The Death of... (Marvel NOW 2.0 Avengers Vol 1: Kang War)

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Dixon Uranus
Damien Lee
Do Kang and Cable ever cross paths at all?
Zack Kerber
Avengers vol 1: We wuz Kangs
Big Durk
kang stories are always confusing as hell
Spare time G
Congratulations for 1,000,000 subs Rob!
Miguel Noya Vargas
Is it just me, or does future vision look a bit like ultron? 16:10
Charles R
Falcon can be Captain America, but he cant lead the Avengers. Having a title is one thing. Having the knowledge and experiance to lead the Avengers is another.
If marvel uses branch universe theory how would kidnapping the baby have any affect on the other Kangs? Wouldn't it just create a new universe version of Kang where he was kidnapped? Time travel stories are great, but can get really confusing and have so many plot holes...
Jacob Valentine
Can you cover the the apocalypse twins
Baby Casket
Lateef Lawal
Thanks for all the content.
Magnetar The True Death Star
anyone see that we are at 1 Million?
TheLord 1
The art in this book is amazing
DeathWatch 1212
Kang is one of the best and most compelling marvel villains. Side note: I'm not familiar with the comic book version. I'm just basing myself on what I saw from him in AEMH.
Did we used to get more then one video a day or am I just spoiled?
Neo Franklin2
are you going to be covering the Secret Empire??
Tf? I'm so confused that I lost some brain cells... 🤔😂
Aaron Wilder
confusing, but simple kinda...... I guess
Joao Carvalho
7:13 Spiderman def listens to Take Care whilst crying bout Mary Jane I swear
LockedOnTarget Show
What i took out it: Marvel yet again effectively kills off one of their key villains. Kingpin is on the straight and narrow, Doom is iron man for gosh sakes, etc. I guess they still have Maestro and Ultron, but the high profile villains are few and far between in marvel recently. Seriously. But, I did enjoy this story when I could make sense of it. It was just strange that it took so much explaining to say 'yup, Kang's a baby".
8:00 That mouth is the best thing coming out of DC Rebirth right now.
I would say Kang is as annoying as Reverse Flash(I love them both). No matter how many times you kill him, there is still more versions of him out there. Which make him basically not defeatable.
Dan Etwas
Love the artwork in this series.
Kafele Sinns
Is it weird that I'm not confused and have a decent understand of what happened? Or what was Explained? ._. I don't wanna think I'm the only one lol
Alto Clef
How can time take time to change? That doesn't make any sense at all.
What'd U Expect
Psyduck is the best thing coming out of DC rebirth
Abhijeet Choudhary
kang is marvel version of braniac!😂😂😂
Any chance you can do a video of "Kang Dynasty" also?
Lyudmil Tsekov
Who was the "Good" version that saved the Avengers? It it the one that was displaced from his original version? And something that I think that Marvel goofed here - They could host a mini "Flash paradox" universe.
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I feel like this story could've been made a lot simpler if either Vision wasn't as foolish as he was and made the decision to kidnap Kang, or if this story led into another story of how Vision would incidentally be the one responsible for making Kang the Conquerer to be the way he was in this story (or all stories for that matter). I would feel so much better about that because a story that comes full circle is better than one that goes in everywhere and no where all at once.
Nicola Migliaccio
ComicsExplained is the best thing coming out of DC rebirth right now
It's is so confusing
James Bunt
Kang started it by reprogramming the Vision into betraying the Avengers (in Waid's first arch), which is why he was so pissed (for an Android) to go back and get rid of the baby Kang.
Sebastien-Loik Ntsangou-Kanda
Guys, this is Kang Prime, the living embodiment of all his paradoxes and alternate timeline versions. If you change his past(s) in a major way, in the far flung future, he will split into his alternate/paradoxical counterparts in a certain amount of time. Got it? That's just a theory! ...a COMIC THEORY!!! #RobCorp
Samuel Sanders II
That was really deep and extreme but so cool!!
WE WUZ/IZ/WILL BE KANGS V.S hank Pym ex machina
Mr. Big Evil
Can you do some videos on Judge Dredd??
OMG baby Kang is going to become an Avenger!!!😲
Adam Nieder
We Wuz...
Media Addict
Kang can be one of those cool yet frustrating characters and honestly after reading so many Kang related comics I'm hoping Kang just goes away. I'm seriously done with Kang and hope this is actually it for Kang. Somehow though I know Kang will be back to bore, frustrate, excite and piss us off one more time.
Damon Nestell
i have a question? so if marvel uses branch time theory then if they ever resort to using time travel to kill a character that character doesnt actually die they split to another timeline. SO what if they try to kill a multiversal threat with time travel? Say Matthew Malloy, Marvel killed him off by making his parents never get together and poop him out. So if he is a multiversal threat (i think they were going there) then he would be able to reappear at some point? OR why didnt he just realize what the X-Men did and come back and blink them out of existence. i guess thats comic logic????
j the conquerors
Andrew Mince
So the kids timestream is going to collapse into iron lad's timestream?
Richard D
timeline is not the same as a universe.. its close ... so im puzzled
mick romney
Rob did not mean, to blow your mind! But that shit happens to him, all the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!!
this was an awesome evolution of kang and to bring him into marvel legacy a new future for him, different than his convoluted past (alternate future) selves...
does the theory about Stan Lee being kang in the mcu hold any water ?
Sebastian Porter
This was a wicked video, TeamRob; thanks for making it. I am definitely picking up this volume. Mark Waid writing Kang sounds amazing even before watching this video.
Aussie Viking II
BEN Tsay
Spider-Man memes are the best thing coming out of dc rebirth right now and till the end of time
Human Flavored Chicken Nuggets
Why does Kang have his head in a pickle jar?
3.14 Dragon
If this channel ever ides, I will hunt down Rob and start paying him copious amounts of money to keep putting out videos.
Anime Games Wrastling
Seems a awful lot like avengers forever imo
Von Faulks
System overload.....?
Young Scrub
Fancy Motherfucker
Bugs vs Deadpool ( I'm not dead, don't worry )
only thing that could be better is a how to unalive kang XD
Doc Spock
Those positive wonder woman reviews are the best thing coming out of dc rebirth
Clinton Leonard
The art for this was so delicious.
Don't let this news distract you from the fact that Lightning McQueen blew a 2 lap lead in the Piston Cup
Tevya Smolka
I am tired of marvel time travel its way too confusing and convoluted
Rob The Dude
Can you start covering IWD Tmnt comics?
I dislik Kang
Lake Cooper
Nice always...
EggMan Universe
Hey what if not saying they didn't already so what if Marvel made a movie 60s or 70s style trippy and some what confusing would it be Avatar or The Mr. Beans series or even Mission Impossible!?! Kang The Conquer: Out of time!!
Essence Unlimited
You are so right. The way this is written is complicated. You’re giving us the simplified version of this story and I’m still confused 🤷🏾‍♂️👎💁🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♀️. Idk how this even served a purpose or stopped future bad events. I.e Kang the conqueror .Did they even stopped these events from really happening. Essentially they remove Kang’s resource system and other future Kang’s. Now only the original baby Kang remains. What does that do though? They aren’t permanently preventing a future evil twin. Maybe if the did it like baby apocalypse and shape him to be a good guy, then game won. For all intense and purposes they are chasing their tails. Therefore Baby Kang can still do everything the same and it’ll just be an infinite cycle. Baby Kang builds up his forces and resources and has multiple of himself. Avengers remove these resources and the other Kangs. Kang then builds them back up. Rinse and repeat. Put it like this. They want the dvd to stop running, Right? Instead of unplugging it or pressing stop, which is a permanent fix. They just press pause. So it’s still possible the dvd could play again. So is anything really different at all. It’s not like the baby Kang will be a upstanding citizen and not be evil & do everything exactly the same again. If they don’t change the path he’s already set on then everything stays the same. It’s not even a 50/50 chance. If they don’t do anything to stop Kang from becoming his future self he will always be that evil Kang. T that’s his destiny, future whatever you want to call it. Factually it’s the way the timeline will go. It’s also the butterfly 🦋 effect. No matter what you do the end result won’t change. So whatever Little changes they do what changes they do here and there will won’t change the end result. It’s set. Maybe it Would be different if they changed the point in time where Kang becomes evil.That would make a whole new unknown timeline. Let’s not dive into tht because still on another time line there is an event Kang. But on theirs there isn’t. They would just have to Undo whatever made him want to rule the world 🌍 or whatever Kang does. That would actually be doing something. Yeah that was kinda long. Lol kinda. It was extremely hella long. Lol haha
Wow. I think this is a pretty interesting, clever, and exciting "solution" to a lot of time travel arc problems.
Eric Frazier
Wow, and I thought the branch universe theory was an idea that I came up with! 😶
Jordan Snyder
A version of vision from the future? But, isnt vision already from the future?
Hunter Schroeder
These writers make everything so damn difficult
BEN Tsay
the way i like to explain grandfather paradx is things like futrama
Omfg Master Explorer
The fact that kang is now only a baby opens a lot of possibilities for the characters future. I wonder what marvel will do with it ;D.
Meh. This all sounds pretty awful. Kurt Busiek's Avengers Forever and the Kang Dynasty Saga were amazing though.
J. Allan
Nice psyduck
TheOther Dude
8:01 Yo, wtf happened to Thors mouth? Lmao
Okay, so why does everyone think that travelling back in time and murdering your parents is a bad idea because you'd be deleted from existence? You're not bound by time, and object out of it's "time" will not and cannot be influenced by events prior to that moment. You're just a bunch of particles flying around each other. Sure, time progresses your particles, but as long as you don't jump into a reality where particles move upsidunwarsleftsk, you're probably not gonna fuck yourself over. And i say probably because there's no way to prove it, since keeping a time-sear open long enough for you to move through it would require the energy the sun emitted in about the last year and a half, and the energy to make sure the compression rings don't turn into a black hole that... well, i don't really have to explain why that'd be a bad thing, now do i? -_- Look, time travel is really hard, really dangerous, and really fucked seeing as you can literally fuck your own great grandmother anally while she's being held down by cultists Egyptian guards you've convinced that you're Seth, but it won't kill you as long as you do it right. And "it" does not refer to your great grandmother's lubed up asshole. Not that we'd ever find out whether this is true, because time travel hasn't been done yet. Let that sink in for a minute.
Soji Adeleke
Seeing this made me want to see you cover young avengers stories and the runaways stories
Dude, im so tired of hearing people explain the grandfather paradox omgggggg ive heard it a kabillion times
Inb4 Kang becomes a good guy...
Chris Hamlett
I don't understand what was confusing. There's a lot to the story but it isn't really confusing.
SkiMask Saxton
i lost my mind for the tenacious d clip
Hoist In Hollywood• VEVO
wasint young avengers ironman going to become kang
don't like the art(
Metal sonicX
6:10 His name starts with I Then m then o then
then what happened to iron lad
Johnathon WILLIAMS
is Ironlad dead?
charles breeding
sorry didn't finish the vid before I commented   sorry
charles breeding
I thought Kang was Doom?
no worries man. you made this pretty simple. i got it pretty easy. well done sir. thanks for the explaination.
Great job explaining the types of time in Marvel. It makes a little more sense to me now. Kang is an awesome Avengers villain but the stories can be a bit confusing.
Luis Damian2832
Great job I got it keep it up bro
Gerald Snowman
Finally something about My boy kang
Naheem Quattlebaum
"I hate time travel" - Every Marvel Character
is it just me, or does it seem a lot like Season one of Legends of Tomorrow?
How does Branch Universe Theory work in conjunction with the Multiverse? Does each universe have a potential to have their own unique branch timeline? Do they potentially cross over?