The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" Live 1965 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)

This clip is from one of the earliest known filmed live concert performances of the Stones. This is unique from the standpoint that there aren't the typical throngs of screaming girls in the audience and so you can actually hear what they're playing. Reelin' In The Years has over 25 hours of Stones footage dating back to the earliest known footage in 1964 through the mid-2000s. We were proud to be the main licensor (over 18 minutes) of footage for the recent Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane documentary. Reelin' In The Years Productions houses the world's largest library of music footage, containing over 20,000 hours of material covering nearly every genre from the last 60 years. We have live concerts, TV appearances, interviews, in-studio segments, b-roll and more. In addition to music we have thousands of hours of interviews with the most recognizable celebrities, comedians, politicians, athletes, artists and authors of the 20th Century. If you need footage for your film, documentary, TV show, commercial, museum exhibit or presentation, we are your one-stop shop. Visit our online database at to explore our archive, but please email us as we are constantly adding new material to the archive. We do not supply material to fans or collectors under any circumstance, so please do not contact us if that is your intention.

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Incredible - 50+ years on the big scene !
Seth Tyrssen
Pretty terrible sound balance, but great memories. RIP Brian.
1:36 - 1:43 the cameraman got excited
Jimmy Tee Rex
Brian Jones's contribution to this band has been underrated.
in 1965 an audience was expected to sit quietly in their seats and perhaps tap their toes to the rythym. you can see some of the girls in the audience are bouncing in their seats! a couple of years later and concerts were totally different with people standing and dancing and screaming their heads off! It was a different era - and the Stones helped changed it.
Withering i
I saw this tour in Toronto -65
looks like mick jagger finally found a microphone big enough for his mouth
never seen so many dudes at a Stones concert.
Why can't I be born in 1945 :(
Thomas De Lello
Brian Jones looks like Ronald McDonald in this video.
The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" Live 1965 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)
Margaret Tudor
It's funny how most of the crowd seems to just be listening politely. In the States they'd be screaming their lungs off!
C Taylor
Bands had no monitors back then. They couldn't hear what the others were playing
it was Brian Jones' band... MIck & Keith seem to have forgotten that..
1:37 is the best part
Natasha Wood
In my opinion one of the best songs written in that decade :-)
Lol,Look at the size of that mike!!!! 😂
Denise Siddon
Jagger definitely a looker in his prime then😍
St Smotritel
Keith Richards looks like George Harrison
brian is so cool
Douglas Smith
49 years ago this week. ... one of the biggest rock hits of all time
non yobussiness
Music has gotten so much better since then
Cindy McB
Uhh... please forgive my crude comment, but good God... is that a banana in his pocket, or is he just excited to be on stage??!  Wow... no wonder he's now 72 with another new kid and a wife DECADES younger than him.  Surprised I never noticed it before, considering that in 1965 I was 15, and have considered them the ALL-TIME BEST ROCK & ROLL BAND EVER for my entire life, including now...
Marco Di Caprio
AhhahH too many bourgeons among the crowd
Lord Duckstab
back when the stones didn't look like a bunch of prunes
criss deuxfois
exellent !!
Yeray Santana
..... ROCK'N'ROLL - BLUES ......XXL....
Why does the public seem to absolutely don't care about them?
The drums just sound too fat and dirty, but I can't help but say the quality makes it sound awfully satisfying.
Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio
Germany 1965. I have about 20min of raw footage from this concert.
Gleici Sousa
Love Brian♥♥
Krzysztof - Fairyland
James Jones
Best musician on the stage is Brian Jones.
Bestiario Musical ZH
Sorry to admi it, but the Stones were so mediocre as musicians... Maybe that's why they lasted so long, because they didn't have enough quality to make solo careers and have to depend on their name... Nothing to do with Zeppelin, Beatles or Floyd... What a drag it is getting old...
A Lundberg
Bring back the sixties,now
graciass a la vida el universo Dios que existen los rolling stones!
Brian Jones create the rollin' stones
Tom Bell
The only drawback to being 15 years old in 65 means I'm getting old but boy what a lifetime of good music to grow up with.
sabiniano maia
Glimmer Twin
Charlie's drumming like a machine.......
Dan Scoones
Brian Jones looks like Ronald McDonald...
Nikolai Canov
Is Brian the only one who can play in this garage band???
Mario Muñoz
Let me tell you old farts somethin, y'all grew up in a sweetass time!!
I love the fans reaction when the song starts
Christopher Franklin
The first time I saw the Stones was in concert in Sacramento, California in December 1965. They had just started a song when Richards' guitar shorted out on the mic stand. He started to slump to the ground. He was out front a bit and none of the other band members saw what had happened. They kept playing for a few more seconds before they realized he was down on the ground and not playing. The curtain was immediately closed and an announcement was made that the concert was over. I remember the electrical flash being quite large. At the time I thought he might have been killed. However, a newspaper article the next day explained everything. To make a point about how things change, I was in row seven from the stage and had to pay all of $4.75 for that prime seat.
The whole time I'm just watching that stray piece on the bass drum move around. 
The Stones died when Brian Jones died.
-Peter Parker-
Robbie Clark
Mick sounds like a drill sergeant yelling over a loudspeaker with that mic
Mick Jagger is the best ever rock band front man
Mick's microphone sounds like the Teletubbies speaker.
Silver Maple Leaf
They played my home town in 1963 and came round to the local pub during the interval. No-one knew who they were back then, but they couldn't do that these days! Still the greatest rock and roll band in the world.
Waleska BIG MAMA
I just love watching the early Stones footage.  So much energy. Massive.
Sid Howard
It is, in my opinion, the greatest rock and roll song ever put to paper and sung,
puppy cat
love the sound of Brian's guitar from fender amp.
duncan yourmate
an  an excellent , encore , Adelaide , 25'10/14 ,
Noah Klan
Is that Brian Jones
I think I see a needle hanging out of Richards arm
Doctor Garbonzo
Happy 50th Birthday Satisfaction! Looks like the guys that are currently changing the tires on my car. But that's the point. Unfortunately, We live in a external world! I remember the days when having actual talent was more important than looks. Look at this weeks top 10 hits. Selena Gomez, Bieber, Demi Lavato,Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift Etc, they couldn't shine the stones shoes. Today's youth should hang their heads in shame......
LOL...What a dead different than the concert they performed the year before in southern Cali..Santa Monica I believe ...where the audience literally went berserk...
Master Kek
Live in Germany
I remember as an almost teenager in mid 60's North London, wishing I had 5 pounds to see the 'Mick and the Stones' at the Regal Theatre :)
Jeff C
Thanks Brian Jones !
Beautiful presentationThe Rolling Stone in 1965 with Brian Jones's contribution
Great performance from the Strolling Bonemen...pity about the audience though. Looks like they were playing at a Jehovah's Witness convention.
Mike's Youtube
Mick is good
Stefy _
Clara Pondswald
i'd totally shag mick even if he's older than my grandfather now
Fatima Guedes
Eu Sou fã dos The Rolling Stones! canta demaisssssssssssss!!!! adorooooo!
Robby Melnick
Fuc'en L O V E T H E M !!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace
Brian at various times would play popeye the sailor man to this song (onstage) mainly to irritate mick! Bill Wyman has stated Brian wrote the riff; who really knows? Would Keith lie about poor little Brian ... umm er, YES he would!! Jealousy was intense between mick and brian.... who basically taught mick basic harmonica bending and Keith in 1963-1966 was nowhere in Brian's league as a guitar player.
esther; a louca por livros Peixoto
Who see george Harrison?
Brian's Band...
Kev Rob
My favourite version with Brian Jones blues influence unmistakeable and the big question who really wrote the Riff Jones or Richards...
Roland Deschain
Funny, all these people sitting around there, clapping their hands, afraid to dance.
robert holden
Watts is pounding out the rythm too fast.
I prefer this Mick to the weirdo dancing which is soon to come. Not to say I don't love the stones, just Mick is hard to watch at times.
Michael Mika
Bring back the good ol' days. Satisfaction....
this is great...
John Flynn
What's up with Brian Jones here? McDonald's outfit?
Lucy Weston Johansson
Keef man :D
Tall Man
1:37 cameraman really started diggin it
Ian th3_r0ck3r
Another classic and valuable live performance ruined by crappy camera work. Who the hell wanted to see the backs of their heads :/ Iconic riffs in a live performance, back when bands needed style, class and charisma to survive. Shame those TV directors and camera operators were such clowns.
The Foxy grandpa
ever notice how pretty boy ronald mcdonald plays the chorus of this song with this weird swaying motion. and this isnt the only time he plays like that he does that almost all the time when he plays this specific song
Maximiliano Gabriel
hard rock & punk in 1965 !!
bruno tutweiler
Ich war da.Nach 16 Minuten Abbruch.Was ein tolles Konzert.Egal.Für mich unvergesslich.Waldbühne,Berlin.
Miranda Reijn
Thank you!!!! What a quality!! I am a big Stones fan but i haven't seen this clip before!! Love it!!
Zora Zen
Natalie Gold
Satisfaction must be one of the sexiest songs ever put to paper!    It never daes.
Does anybody know when and where this was filmed? I guess it must have been in Münster, Germany, on Sept. 11th, 1965.
Thank you, "Reelin' in the Years" for letting us see these videos. Just when I thought I'd seen all my favorite artists on video, I find your collection! Thanks again
Marcelo Araújo
A maior banda de garagem de todos os tempos
Aspen LLC
Good video. Thank you
Максим Крижановский
Good to see Mick using the mic stand. Should give it a go ythese days for variety rather than the finger point at shoulder height! Sound a bit toppy but good clip. Brian doing well here. No sign of playing Popeye in this one. The best live act of all time? Maybe Zeppelin can rival them in their best years. Maybe Hendrix for a short burst. But for sheer live magnificence over the journey the best!