Sophie Fatu: The CUTEST 5-Year-Old Audition Ever! | America's Got Talent 2018

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She has very good manners, she thanked all the judges when they gave her yeses.
Sharmella Krishnasamy
She looks like an angel.
h Family
Omg......How Cute She Is........😍😍I really like her...
Janet Steinman
She has more confidence than most adults.
Very disappointing that she wasn't approved to go forward. She may not show vocal perfection, but she is EXTREMELY entertaining. I also think that she sings very nicely.
Rabia Abid
Simon:I want u to date my son 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Olivia Hall
Awww. She called him Mr.Simon❤
Champagne Supernova
Her blue eyes and cute...I want a daughter like that <3
Melissa Turp
so Eric do you like Sophie? Eric:Presses red buzzer Simon: you can't buzzer to her😂😂😂
8 HappyCat 8
she looks like a tiny Sofie Dossi
Vibrational Magician
*She just 5 years in this world... how fun is that?*
Firoz Baksh
I never hear "Thankyou" ☺️😊in such a cutes voice god bless you
Татьяна Алиева
Какое чудное Чудо...эта девочка! Дай бог ей Счастья и Успеха! )))
Most adorable, well mannered, beautiful and very talented little girl? Great job to her parents too for raising a beautiful lil girl!
Mpho Moshoeshoe
I wanna cry...cute
ava leibel
She is the frickin cutest, when she’s older she will be gorgeous!
Ghazal Khan
omg A living cuuuteee......i can never see like that before.......i can't believe her beauty and adorable look and her confidence and politeness.....wowwww i am so amazed......
*She make me soft specially when she smile*
Hannah C
She said "thank you" so much it's soooooo cute!!!!!!!
Charlotte Sadler
She’s the most adorable thing ever xx she’s so polite I’ve seen old people not say thanks
nedgyn laloi
“OMG 😱 there is so much people” awww so cute😘🤗
She's adorable. I'm reminded of Shirley Temple.
Mithun Rajesh
How many times did she say 'thank you'? But still. . . So cute!
Eclispe Bluemoon
ah. of course. a 5yo can sing a WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN A 10 YO. OF COURSE
Nattie DollPlays!
I think 3 years later she should of came on America's got talent and i think she would of been better. You are so cute! Says one of the judges fuck .... then says something else in stead at 3:42
Hamna and Momina
Omg I literally cannot believe people are hating on this 5 year old, saying things like "she only got through because she's cute", cut her some slack guys 🤦🏻‍♀️
Thai Girl Adventures -
I like you , was so cute and i thing you be come kids actor soon.
Toysvill TV Studios
OMG! What a Cutiepie! :3
khansa gulalai
She's so cute she should get the golden button
She was BORN to be a singer, amazing.
Stephen Carter
I really don't understand, why will people dislike these performance, this adorable sweet little baby girl was amazing especially her voice...
Linn Masilang
0:27 the cutest and the most adorable...😍😇😂 so innocent..💗
sahra mohamed
Omg very good beutifull voice
kristen chinosi
This is the cutest little girl ever I wish she was my little sister
Temi David
The people that disliked this video Sure don’t have any reason to be happy in this life
heart of disney is dreams
*Oh gosh she is sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍*
Angela Davidson
Oh my gosh the way she says thank you 😭 she's literally the cutest thing ever!
Reveal Empire
For her to remember the keys and words!!!! Adorable😍😍😍
Md Sofi
I wish god give me such Baby girl...
Sophie is absolutely adorable, but let's get one thing straight--she's certainly no Angelica Hale, that's for sure.
Lynda Lawer
Lol best thing I've ever seen on agt
Alexandra Hoyn
This is to all the people who disliked that video YOU DONT UNDERSTAND TALENT AND YOU HAVEN'T LOOKED AT CUTE EVER BEFORE
Marilu Mystics
Oml she is so adorable! I can watch this over and over again! She has an amazing voice! 😍
Kenzie Saunders
she is goona be a great singer when shes older you can hear it now at 5
Temi David
This little girl is Brave She’s bold She’s talented And she’s a Star ⭐️
Nicole Plays Minecraft
What a very well mannered Girl she always say thank you how cute and what an angelic voice
Preet Singh
I saw this video and I will watch her everyday before I go to work coz after such a long time I found sm1 who bought tears with her thank you voice and a doll like face .....thank u little girl I wish I have a daughter like u in future 😊
lala orange
She is the next Shirley temple
Maria Muthoni
Owww whqt a cute girl😘😘😘
Julia L
Her Mom looks like Madonna in the 80's
Jen Shank
I legit know her and she is the sweetest!!!!!!!
scarlet frost77
Bob T Joslin
Omg my god she is so adorable😄
Franny Becker
Um belíssimo abençoado 🙏 Final de semana a todos que curtem este belo canal Hoje acordei com aquela sensação que vem do coração de visitar este belíssimo canal ✨🌷✨🇧🇷Today I woke up with that feeling that comes from the heart of visiting this beautiful canal.
Klaryssa Hawkins
Oh my god my HEART ❤️ She’s adorable!!
Stacy Lopez
She's going somewhere in the future 😀😁😀😁😍🤗
Ms Precious
I think she’s 20 in a 5 yr old body ! Lol, oh my adorable! ❤️😊
She is so cute and beautiful she like a walking doll
The amount of times and the way she says thank you though. PRECIOUS!!!!!!!
tiaa aa
Omg she freaking cute
Jamey Fitzgerald
Judge: What is your name? Sophie: thank you 😊 😇 Judge: What are you going to sing for us? Sophie: Thank you 😊 😇 Judge: Where are you from? Sophie: thank you 😊 😇 Judge: is thank you all you can say? Sophie (turns evil ): JUST PRESS THE F$&KING GOLDEN BUZZER!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 (Simon all scared and shaken up then hits the golden buzzer) Sophie: thank you 😊😇
Rachel Haskell
"West Virgeenia" The CUTEST!
I wish my daughter learn manners from this cute angel. She is so confident and respectful.
Aloke kumar Mittra
Probably one of a handful of times I regretted not being a father. This little angel is a princess and so talented. I need to get myself a sugar test, all that sweetness has definitely given me diabetes
loveable Pasta
She is so cute♡
Dance moms Asmr
Tyra is so kind
Венера Венера
Прекрасная девочка !!!
She has amazing vibrato!!! Girl you are shining❤️❤️
Veroni Mangiocco
She is adorable
Nicky Palz
I love it...from India
Ralph Dye
Ya know what amazes me? At 5, she is more in tune than out. 'Cause at 5 your voice is usually all over the place.
Czarina Mae Vitalicio
maybe that's the baby sofie dossi, haha just kidding but look at her eyes,hair,face shape
Rhea ann
She is cute ... ❤❤❤👍lovely little girl👍👍👍💖💖💖she has good manners
Karen Rojas
Shes so adorable iAnd has a nice voice
lorie allison
When I have seen that cute little 5year old come up on stage I was like omg she is adorable and has a cute and amazing voice
Людмила Алисова
Sparkle 101
She’s so brave she went on with so much confidence and sang like no one was watching she’s gonna grow up to be so talented. She had so much power in her voice at only 5 years old.
Half The Heart
*Lol, even 5 year olds can sing better then adults nowadays.* 😂
I Couldn't Think Of A Better Username
This little girl's future says Broadway and musical theatre (of course if she wants to take that path). Her vibrato give me the tingles (in a good way). I hope she does take that path when she becomes older because I can definitely feel the emotion in her voice.
Hannah Perton
She so cute this made me cry she going to be a movie star when she gets older but she was awesome
Josephine Singer
the reaction of the judges when she started singing was hilarious.
nur eda
so cute and talented kid... good spoken when she only 5 years old .. so amazing because she can sing at many people...i like that song My way the old song...
One of the cutest and most polite girls ever
mohamed zakariyya
She was a cute kid always when she get bigger than this age she gets cuter when she get big she become a cutie pie
Layton pro 🎩⚡
Adorable little girl singing frank Sinatra? This girl’s stolen my heart 😂❤️
Я расплакалась. Какая прелесть! :)
Harry Lane
How can the judges say no to such a young talent beautiful little girl? Sophie is amazing keep up all your hard work xxxxxx
Anne Frank Hiding From Hitler
Only got through because she’s a cute little kid
Leslee White
When a 5 year old sings better than you 😂so cute!
Nayyar Imran
0:28 oh my god " there is so much people " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cuteness overload buddy.....
Wendy McDermott
You are the sweetest young lady..That was beautiful. I love you
Evelyn 4456
She is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ but the singing makes me want to drop my phone
BTS bishh
Cute, but not the best thing I've ever heard Edit: I know she is five but I mean I feel like she is only there to be cute and win. Its about Talent not being cute and adorable
Zole's rhymes queen zole
She is the cutest thing I've ever seen she is gorgeous and zeal she's a boss girl❤if I were a judge I'd give u a golden buzer without even thinking twice luv u cutie boo
Captive Cat
How does a 5 year old have such good breath control
Nick Papadopoulos
OMG!!! She is so flippin cute awwww omg i wish she with be my daughter when i I’m a mum OMG the ending was so cute OMG i love Sophie Fatu omg you are the cutest
Umbanda en Español
She's so so so beautiful!!!! ❤❤❤
Ivy Hodges
Sophie’s mom is a professor at my college and I have been around them both quite a bit. It wasn’t rehearsed from what I could tell from being around her. Sophie is always like this a bright and bubbly sweet little girl with a VERY big personality and even bigger talent. Normally I wouldn’t address hate but when it’s people you know personally it’s upsetting to see people hating on a young talented girl such as herself who is getting a shot at performing on one of the country’s most popular tv shows
NeLz Cain
Idk how many times i watching this.. i love this lil cute baby so much.. 😍😍😍😍😍😗😗😗😗😗😗