T.Rex - I Love to Boogie

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roger owen
67 years old when I love to bogey plays got to dance
Mary Hutchings
WOW - listen again and again!!!!!
Mark Hamilton
Classic tune true British class
Denise Burger
Wow good old song gets your feet tapping
Oscar Marchini
Jan Richards
Absolutely love this song,,,, reminds me of my teenage years.. sadly missed. Gone too soon, records still adored.
Julie Miosge
We love to boogie on Saturday night. Lol
Frank Parker
Remembering Marc Bolan: 30/09/1947 - 16/09/1977. R.I.P.
Pamela Phillipson
What a song, Fab oh and Mark Bolam x
bartolome salva jose
Buena cancion mejot mR mejor. Marc. Bolan ezpetC Que maraollosa. Csn kom
One of them songs that everybody can dance to
Steven Ward
Loved him when I was a very young school boy very confusing but love him now for his music God bless Marc
Tony Haynes
A musical genius who left a massive hole in the music world when he died far too early.
robert catterall
Wow i.m 63 now But I would love to Boogy ... British class at its Best ,
Ruby Crimson
this is amazing
Anthony Blanchard
Was about 16when this came out love it
Lash Bonnett
Makes. Ya. Wanna. Get. Up. N. Dance. Great.
Carl Buckley-Poland
It's almost depprsing but yesterday was OK (I never thought I'd say that
Postcards Of Life
Great upload, should have millions of views. Thanks my friend.
Paul Zeus
YEAH! I love to boogie
jane oughton
any one for a bop ? what a great piece of recording ...this guy was electric .xx
Dave Truman
Inspirational!!! Just ask Billy Elliot...
Julie Miosge
Makes you want to get up and boogie
shite hawk
Billy dancing round the little t**t.
Almost Nearly
Saw T Rextasy live what can I say absolutely fantastic if you like t rex and get a chance to see them do not miss it .
philip 187
still got to 7'' single to this and his tape of his greatest hits
I love this Alien
Marianne Nielsen
Synes om den 💖
Tracy Buckley
Love this
Аркадий Грибин
StarDust Dreemurr
After all these years I've finally found my old favourite song
Harry Cooke
Hold on got to ply this on vinyl 😄
René Arqe T
jeg elsker den sang .........kan høre den døgnet rundt
John Devlin
On The Sainsbury's Nightshift,We Used Joke About A Workmate Called Bobby,We Used to Sing Boaby Loves The Boaby,On A Saturday Night,LOL.
trevor Fyfe
only karen. TREVOR FYFE loved you best all time. SPECIAL.
Bill Wellington
Just imagine if he was alive now..........what music we would have.
bob lamb
Put this on loud....and try and keep still 😎
Bob Marley
Billy Elliot brought me here
Dawie Lucas
O my soul
Allan Cave
Brit pop at it's best
Teddy Stream
Not a bad cover but I still prefer the 1950's Contry version.
Bob Knight
What a weeding venue dance record
John Albutt
Just great nobby
Tim Heathfield
What a song we'll never hear anything like this again how sad!
Marcel Thierens
J adore
สมุน โสภา
marion le panda extraordinaire
j'adore je la chante tout le temps !😁
J.Brendan O'Reilly
I find "I love to boogie" excellent to exercise to.
Total Rip off of Webb Pierces Teenage Boogie !
Michael Rose
One of the best solo's, in all of rock n roll ever.
Robert Lynn
Doreen Fawcett
Barbara Stannard
Josef Rubitschun