Come On - The Rolling Stones (HQ) 1963

The Stones first single 1963 By Andy Glass.

Come On The Rolling Stones (HQ) 1963 sixties 60`s r`n rnb blues pop mod dance dancing chuck berry swinging london british invasion jagger richards jaqand andy glass tiverton devon nun000 Keith Pop Music

Don't get me wrong, the Beatles were great.  But the Stones were really something special.  Much more entertaining, IMO!
Michael G
The Beatles history is complex, like John said their best period live was probably around 1960-1962 in small clubs, Hamburg and at the Cavern, when they wore leather jackets, smoked, drank, ate, swore at the audiences and played 6 hour sets. But we will never see that. They were still good live in 63, but I think by 64 they didn't even care about live performances anymore. I think the early Beatles would have been something special to witness.
Colorado Man
Better than Chuck Berry's version!
Written by Chuck Berry, this was their very first single, released in June 1963. The band didn't think much of it, and almost never sang it live.
raoul diblasi
Oh those rowdy kids! Oh, wait! That was us!
Thinking on Vladimir Putin, Madeleine Albright  and David Cameron dancing together at that time =)
It never ceases to blow my mind how much the world changed from 1963 to 1967.
I love how everybody has a straight face and is just bopping up and down to the monotonic music. These guys were cooler than all of us.
Billi 56
The Rolling Stones were, are and will be the greatest rock and roll band until the end of world.
tim preston
The fresh raw sound of the new band -The Rolling Stones!
The Rolling Stones beginnings, and with Chuck Berry, a good place to start
Earlier Stones so cool in Brian Jones days!
I was 19 and in the studios when they recorded this for TV Ready Steady go. The kings way studio 9.
roy turner
one and only time they wore suits i think
Trevor Pettingill
still brilliant 
Interesting to hear Brian Jones on back up vocals here.
Marvin B Naylor
Still sounds great. (The original had 'some stupid JERK')
Montgomery Denzer
Its like a time capsule  love the bell bottoms
Wunderful song from the Rolling Stones !!!
John Schreiber
John Robertson
cuba want em now..we cant smoke their cigars in public..time travel
Mathis Kolly
Jason Desjardins
pretty sick and Bad ass for `63
Alejandra Cantu
mick was so much better then at singing than now, wow
steve FromEngland
To me this is the best one they ever did, the first single and the best, seen them do this amongst others in a pub too!
CanOf Peas
The Stones hated this song but I love it. Especially the thumping bass line.
This was in LA summer '61 or thereabouts. I don't know the R&B record. But this recording kills it. Amazing. Stones were/are phenomenal. Until the end.
Patrick Ciacco
The Rolling Stones where the first original hard rock band. Hailing from Dartford Kent, England in 1962. The Stones set the pace for all other hard rock bands that proceeded them. The Beatles may have burst upon the rock scene first but The Stones burst upon the scene first with their own brand of hard edged rock-n-roll and the Beatles where soft and cuddly by comparison during the British invasion. Chuck Berry and Little Richard where true rock-n-roll but the Stones where the first hard edged rock-n-roll to burst upon the scene and incidently!... The Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards and Brian Jones where the first rock band and guitarist ever to use distortion in their music before any other band. If you look closely at the stage floor when they perform you can see that they are operating signal distortion devices with their feet and the Stones used these devices long before the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, The Yardbirds, the Animals, the Who, Cream etc. The Stones guitarist Keith and Brian where using these devices as early as 1962. Its amazing through out all these years that Keith and Brian where never credited as being the very first rock guitarist to use signal distortion devices. Oh Well... Hey Hey Hey! The Beatles came to your city to hold your hand... The Rolling Stones came to burn it down.
Leonid Klovskyi
jane oughton
these years were magic , if you have a life time i will tell you about them ....xxxx
That is the first song of rolling? It's true?
Bibi Free Aerle
This is such sweet song at the moment !! it makes me start dreaming and now I need that because I have to get to prepare a sweet dog to a new home!! ( but that is necessary when you only care for them temporaly!!
Antza Haataja
One of the Best from The Stones! Me Like!
Richard Walker
I'm with you MrRobin, I liked this song the first time I heard it back in '63 and still love it. I first saw them in "63 playing at the State Kilburn but could barely hear them over the screaming girls. What a great band!
Hans Angenent
when times were just simple,one of the best songs forever
Hywel Harris
Nope still not right. Listen to the opening seconds of Ya Ya's version. You'll hear Keith quietly strum an open chord and its a B at 4th fret. Open G tuning capo fret 4. Only later did he change it to 9th fret because its easier to play with his sclerotic fingers. I wish there was some film of the Ya Ya's tour.
Graham Bellenger
Flares in the 60's - I don't think so. Someone's got the dance party mixed up I think!
comoe on pierwszy historyczny utwór  sa i byli WIELCY !!!  pierwszA 6 zespołow wszech czasów NA NO 1  THE BEATLES wiem ze zostane skopany ale tak jest i bedzie
frank gill
Still one of the Stones  best ! . And the dancers in the video clip show how conscious we were learning that style of  "dancing" in the early 60s after all that jiving ? . Would sooner watch the original group then ,compared to their antics now .
Daniel Castro
R.I.P Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones! 45 years since we lost you. The only and greatest rolling stone ever! 
Maybe a bit more clean, like the Beatles, than the stuff from the Stones' first album, but not derivative.
S.C.P. dokumentumok
Real classic FOREVER
It was George Harrison who told Decca to get down to Richmond to check out the Stones and they were signed on the spot..
Lots of hot girls in this video.
King Aragon
And away we go
King Aragon
Vagas air port see
King Aragon
World gonna kinda mad you see
Szőke Zoltán
Good guitar sound :)
Claudio Dean
Great version
Sheila Maclean
Great piece Andy, loved it all, photos at the end icing on the cake
Cameron Baliles
Great song 👍👌❤
Written and first released by Chuck Berry in 1961, chosen as the Rolling Stones' debut single in the spring of 1963. During a June 6th 2013 concert in Toronto Canada (part of the "50 & Counting Tour"), Mick Jagger sang a few bars (with Charlie Watts drumming the beat) after mentioning the single being released exactly 50 years ago that day -- It was the first time the song was heard in any capacity during a Stones concert since 1965.
John Marlow
yes i like it
glenn h Friedmann
still good and cool.
assault and battery
Bill should never left.
Larry R.
I read once that the original by Chuck Berry had meaner lyrics, where he says, "I wish some stupid jerk would come along and wreck it," but the Stones changed it to "wish somebody would come along and wreck it." They were very young!
Global Jay
God damn UK produced some of the greatest bands of all time! Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, Sex Pistols, The Kinks, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, Genesis, and the Animals! And then of course solo artists like David Bowie, Elton John, and so many more! Must be something in the water! :-)
Wow! This is bad! These guys will never amount to anything. Better try to get a good civil service job.
Christopher Tallmadge
The Stones themselves thought this record sucked and it does.
Stefan Holmqvist
I´ve this record without cover, love them a lot but with right price I´ll sell
John Didsbury
i was fast forwarding to find the song and then i realized this was the Stones. I didn't even recognize it. It sounds totally different from anything else i have heard them do
Maggie Norris
Loved it then.Love it now.
Those early sixties bras really didn't permit much boob bouncing!
was this one of the Rolling Stones songs the Beatles had written for them?
WiGola 66
Dancing People from german Beatclub
Math Person
Sounds like the Dave Clark Five sped up a bit? Their first hit....formed basis of their first tour in Britain in late fall, 1963. Tour was with, among others, the Every Brothers, Bo Diddley and Little Richard. The Stones planned to do some Bo Diddley songs, but when they heard he would be on the tour, they dropped that plan from their playset. Little Richard was added during the middle of the tour because ticket sales were so slow. At once show, only seven people were in the audience!
Chuck Berry died yesterday 4/18. Brian Jones sure makes the stones version sweet doesn't he?
The Coatesie Show
Rest In Peace Chuck Berry. Thanks for giving the Stones their first song.
I really like how the editor of this video, timed the kids dancing to the beat of this tune.
You know, early Stones survives better than early Beatles.
Gianluca Passeroni
They gave me an "A" advanced copy when we shared a pad in Hornsey London but I thought it rubbish so I through it away a few days later. If I'd only knew then what I know now ! Ho-Hum !
The Triumph of the Thrill
Not a bad start to a legendary career.
Steve Marvellous
I always thought Freddy Cannon did this, sounds so like him - great number !
Frank Calisi
I can see myself there dancing
nick robertson
the pitch is off a bit on this. AAAHAHAHAHA. WHY?
Bee Chillin
Great harmonica. Good song.
jean-claude Dubois
au début,quand le chien a vu son maître, il pensait qu'il allait se faire chicaner
John Robertson
proper stuff,great clobba,but those faces
Mike McBee
well the contractor admitted to killing Jones years later on his deathbed
PauLo Silva
You could say this song was the first example of the Stones playing Chuck Berry better than.....Chuck Berry.
marion cobaretti
gotta luv the monotone music
Nice  ;)
Mike Starr
went to see them on eel pie island all those years ago Brill
When I was thinking deeply, this song came to mind as the earliest great Stone's tune!
Srbijom uzduž i popreko
Amateri svih zemalja, ujedinite se!
Rock Girl
baby, come on
callum nisbet
YES love this! the beatles are so good omg xx xD
emmanuel decrept-rumeau
The girl at 1:00 looks a little like Linda Evans
Mishko Mitrovski
0:55 that must be Ken Cosgrove
Over 50 years ago.... mind-blowing!
Emily Potter
I know they hated it, but I really love this single:) The Stones were awesome right from the start!
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
It WAS a Chuck Berry "cover." LOL
Clue Vios
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peter watson
b side,  I wanna be your man, lennon and mcartney
David Pierre
fuckup man