How Different Animals See The World

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Humans see the world differently to most animals. Let's find out exactly how the animals of earth view the world! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] How dogs see the world - We humans have three different kinds of color detecting cells in our eyes, called cones, whereas dogs only have two. Geckos - Human cone cells need pretty bright light in order to function well, which is why we can’t see colors that well when it’s dark. Giant Clams - Giant Clams, it turns out, not only have eyes, but have a few hundred eyes about the size of pinholes all along the edge of their bodies. Jumping Spiders - Mantis shrimp - You’ve probably heard of the Mantis shrimp because of their famous aquarium glass shattering punching capability. Bees - If you’ve seen the Bee Movie, you already know that bees are important. Cats - Flies - Flies can see limited colors, but they have a very broad field of vision, and see in a sort of mosaic effect. Snakes - Some animals, like snakes, don’t see color at all. Cows - Cows seem like pretty boring animals, so you’d expect them to pretty much see the way we do. Birds - Vision is particularly important for birds, since you don’t want to hit something while you’re fifty feet in the air. Horses How Frogs see the world. Frogs are near-sighted, therefore they can't see at distances that well. Chameleons - Like birds, chameleons can see all the colors we do, plus ultraviolet light, which we can't see. Starfish - For a long time, scientists wondered if starfish could even see at all. It was known that they have one eye on the end of each arm, but it wasn’t clear if they could actually see images out of them or not. Recently, however, scientists have discovered that starfish can indeed see very basic images – about two hundred pixels. I guess some vision is better than no vision. What would a starfish need super jacked up eyes for anyway? Cuttlefish - The adorably named cuttlefish has blurrier vision than we do, and are completely colorblind. Butterflies - Butterflies see with red, green, blue, UV, and the wideband light from red to purple. Garden Snails - A snail’s eyes are located at the the tip of their two smallest tentacles. Rabbits - Turtles - While it is commonly believed that turtles are colorblind, in reality, they are better at seeing color than we are.

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Infinite Curiosity
Videos like this made us question our reality and existence. How we see the world, is it how it really is? We need more videos like this Be Amazed, this is actually amazing, i make creepy videos if it interests anyone, ciao ;)
Tofu Kingpin
Takes LSD Wheeee I'm a cuttlefish
What if there are colors that haven’t been discovered yet because us humans eyes are color limited to certain colors.
Knight Razgriz
So flies have awoken ultra instinct. That explains it.
3:56 Humans can only see 65 pictures per second? What kind of bullshit is that? I question the credibility of the other info in this video if this is one is obviously not true as well.
What about flat earthers??
11:53 that snails actually had parasites in its eyes
mairaj siddiqui
How many eyes were sacrificed to make this video :(
mairaj siddiqui
650+ Blind people disliked the video :)
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Which animal should I want to be? Turtle because I want to see that extra colour!
How to kill a fly: 1. wait till the fly lands on a flat surface. 2. move whatever you are trying to kill the fly with slowly towards the fly. 3. when you are about 1 dm away from the fly, smash it as fast as you can. Note: This will not result in success 100% percent of the time.
No living creature has a constant framerate of vision. The brain sorts out unnecessary information to make the input less tiring. Some humans can see up to 520 fps at max while some can only see up to 200.
T Est
A cuttlefish can not be colorblind, also the snail video is of a snail infected with a ”brain controlloing” parasite which also causes pulsating antennas. A cuttlefish can imitate almost any color backgroud and change it’s shape to mimic the structures of the surroundings. To imitate the colors of the surrounding it needs to be able to detect the colors of its surrounding. So bs on it being colorblind
Diego Moreno
8:16 so thats the frog they used in jurassic park so when you stay still the trex doesnt see you😂😂
DJ Tile Turnip
Actually I think that all of the visions that you showed us are worse that our own vision
Irate Frogger
We can find out what colors a shrimp can see but we don’t have a cure for cancer... yea okay
Ali Eren Mazıcı
How can kd see like humans.
Mobile 2.0
Now we know cows are related to the hyuga clan
Aidan Free
There is no way you can put an image of what a mantis shrimp’s vision may look like. Like you said they have almost 6 times as many cones as us which means they can detect colors that we will never see
Parikshit Deore
11:57 Wabbits!!!!
Anyone heard about the sight of mantis shrimps? They literally have 16 cones and humans only have three! I'm jelly and amazed!
Fanis Alefragis
We don't see in FPS and we also don't see in pixels. I have no idea why people believe this. It may be because we are so used to talking about FPS and pixels when buying electronics, but organisms do not use these measurements. Everything else about the video though, great job!
Juba Yuva
OK. I got it, but the question is: do we see things the way the are in reality or not? I understand we can't see uv color and we can't zoom like most birds, is it safe to say we humans can see better than most animals?
When you said number 15, my brain was ready to hear "burger king foot lettuce"
I want the turtles vision, it looks bright and fun
the art of manga
"Cows" *Brendon urie nods
Loralyn F.
When I was little I saw them all the time. I'm not crazy either. Satanic ritual abuse.
so that means my eyes are looking at a bunch of other eyes, right?
eMTy doctrine
Dude, warn us before you transition over to the spider.
tammy d.
'Other animals', it should be. Humans are animals too. The specist statements here are a bit disconcerting. Smashing spiders with a newspaper? Nice. Way to help people see the world differently.... Lots of questionable claims. Cats do not see better in the dark. Where did you all find that report?
Ali Eren Mazıcı
Köpekler gerçek fenerli
Maximilian John
0:51 Dog 1:20 Gecko 2:39 jumping spider 3:21 mantis shrimp 3:31 Bees sorry cbf soing the rest
Can I picture a color in my head?
Which food can I eat to make my eye very healthy
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The thumbnail sams a meme i dont know why
The mantis shrimp is so awesome
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Huge spiders my friend would kill them for me.
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So its true BIRDS ARE ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!
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I want gecko eyes :)
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Turtles ya and camalions of course
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Thanks for info I'm feature biologist
The Canine Nutritionist
Humans ARE animals...
The Analog Circle Podcast.
This was absolutely fantastic. Very fascinating.
If you hit pause, then 7:29 the video turns into a mirror to see yourself watching.
Emil Holt
the turtles
Donald Kronos
Humans ARE animals! Saying "humans have a lot of advantages over animals" is like saying "humans have a lot of advantages over vertebrates" or saying "humans have a lot of advantages over mammals" or saying "humans have a lot of advantages over primates" or saying "humans have a lot of advantages over apes" or for that matter, it's pretty much like saying "modern humans have a lot of advantages over humans"!
0:05 most of US are smarter than animal, well I would like to see the person who animal are more smarter than
françois choffel
it misses an analysis: how does my wife see me ???
Ayasuki Kimashimi
Are you sick? You sound sick..
Lana Ali
So what is the real color of a leave
I'm blind
Prathmesh Chhabra
I still prefer human eye
ultra violent light? i wonder what violence that light makes?
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The cuttle fish be high What they be smoking seaweee😂
Mighty XavierTheStar
Diego Moreno
How they know how those animals see??
Why would I even try to sneak up to a cow?
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Nice job
Agnieszka Kapelewska
Does bunnies sees the world same as Guinea pigs and hamsters?
8:25 lel monocle frog :D
5:47 Is that Brendon Urie?! I honestly can't tell but if it isn't it really look like him. I NEED ANSWERS
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Humans *are* animals...
I like how this channel actually includes the thumbnail and isn’t all clickbaity like other channels of the same nature. It’s actually really good. They also read the comments and don’t throw about 50 ads into the video!
*and how do they know that those animal see like that? They dont. its all made up like the bible.*
Crystal 1021
How do u know all this🤔🤔🤔 Cool and I'm amazed watching this kind of vids😍😍
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I like to have the advantage the Mantis Shrimp has. It would come in handy greatly when painting on canvases. 👌👨‍🎨🎨🖼
550TH DISLIKE!!!!!
Cloudy Chloexox
Jumping spiders may be annoying but they can be extremely cute just like Lucas the spider
Ria Olav
We actually can’t see like a mantis shrimp because they see more colors then us and the colors we can see they are bad at seeing
Hazem Zozo
Well did you know that some animals have languages such like ants and wolves ... Anyway I'm not trying to be a smartass and I love your channel
Parade The Gospel Ministries
Praise God for giving us every good thing we have about us like our eyes.
Nick Luke
I think that starfish sees the world as we see in minecraft but in very low graphics
So dogs technically see in old technicolor.
hoang son nguyen
I want to be a bird not only have it's eyes but to fly also
Thumbnail is 1Me before Drugs 2Me After Drugs
This is totally mind blowing. Is our world even real. Is what we see is even there. that extra color on turtle might make world that we know is extremely different from what we know...
Puchi Screams
How do you do that?? There is a camera in their eyes? 😂😂
7:05 that was a gif from ultimate bird simulator how did you get it lil
Connor Sullivan
Snakes were inspiration for predator confirmed
thats not how mantis shrimp see. its true that instead of 3 they can see 16 color wave lengths, but the extra 13 contain colors humans can not see or imagine. they also have trinocular vision, making it impossible for the human to draw what their vision looks like
0riginal _Panda_Child
I hate this new narrator's voice. It sounds like he's about to blow his nose every other word
Bob Ross
Turtles see beautifully. Imagine seeing that bright and just plain and simple enjoying colours
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If only flies were not trolls... 🛸
mr blob
snaks are like predetors from the film's
fortnite Ya
Wow learned alot from this video
Indica Blue
I don't feel my vision is inferior. I feel blessed to have 20/20 vision & have a great range of colours I can see. My vision as a human is more than good enough for what I need although I'd love to see in the dark.
Did you just call cows "guys"?
TAXI art
very fake infovrmation abut vition
McAllister Pulswaithe
This is a bunch of hokum. At 4:19 they show how a cat sees - fuzzy, blurry, no colors. My cat can clearly see a crow sitting on top of a building 150 ft. away. The crow is not moving, but she sits there and meows at it. She can also see a housefly on the wall 15 feet away. The fly is not moving. She can see things I can't see. Don't believe them when they show you what an animal sees. They really have no idea. Flies don't see "in a mosaic effect." Their compound eyes combine the visual input into a single image in their brain.
JMB Gameplay
if cows dont see red then why are they angry when they see one?
yan k
thanks for sharing BE AMAZED
알 리 나 #OPPA Oppa
God is real...
Jose Silva
I really want to know about the Snow Leopards vision.
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i have glasses so no \
3:33 that's why when the bees is chasing me I hard to escape cause they can see better than humans in some cases