Spartacus I Have Done a Terrible Thing

Spartacus Gods of The Arena Soundtrack Spartacus Gods of The Arena s01e02 - Missio End Music

Spartacus Gods of The Arena Missio End Song Soundtrack

Yunus Yuksel
Bunu dinleyen türk kardeşlerim vardır :)
Socket Rocket
''We do what we must in this house.''
Mary Barr
Best song from the series, and that's saying something...
Freud Mayweather
I can't believe this was never released officially.
kuzgun karga
gannicus was and always will be the real, true champion..
zeytin gz
rip gannicus my man
Ömer Topyıldız
Diziyi güncel olarak hissedenler gerçekten yaşlı hissediyorlar artık eminim :D
Asdf 12403
Insula iubirii ❤️
Tiziana Russo
Gannicus forever!!!! ❤️
ilker yetik
R.İ.P andy anda paul 
Can Dstrc
Crixus <3
kelimeler kifayetsiz..
part instrument 1:49 is called Armenian Duduk a very impressive instrument
Hakan Özsoy
Muazzam be kardeşim
doss dotis
R.i.p Varro!
this was the painful music right after Spartacus was forced into killing Varo, returned to his cell and exploded with anguish
elvin alizadeh
1:49 instrument s Azerbaijaninan folk music instrumment called Balaban
jesse ouellet
hotel california!!!!!this is an interpolation
Hey I’m Mysterious Man
“If one mans life has no worth , then no of ours do.” - Spartacus
Cristina S
Love this song ❤❤❤ Makes me imagine a love story,very passionate but yet dramatic...
Rama Saliz
is the best SPARTACUS (y)
Sinema Evreni
Çok fena duygulandım be. Efsane bir dizi yeminle.
Yiğit Gül
a FREE man......
Allen Strawbridge
Gannicus! This episode was heart breaking!!!! So many emotions.
hail gannicus,the real god of the arena
Pranav Ahluwalia
The music in the entire series was just so perfect. Joseph LoDuca is so talented it blows me away every time.
Özgür Ruhlu Adam
i am died a free man.
fernando verdu
Increíble melodía!!
currently watching all episodes again and jus wtatched Missio lastnight... damn this music is amazing. glad its on here :) thanks for uploading.
Salvat T.
Gannicuuuus! Remember
Emre Ozkan
Diogo Campos
@Sumtimreh I was wondering the same thing, since I have downloaded from youtube the complete soundtrack...
Lindsey Vasconcellos
Essa música é linda de mais ♥♥♥
saïda Beghoul
bonjour j aime beaucoup cette série qui ma soutenue même si il y a de la violence et su sex je suis française d'origine algérienne je vie  en alsace en France je suis toujours toucher par des personnages écorcher vif parce que la vie en France et de plus en plus difficile merci
Try not to cry. Cry a lot.
spartan lyf
listen to this while running
Joseline Alejandra Baena Garay
Este tema suena cuando Lucretia, Batiatus y Gaia hacen un trio!! xD
Camille Trabal
The sound of arene... one song one year thé thing.. thé past... ready for thé Fight
Orhan Cabarov
I'm crying
Aper Galstyan
Armenian duduk fits this TV show so much,everytime I hear the sound of duduk in The TV show I feel something inexplicable
"We do what we must in this house" goosebumps even after all this time
aydın eymen Çağlayan
unutamıyorum la diziyi
I swear this song should be played in a future movie. Perhaps, in a battle of some sort.
〖ĐᒪC〗ᒪᗩЯƵ khera
Get Netflix and watch Spartacus as many times as you want *not sponsored *
Shahin Nomani
Thanks I was lookin' for this 🤘
My fav characters in spartacus are: spartacus, Crixus, Naevia, Agron, nasir, oenomaus (Doctore). And the other thousands in spartacuses army. Also i hate these guys: Glaber, Marcus Crassus, gaius julius caesar, Tiberius, Ilythia, Solonius and the spartacuses dominus. Hottest women in spartacus: Ilythia, Lucretia, Saxa, Naevia.
Omg so awesome! Also i love spartacus bcuz hes a badass. He wants to destroy the whole mighty rome bcuz his wife got killed. Btw Thanks to him who made this. I love this song.
Batınsu Ayaz
That's the best song of the whole series and its not even an official song...
Spartacus i think gods will that u should free the slaves in rome
I want to copy the perfection of these 2 minutes and make it last forever. This song is magic plain and simple.
Am I the only one who hears in it song from movie 28 days later - In the house in the heartbeat?
BiBo One
this one makes me watch all the series once again !
azucena ventura hurtado
uno de los mejores instrumentales, de la serie, ta buenísima... <3 <3 <3
Alex Riven
Jesus those feelings..
Kenshin Rz
What is the name of this song pleaaase i doesn't find ?? 😭😭
I dont use this account anymore
Billinmeyen Bilgiler
Raimundo Almas
o melhor!
Abdullah Karasu
A Romero
best comment here underneath mine.........
Connor Owens
1.25 speed really changes the whole mood of the piece
Thanks so much for this. I was wondering, because it isn't on the soundtrack, is this taken directly from the ep or does it exist as a separate piece?
14 people want to get cockslapped by Jupiter.
Soul Melody
No, she didn't like it at first and she was really hurting for having the guilt of betraying her husband but she had no choice. But Gannicus kept on following her, Melitta was weak. She fall for him.
Soul Melody
Doctore: "I have done terrible thing." Melitta: "We do what we must in this house." :'(
walter bishop
you have know idea what kind of keywords i is used to find this soundtrack...gaia lucrecia doumino threesome! Thanks for uploading.
Emirhan Akcan
14 dislike Ashur & Friends
Kürşat Temizer
İnciden gelenler şukulasın panpalar
Renee Cerrillo
Jaime Murray<3
Prateek Luther
14 people will face theocles in the arena....
I feel bad for Ashur. He didn't deserve to die the way he did. RIP Beautiful angel.
I loved his last smile.
One of the greatest series i've ever seen, big respecti for gannicus and his forever lasting legacy
Knivens Beast
He died for a great case, he was a man with honour
Ian R.L.
sucks for Gannicus. He was the only free man fighting for the slaves & got one of the worst deaths out of them all.
12 people have done a terrible thing
gabrosh sainz
Cristian SbArt
melittaa breeaath :'(
Here's to a great series which I will sorely miss. Congratulations to everyone who made Spartacus get as far as it did and that even made it possible, know that I will remember the show for as long as I live. Thank You
this soundtrack deserves to be at the ending of war of the damned !!!
-I have done a terrible thing -We do what we must in this house...
Best song I've heard so far from the series. Love it. Gaia + Lucretia didn't hurt it any either ;D
beginning is amazing...
This song was composed by Joseph Loduca
lmfao that is so true lol
Mehmet Baklacı
because when this song was playing there were threeway situation..
im sorry but whenever i hear this song i automatically think of batiatus, lucretia and gaia having a threesome. lol idk why but probably bc gaia is my fav character next to lucretia
Mylifeis funny
11 thought they did a good thing :(
marty mart
beautiful reminds me when after Spartacus killed Varrow-
Rafael Lopez de la Cruz
but reminds me more of Batiatus, Lucretia and Gaia
Pedro Alves Costa
who make this song??????
Top Nightmares
Gannicus was one of the greatest gladiators ever!!!! along side with Crixus and Spartacus they all putted roman empire up side down!!! long live the heroes against opretion!!!!
Soul Melody
Glory to Capua ! Glory to Rome !
Scott Williams
One does not simply... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
Barak C
not ,wtf...