Marc your the best..
driftwood63 could anyone not like this....
Frank Southway
Still one of the best driving songs. Made time go fast and the road smooth!