Wagner: Siegfried - Barenboim, Jerusalem, Clark, Tomlinson

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Aus dem Festspielhaus Bayreuth , 1992 Inszenierung: Harry Kupfer Musikalische Leitung: Daniel Barenboim Siegfried - Siegfried Jerusalem Mime - Graham CLark Der Wanderer - John Tomlinson Alberich - Günther von Kannen Fafner - Philip Kang Brünnhilde - Anne Evans Erda - Birgitta Svendén Waldvogel - Hilde Leidland

Tom Joad
Siegfried Jerusalem was 50+ years old when he sang this Siegfried, but he acts like a young man. I love that guy (platonic love of course). All the other singers (plus the musicians and the staging) are great, too. Especially Graham Clark as Mime - what a feast to watch him! The Barenboim/Kupfer Ring is my benchmark. I have it on DVD and yet I can't resist to click it here on YT from time to time.
English subtitles please
Siegfried Jerusalem was my favorite Siegfried, my favorite Parsifal, and my favorite Tristan of the post-war era, just as Waltraud Weier has been my favorite Kundry, my favorite, Sieglinde, and my favorite Isolde. We are immeasurably blessed that we have the Met/Levine DVD of the Jerusalem/Meier Parsifal and the Barenboim/Heiner Müller DVD of Tristan. And by the way, we are also blessed that we have this video of the Jerusalem/Barenboim Siegfried.
Catharina, Sweden
This is not 360 p.
Christophe Fournier
it's really sad that you post this in mono. The Reinhgold made me hope for a full ring of value both visually and otherwise. Instead, you wasted hours of my time and countless others. Please pay attention.
Barenboim: immer komische Tempi (z. B. Anfang Akt 2, unerträglich langsam). Er muss immer zeigen, dass er es besser weiß... lächerlich!
Thank you for upload this. I really like this cycle because it's a good mix between good singers, music, and visual (levine cycle from 80's is a little bit boring to see through tv).
Patricia Merlaud
P’merlaud excellent,
Ben Emberley
Erda's entrance in Act 3 is just chilling.