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A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him... ► Click to Subscribe: />► Watch 'The Barberless Barber' (short film): 'The Black Hole' (UK, 2008) Dir.: Phil Sampson and Olly Williams (Phil and Olly) Download the film here!: />See more from the directors at HSI London: /> Explore the world of Future Shorts: Facebook: />Twitter: />Website: /> Explore the world of Secret Cinema:

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Anas Khatri
Who is seeing this after 9 years 😂😂🤣
The film is trying to say that if we allow greed to consume us, it will be our downfall. This guy is literally consumed by his greed.
3Danger us
*the best part when he use black hole*
Remixtrick 360
Should've used more tape...
Hex Flamer
*finds a black hole* First thing he does. *uses it to get a snack*
Aisling Tetreault
But what if the paper fell as he was only halfway in????
Disgusted Batman
pfft what a waste. I would've just kept stealing candy bars from the vending machine.
i am a bean
I don't know why...but I laughed at the end...I am a bad person
Solaris Music
They could make a Black Mirror episode out of this idea. 💡
Mar Mileson
And the moral of this story: Guys, don't try to work less. there is no "easy money" in this life. Use TWO tapes to do the job
Despair Bear
*I felt bad because there is no oxygen in there and there's no way someone would get him out*
Black Atheist
see what happens.....when you get greedy? I would've took a couple stacks and headed home with my paper portal.
He wouldn't have been locked in if he used flex tape
Mymy Ghlb
Surely he had enough money already out of the safe to successfully enhance his life...but alas he has to be greedy... Good short though
i remember this being like one of the very first things i saw when i first started using the internet
Real Magic Skeleton
He died from getting stuck by a safe he steal 10000000 robux that's over 99999999999 robux XD Edit: send a reply to me why?
2:05 exact change for the iPhone X
Best Snickers commercial ever
Maria Barbara
This is weird
singer lucky Gandhi
9 years gone... still think that the future has'nt came..
Sophia Velas
hey isn't that the guy who found outer space
Lifia Niala
People in general if given the power most likely to be misused
Ash Peeler
Why he chewing so hard
Huff Nuff
How is it made i mean how the video is edited
jason nikakis
I am watching this after 12 years...
sunitha Anil Kumar
Who's seeing right now...??? 😚😚
Lorox Makevids EXTRA
"You're not you when You're hungry"? Dude, that guy ate a snickers bar and he still wasn't himself!
Hakeemuddin Sk
If i were him i wud hav opened that safe from inside...
Brave F
Who is seeing this after 10 years 😂😂🤣
Fantastic work!
I saw it 9 years ago and again have seen it makes me happy!!
This is the comment other commenters warned you about
Matt Terrero
haha instant karma
luke thomas
the world is big enough for every man's need but not every man's greed!
Uncle Ben's ghost: "With great power comes great responsibility"
This is what happens when you get too greedy
He could of just put the black hole onto the side of the safe....
Harshid Sharma_official !
*anything in dangerous!*
Growtopia Hack Albania
After 9years this was imagine but now all scared by this
Oscar Hollywood
The message I got from it was that with the power humans have at their finger tips, they use it to serve their own greedy interests to the point that it destroys them. He could of done marvelous things with that blackhole.
I expected him to be atomized
luke thomas
he paid for being greedy!
I remember when this came out!
Edrein Joy Delos Reyes /ejyellow328
Poor Mr. Greedy ;p. So many possibilities if you think about it....hmmmm.
Real Magic Skeleton
1:54 when u find 100000 robux in a magic black hole
William Angkajaya
2018 Anyone???
OM Prakash Balyan
This guy is litrelly consumed by greed this film is saying that we should not do greeding
shebaz khan
Black hole
Dark Dogg
If I was that dude, I would take little money at a time and leave each day.
Jael Falcon
That is one big piece of paper
Chaitanya Singh
Cinecom anyone?
Ishika -
No CCTV's in future?
Mr. Akhilesh
*Now Squad ***
Jay Raut
the guy is stuck in the safe
Ejay Zero to the max
I bet he had fun being stuck in there, yep that's greed & wealth for you, to bad he didn't get out after all that. Photo copying of a evil dark black hole of death.
Vikalp ganveer
use duct tape next time
Lol that aint realistic u would be dead instantly idiot!
Jef Jef
Gamers World
Great video
Kp 1
That would be a "worm hole" a short cut to another part of the physical universe. When a black hole does not let anything escape nor does it take you to another region of the universe.
WAW Wat's About World
Shot hole???
Domnick Russell
David Sucgang
Did the hole get bigger because when it was printer it was the size of his head and then in the end he was able to fit through his whole body
Road Walker
The message: Dont use blackholes for stealing purpose.
1:09 This bothers me. Where does his hand go? Nowhere? The Nether? To the other side of the next wall? I think it would be more logical if his hand just went through the paper when there's no solid object behind it.
Angel Ly Rivera
This guy was to greedy just take like 500,000 and be on your way
Dev Singhal
What will happen with that man
Volkan Yildrim
When your deactivate physics its possible. >:D
Next time use much more scotch tape. You can afford it.
Allen Guillen
??!!....wait whaa??!?😕
Sophias kanal
Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Оливер Мемингер
Блин, мог бы хватит брать ,так слишком много денег😑😑😑😑
Watching in *2018*
Dirty Water
a wonderful example of instant karma
Honza Gaspar
humans 7
Fergie XOX
well, this gave me nightmares
So many unecessary cuts
1:59 i should have topped by the first 3 money packages XD
Zookallama !
Spokey shit
sizqayirdirsiniz looo
Ore Creeper
Lol rip have fun on the other side!
Tollywood Viral
*Who's Watching in 2018?*
Jeramie Lim
Nobody else noticed that the paper suddenly became big? It started as a letter sized bondpaper.
enri que
great...!!! short film
Lawtrinea' Thompson
Its no commercial MAYBE IF HE WANT SO GREEDY
에휴, 그니까 그거 하나 알면 남자들은 꼭 안들킷거라고 생각한다니까 ㅉㅉㅉ
That wasn't scary, that was funny. Oh crap, I just realized he'll suffocate in there... oh well.
NumberSixteen BusShelter
this is slightly terrifying
監獄巴士Prison Bus
At the next day,when boss opened the safe,he saw the worker and ask,'WT* what are you doing here?!'Worker,'Uhhh..... I don't know,a hole throw me inside here?
Laloni Chester