Stary Olsa - Ai Vis Lo Lop / Smells Like Teen Spirit (2015) LIVE

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YOU can help us record a full album of medieval covers HERE: /> Оpen-air фестываль “КУПАЛЬСКАЕ КОЛА 2015" / Open-air Festival "Kupalskaje Kola 2015" Official website : /> /> /> /> /> />

Stary Olsa (Musical Group) Medieval Music (Musical Genre) Belarus (Country) Nirvana (Musical Group) Music (TV Genre) Smells Like Teen Spirit

Redeye Percussion
It's a totally civilized mosh pit!
Your friend The Wren
You guys should tour with Omnia, Faun, and Corvus Corax!
Revenge Mason
Huge fan here in Columbus Ohio, USA. Favorite beer drinking song is "Litvin". 👍👍
Marcia La Vine
Wonderful! This speaks to me, and probably all of us geeks who get the irony...
This brings out the inner nord in anyone xD
павел махняев
Ellpigy Project
белорусы рулят )))
Just discovered you guys - you have a new fan in Texas !
Vi-king 0936
my gods, so many cute girls there
First Name
Medieval mosh pit ;)
Богдан Шпаковский
Великое Княжество Литовское! Слава!
Pity no lyrics...
Recorded in Novigrad
Branco Mdz
Muy bueno! saludos desde Arg :D
Brian Morris
Love those your band.
Ian Nicoll
Just discovered Stary Olsa today thanks to Facebook ! been watching some of the youtube videos and I love it. one question though: is the new album going to be all Cover Songs , new material or both?
Vi-king 0936
they russian?
Kelly Marie
Croatians appear to know how to party..
Поиск монет и реликвий
Цi будзе фэст на купалле у гэтым годзе?
я вот тут что подумал - главное, чтобы людям весело было и они другим людям жить не мешали а здесь все так и есть!
Sandra Bonney
Jethro Tull Aqualung or Thick as a Brick would suit your style :)
Last Caress
Wooooo! Circle pit!
alfredo vivas
desde mexicooo exelenteeee
Blake jones
Very nice