Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya (live)

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mm i love t.A.T.u. this is my favourite performance of them!

tatu taty t.A.T.u. russia ya tvoya ne pervaya 200 km hr in the wrong lane dangerous and moving lena yulia julia

Андрей Степанов
ебать фанера прёт. Хорошо, что сейчас это уже не в моде
Beate Lonn
They are not actually singing...
Lisandro Montesinos
I think this performance is the most difficult of them! Love them
Mariusz Panek
this is playback
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
a 9 avtoatvet4uk bl9 :D
Robin Llanqui
really nice song!
This performance is amazing 5/50000!! :) Thank you planetdancerkh!
Oh yeah! That song it sooooooo cool =DD Mixing two awesome bands together and getting one of the best songs ever
Yea it is thanks for posting it
yeah it was behind when i got it too =(, but itz okay its still good =)
The audio is alittle behind on my coumputer all in all your right this is a great performance