Kenichi OVA {AMV} - A Light That Never Comes

What what what what ,seond video over 100.000. I am truly amazed by uou sirs :3.Thank you for watching , i really hope you like it.You SIRS ARE BADASSES. Anime:History Strongest Disciple Kenichi OVA Song:A light that never comes - Linking park Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (TV Program) Original Video Animation Anime (TV Genre) Never Anime Music Video Music Video (TV Genre) Thought Let Never Let Give Never Ending Tomorrow (Composition) Love Again Comes Never Ends Had Never Give Heard Never Get School Never Again Lol

I hope his light never fades *-*
Aaron Gant
There was an OVA!!!! Excuse me a sec as I go watch t all.
Anderson Campbell
best thing about Kenichi is how badass he can be while looking so normal
Colvin Gaines
Tuuta No Yuusha
Kenichi is the strongest penguin Boris
Animez Fan
Muhammed Soobrattee
am i the only person that kinda hates miu
love this anime I know it dosnt have super powers and that but it looks like because how they animated it so its epic!!!!!
i watched all 50 episodes but never saw these parts.
i wish its dub
Mark Mayfield
Lol I am just finishing up the manga LOVIN IT.
is this ova finished seems like its been awhile since we got the last episode
excelente!!! Kenichi!!
champriley 2000
0:45 who was he fighting
Danny TheManny
I feel that if they remade Kenichi like they did with FMA Brotherhood it would be a huge success. So many excellent fights happen in the latter half that are only TOUCHED upon in these OVA's, it is so much missed potential. The best fights we get in the regular series are the fights against Hermit and Odin, but they pale in comparison, reading the manga showed me that much.
Nandha Nans
according to manga the episodes show only 10% of the entire series..very sadd...:(
Genji IsWithYu
Kenichi looks like Issei -.-
donit gamer
the opening shows what will happen but it didn't continue
อนุรักษ์ เลียงสันเทียะ
wow wow
MytH AnGeL
Wow I thought they were done haven seen this few episodes any 1 know where I cam watch them?
this shit is lit 🔥🔥🔥
Eli C
They should've animated up until kenichi vs berserker.
Harrison Beckman
Holy fuck this anime is still in production? I thought it was done and only manga was left!
I've never really heard of this anime until today, but your video is so good, I think I'll check it out soon... great upload...
I always have to cry when an amv of this quality gets almost 300k views and one of sierra-lorna quality gets like 3k :')
Louis Braxton
Is this an anime serious or movie I can't find it can someone help me out?
Maryu Daiku
Always a Good AMV my friends. So Great. Thanks.
I usually watch kenichi for inspiration for fight scenes, i make fight scenes but i keep them to myself. Jesus am I weab?
Abdurrahman Mohammed
read the manga
Untraveled Legend Official
good Light That Never Comes music ggg video
Samuel 1256
the fighting is cool but the constant wind affect for every move they do is really irritating.
stavs music
man can i ask u something?i have sony vegas pro 13 but i dont have the files of animes and music to use it.where do u download the anime scenes and stuff so u can put them to the sony vegas and how u put them would be huge help if u answered
KILL HIM END HIM TACKLE HIM and feed my adrenalin
I just wish they would make some more, that's all.
Savvas Blackcross
Kenichi is basically the softcore version of Baki the grappler
kenichi -san
Woooow ❤❤❤kenichi❤❤❤❤❤👌
zichri missingninzero
This is the only anime/manga I can re-read that's how good it is...... it's making me read
vincent hammons
I am still pissed they never finished animating this such a great manga
SD FutureMusic
Well i wont watch the anime but damn nice AMV, but still this is not like its a song used to do great edition . So good is all i can say.
Colorless Oz
WHAT!?!!? Kenichi got moves!!! ok I'm sorry but I tried watching the first few episodes and they were good but I didn't think it would be a great one but this........ ummm excuse me I'm going to go sit in shame now and watch all the episodes.
Michael Chakurian
what episodes are these I've only seen the first 50 episodes would like to continue if I can
keanu chin
this anime looks awsome
Paco Lemus
hey whats te name ok those new episodes
Міша Крут
Ларі. Коко. Парнот
Savvas Blackcross
The song fits so well with the anime in general💙
joseph bonar
Is there a season 2?
The light will never come because they don't make more episodes.
IIWhite DragnII
I haven't seen this before. Do they have it in English dubbed?
LuisA Treviño
my dream is that this anime keeps going😭😭😭😭 why did they cancel it
David Alonzo
I miss this Manga!!! man your AMV was awesome
Valkyrie Nanjo
There's an Ova? I've re watched the first 50 eps like 5 times while I cry because there arent any more and theres an Ova?! Haha you just made my day, Ken-chan + Linkin Park :3 Now excuse me while I cry in happiness this time
Tarik Agoudjil
What is episode vs boris plz
Taylor Oubre
Is OVA canon
Awzumo Luffy
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Ted Rose
The one anime music video that I actually watched all the way through
Suq Maidic
Kenichi and Goku vs Superman and Saitama ........ I wish
Suq Maidic
Dennis Leshchinskiy
Very..., similar techniques as spetsnaz.
Trea H
Where can I watch this
Sven León Alvarez
muy buen video es el mejor amv de kenichi que e visto
Дима Яковлев
как песня называется
taylos nntk
0:36 what ep or what ova ep ?
Lachlan Reynolds
where can i watch all these episodes?
Edwin Ortiz
i really loved seeing the fight between kenichi and boris.
I wonder who would a death battle him or another martial artist who do u think would be a great match for him to fight against as a opponent
why can't the people put this back on Netflix because I mean how many series are there when I watched it on Netflix it stop on season 2 episode 52 I think... come on so I have to watch it on anime I don't even think that the they would take it the series off an say that we're going to work and add this avo series or is this a different series altogether....
Ciel Sourire
This is a very good AMV :D
Nash Anzola Linares
Extraño este anime yo quiero ve la siguente temporada de kenichi pero no se cuando va sali lo extraño mucho
Michal Kolařík
Kenichi I sooo love you hope to see new episodes with you again.....<'s not only about fighting,I can see lots of philosofy in this anime
Dung Vo
cai nay la ngoai truyen ha
Tyler Springer
No "stragegic withdrawals" here haha, my favorite anime
Siddarth Bassatta
I want to see the episode ova 12 when they will suppose to post that on youtube
A never ending light at the end of the tunnel as long as you want it bad enough and you never give up on it YOU can reach it but sometimes your better off without it
Antonio Matos
Seya com o estilo de cabelo do Sasuke
NoVam00nlight akamoonlightjr12
This is season two isn't it?
Zach P
I liked this, I felt the music was well times with the actions and it didn't get boring. Good job.
Badis Vlogs
its good video
Black Stone
can somebody please tell me what season is this because I only have access to the first season and where can I watch the rest of the seasons
Anthony Eddie
what part of the ova is 1:08
Isaac Mckinney
I wonder how many pairs of socks he ripped XD. But seriously I wish it was finished too.
joker joner
So badddddd
Dartravens Shelley
sound slike music being played under water
Kyriacos Pimbos
who is the guy with the death gods ring and what episode did they fight?
Gromo Boi
из какой серии его драка с беловолосым воякой?
Fury shot
I'm pretty sure that kenichi is ryu from a younger age
crazy gamer xp
amazing song
Kareem Hassab
This season 2 or what ? I didn't see this esp in season 1
booyaa kashaa
jihan was a complete badass
NightTerror 94
sup homes
guyz like kenichi got no steam tch but dey r r all over the place >: darker the better like leouch hmph
زيرو العراقي
هههههههه روعة
shadoe bloodmoon
where can i find this anime to watch it cause i have looked every incucing kiss and i ant find it
huntrona akadawn
where did you get that thumbnail pic from would like to have it as a background
Koby Pickett
I shall kill my enemy no no no....
Jay L Parker
does anyone know where i can find full episodes of this?
Jose Rios
cool song
Yousef Feizi
Whos the guy at 0:20 Blond guy??
I saw episode 1 to 50. But there are scenes I didn't see! Where can I find it????