History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi OVA 1 Part 2

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finally uploaded part 1: /> I don't own any of this, i'm just uploading it for fan purposes (i guess? o.o) Someone explain to me how to do this copyright stuff o.o Anywho, i couldn't find this ova on youtube, so i figured why not upload it. idk. feel free to hate, feel free to like, feel free to not subscribe, BUT DO NOT SUBSRIBE!!!! I REPEAT!!! NOT!!! I DON'T MAKE VIDEOS, SO DON'T EXPECT ANY!!!!

have no clue how to tag things so someone explain and this copyright stuff? if you still reading thank good day\/evening\/morning\/life o.o bye!

shigure BOOOOBS :D
Dyce Averruncus *
they really should of made a season 2 to kenichi. Series like air gear and negima have manged to get amazing OVA's but never got another season.
Raymond Ortega
How cute, they thought they defeat the elder.
just found this series has a bunch of ovas, I am so psyched. One of the only legit fighting anime's that's awsome doesn't go too overboard with the babes, and it's characters all diffrent and unique. Love it
I just can't seem to continue watching this.. I guess because the graphics or something.. Its just so different.. The way they look before was okay for me.. And like any other anime it has to be perverted I say this season or ova idk is shit.. The first 50 episodes were the best.. They don't really make good anime like these anime.. Good anime doesn't mean you have to make into a harem or half hentai... Oh wells...
Hajime no ippo got its new season, i pray that this gets one aswell :c
Whoever made this anime is such a perve lol but I love the fights and storyline
Kyle Brown of CR1S1S
She/he said DO NOT SUBRIBE! Haz over 800 subribers now
E Manners
i wish this anime was like one piece, so many episodes
Lol never underestimate Kenichi and the Ryouzanpaku!
Nailed it
8:00 gave me a boner Ohhh man Shigure is such a Beauty .. awesome boobs and animation Thumbs up if you think shigure is sexy
I'm going to asume they haven't released an English dubbed version? I actually prefer it in Japanese, with English subtitles, but it's just that I've become so accustomed to the voices, from the English dubbed versions of season 1 and 2. Also anyone heard rumors if they will continue the series after season 2?
Finally got to see shiguri naked, the fan or hentai version looks way better, little nips are not to my liking.
8:01 You're welcome :D
Caleb Davis
hey no shaking
WE did any one of you guys notice anything different about the anime now I know miu was changed and something else about the whole anime maybe it's the graphics quality I don't know but it's much better now
Loco Gio Motocroz
we want the whole story!! the manga is awesome, and worth to be made animation
Fourth Wall Breaker
Man do I hate kenichi's little sister.
The Japanese are a very peculiar culture. Read a study recently that said the majority of Japan see no need to seek out a mate or a person to have sex with. The population of Japan is going down because no one is having children (Google it). But for such an asexualish culture, they show a lot of perverted stuffs...
pokemonmaster09137 and awesomecool884
this is adorable and so beautiful
What is it with Shigure and cutting off women's clothes? Not that I'm complaining, of course.
Sambath Seamean
8:00 make me want to join the fight too.
Where is part 1?
Zahlen Oum
to a possible 3rd. but its still unknown if they actually continue it.
Zahlen Oum
Uploaded rest of stuff guys
Zahlen Oum
we all do. if a company decides to continue it, they will
Zahlen Oum
i've already tried uploading part 1, but it's never worked -_-
Zahlen Oum
it's an ova (not part of main storyline really), so it could continue, if the ova went well enough, but idk. no announcements made yet
Zahlen Oum
idk sorry. :/ if it's anyone's and they want me to take it down, just lemme know
Zahlen Oum
k. i'll try
04:27 shit got real
Violette Summer
Damn he looks like a fancy blonde Guan Yu
there's no need to be humble now. 6 seasons without fillers
Zahlen Oum
because of some copyright bs, i can't post it :/
strettrocco skate
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Isles Celestine
miu is just........ God damn
Rajkiran Yum
Can u. Upload episode 51 please
jose sanchez
For all the people talking about how they don't like how the anime is being extra perverted now need to grow up. If you read the manga then I'm sure you know that a nip slip here and there is actually pretty common. Just calm down and watch the ova
This is a try to be able to get the anime back as the manga keeps going.
gaming biz
that moment your nipples dissappear
Where are like ...the police
I started watching this because i bought all seasons of dragon ball z on dvd and the narrator advertising this anime said ''If Kenichi can find the will, and the BOOBS'' ...Im sold!
New OVA is out for anyone who wants to watch it.
long time have'nt watch this anemie and it's back and better and no more cry baby kenichi
Uriel Terry Lopez-Garcia
1:04 the pervert's hand...
Acenoel Delacruz
Ok...gentelmans let us not flag this video😂😂
kinda like he's the exact opposite of him haha
a lazy guy
7:45 :) love this ova
9:20 it's over!
at least the manga is still going...
Tactical Boredom
I wish they would bring back the anime too, but not like this. I definitely prefer the original animation style of Kenichi, and this one seems a lot more ecchi.
the name of the group who subbed this?
Jean Pierre Cueva
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Basically, as an anime, it wasn't making as much as the bigger names (ie. DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, etc.), so they stopped after the Ragnorok Arc. But thanks to the Internet and the series' large fan base, the show is continuing in the form of OVAs. Not sure when they'll be dubbed tho...
I love tis anime
The one thing I don't understand is how Kenichi still has that band-aid on his face since the first episode.
xavier mobley
It needs to be in English
William Balbonet
hes like yusuke from yyhs
The little sister is just plain cute o3O
In case you haven't noticed the manga was really ecchi too. Besides this thing looks like it had a higher budget, I'm game.
rolande ak
I honestly didn't know there were this many over for this show!!!, and here I have been hopping for years for a season 2
Christian Jimenes
the manga is amazing, over 500 chapters and their still ongoing so hopefully while the manga continues the show will continue goo!
Christian Jimenes
the manga is amazing, over 500 chapters and their still ongoing so hopefully while the manga continues the show w ill continue too!
poor subtitle
nice way to make house cheap
Is this the ova to season 2 or is it the ova to a possible 3rd season? :o
Randell Williams
this anime need it's second season
Kev N
why did the anime have to ruin this ova with a date. The whole underground assassin from the manga is so much better.
James Cooper
I liked the dub better especially for takeda. And kenichi says shit to much
Oscar Barbosa
i love this show
Srivatsan B V
it would be amazing if they continued the story line
Robert Tena
This Awesome A New Kenichi Mighty disciple except this is the OVA version. I always had an idea there was a new version of this! but here's my take on it I bet you FUNimation is not going to create it! because definitely if they would make this English dub I would purchase this anime collection right away! if animation doesn't create this new version of Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple I'll just buy the import version
Raul MM
Luffy is King
I can't believe that Kenichi is voice by the same person as Rob Lucci from One Piece
This show is just fantastic. I love it.
DiceNinja Gaming
lando jriff
Is there a difference between the uncencered version and regular one?
Noel Thomas
Raul MM
me gusta
Kof with no super powers.
Bryce Mann
Why does miu look different?
Kristian B
Anyone know where to find the episodes of this series of Kenichi?
Manga is still continuing and is awesome. Kenichi improved so much! Its nice to see some ovas to promote the Manga!
Uroš Smole
But manga hasn't ended yet!
Uroš Smole
If there was anything i could do to affect if it got resurrected i would do it in an instant.
Uroš Smole
There is enough material for 4 seasons and fillers.
Asma Atiqah
what the hell was the finger for 😂 1:03 XD
9:43 - sorry looks like a D
This anime is drawn vary well, love the fighting and humor
Wildlife documentary on tv ... mouhahahaha. Old one just found "the" dvd. ( ͡° ͜ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nice ep I wonder will these episodes ever come out in English
Murry Raditya
sorry it's OVA 1 i see.. then the bgm when kenichi use his ultimate fist at kurando.. it's the same one :p
Murry Raditya
can anyone tell me the title for bgm ( background music ) when kennichi fight li raichi... the rockin' one... i culdn't find it anywhere.. ahahahha thx.. it's so rock.. i like it n_n
Leslie Busby-86
How do I buy these episodes r they on DVD r anything
Kevin Kappler
Can you make a fan video starring miu with the song "xanadu" by Olivia Newton John and Elo? Miu is one of my favorite characters
12:45 Siegfried's face... Just... x'D