Kyaras Birth - Season 3 - Mia and me

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Heather SummerFeather
yay! a new baby!
Why is gargonas voice so much like a 14 year old
Natalie Mair
These actors have absolutely no emotion whatsoever! Seriously guys, put some feeling into your acting and make your characters a little more believable, Season 2 did a really good job with that and Panthea's actress did a good job with that!
xXapril Princess
They made lyrias eyes creepy Any way i hope they put season 3 on netflix im quite impatient
pink glitter
I hate Lyria 's new design. Her eyes look creepy.
Nicole Jedlicki
I thought just roseabell left because she had school in England? I really hope everyone else sounds the same
The jones Twins
when is season 3 coming out on Netflix
Stephen Doloriel
she's a alicorn
Monique Gutierrez
I hate how they change all the voice actors i would be fine if they only changed mia's voice and also i hate how they made lryia (sorry i spelled it wrong) eyes creepy
xXapril Princess
The characters changed?!. Cause of their voices i already know mias actir changed but the others change (they gone to puberty as in they grown)
Is it just me or is the voice acting horrible this season?
LPS MiKy 12
Paula Not-Natural
It was way better when Onchau was born, Kyara just seems like a forced Character, she's just another OP Alicorn..... One was cool but TWO ARE TOP MUCH
Alicat the Fangirl
Gargona too???? This is gonna be a weird season
xmaxiex Braungart
why have Liria Red eyes
baby is sou kjyt 😇
Karolína Kateřina Kučerová
baby is cute
Whosshe1225 ROBLOX Hope Theatre
I like the old people that used to play these characters, I don't like season 3
Victoria bourque
Karoline Macdaughter
Lovelace shadow heart
can't tell the stallions from the mares
Ash Fur 0.0
Why the hell are lyrias eyes red😡
صائد الغيلان
لكل محبي هذا المسلسل الكرتوني اريد انيشتركو بقناتي وان سانزل برنامج ميا وانا
Violte Nyxtal
cool alicorn
XD AWWWW so cute!!!
nisha hartley
Хояин Руслана
зделайте на рускам
Mustafa Gol
unicorn kitty kitty Pugh
I love Mia and me
LPS Anjella and Sirena
переведите с этого языка на русский прошу вас
I love that they gave onchao a litle sister, its so cute. But I would prefer her to born with other powers, cause every special unicorn has different powers. Tho I dont like onchao having the elementary unicorn powers
Gargona's new voice 😖
Madicorn Gaming
What happend to the yuko and mo's voices I know what happend to Mia's but what happend to the, And what happend to gargona's voice it's like all the cast changed I miss the old actors I will adjust but I need answers
Signer John
Boy Onchao got big.
Gina B.
The voices are so dull ugh 😦 Why do they keep changing the voice acting? The voices from season 1 were much better and actually had some feeling to it. It's like they're just picking random people outta nowhere
ofsi the princess
Kyara is so cute
Lady Moonlight
Kyara is so beautiful like the stars above.
Keidens sparkle
whats yo mas se poco inglés😨😨😧😥
Karen Kate Dayan Dayan
how awesome is the newborn sister of onchoa!
Nang ra Layang
hey are they on netflix??
And onchao grew up omg I wanna cry 😂😂😭😭
Pinguin Lover
Mia Uko and Mo sound diffrent
kiara castillo
The spelling of Kyara is Kiara I know the right spelling because my name is Kiara
Kyara is so adorable I just wanna squeeze her. out of all of the unicorns she's the most beautiful one out of all of them!
Scoobyhogger AJ
EEEEEEPPP I cant wait!!!!
Sabira Azizi
Kyara is so beautiful and cute.
Genç Fikirler
Where is King Ono
Rita Revina
rose the nightfury
omggggg thenx for upload this
The kid I baby sat for loved this show
Shiny. Sonic
why was this in my feed
Lavender Ghosting
Toooo much cringe
Yanderu Fox
Em V
The voices bother me
D'Andre Sterling
The water unicorn farted lol
A winged unicorn XD AKA A ALICORN!!!
Craticoul :3
I'm really not liking the voices...
snow dragon133
omg mo sounds very hot idk why tho...
Sassy Duck
I hate that they changed all the voice actors, it's so cringey
Ruby Rey
kyara is so cute! awwwwwwww
Shiraz Keidar
Is the father of onchaos and kiara is an alicorn too? Because if not, how they are alicorns?
Noel Otoshiro
good mia and me 👌👍
Lila Charlotte
Ew the new voices ewwwwwww
Unicorns and mermaids 4 ever 123
😭 what happened to this series
Unicorns and mermaids 4 ever 123
Laurie Ramos
love that baby yeah ☺😊😀😁😃😄😶😍😗😙😘😚👄💋❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💘💗💝💞💟✌👌👍👐👏👋
Dilaver Şafak
miley kohl
Lilliann Brown
Geez lo weeze, they changed all of the voice actors.
Eva McInerney
So you never tire of seeing birth
Remondrichy Pranavy
Edgy Eggplant
Woah Man I Wish I Had Automaticly Styled HAir When I Was Born.....All I Got Was Blood All Over Me And A Rope In My Belly Button...XD
Arryanna and Allen
I love Kyara
vinatoru florentina
The Jasmine Moore Channel
I missed all of season 2. Well, I know what I'm doing this summer.
S.G gaming
wow didn't know it only took 10 seconds for a horse to have a baby
Melany Rodriguez
Mary Rathe
How can she give birth that guickly
Oncho is so beautiful and adult
Wah, I loved Mia and me years ago. Sorry but now I dislike it. Btw lyria (Idk how to write it) is scaring me. :(
Madicorn Gaming
When they changed there voices and I didn't know it I just knew there was something odd about the voices
Madicorn Gaming
Omg i just found out it's not on Netflix yet
Madicorn Gaming
I have to adjust to the new cast now why did they change mo and yukos voice too?
Madicorn Gaming
I hate lyrias new design
Cami Aceves
Wow ¿cuándo sacan la temporada tres.
Madicorn Gaming
It's still not the same without Rosebell But I will adjust
Eğlence bizim işimiz
Sadece ben miyim acaba türk
Alex The Puppy Lover
Awwwww so cute!😍😍😍
Peter Kazakov
yay a new baby girl
Cubbi Gaming
i have wacthed this in so long ;-;
Eve Lakey
Unicorn children didn't see that coming,!!!😂😂😂
Jasmine Fantasy
Rene' Francine Briones
I like the graphics before and i like the voices before too i hope they bring back the old mia and me
анна кошка
Keidens sparkle
new baby no se que dice pero puede una hablar español😮😮😮😱😱
Asumu El
I love mia and me
арина николаева