Kai & Kang "Leg Workout"

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Adrian Lard
I like how Kai can do a leg workout using lighter weights and still make it look brutal af.
Tim Z
only king kai can put out a youtube video longer than most standard movies and ill watch the whole damn thing
Darius Hammond
Worst nightmare is Kai Greene explaining to you how he used his muscles to BANG your girl better than you.
I always feel like Kai is this jedi master in his hoodie with a phd in bodybuilding guiding his young apprentice
Maxime Benhaim
Not avaible Kaiiiiiiii ! like this comment for his look !
Stratovarius Jake
Kai didn't have him train calves because the Asian dude's calves are so developed. This is the first time I've ever seen kai not do calves when he trains thighs.
those calves on kang are insane.
Does that make sense
23:38 wtf this guy doing in the back?? LOL
"does that make sense?" -Kai Greene
It is amazing how these huge ass bodybuilders when they train with Kai they can barely finish a full workout.
Michael Malaxos
Kai has 100lbs on me and is still more flexible
Window Smiles
Aint nobody in the world like Kai Greene, love that man. Awesome video with again so much to learn from. It's always fun watching these because its just like an amazing film, you see and learn something new every time you watch it. Thank you Kai Greene.
강경원선수도 우리나라에서하면 누구처럼 보조양쪽에 둘씩 끼고 황제헬스가능할텐데 외국에서 고생하시는게보입니다. 그만큼 더욱더 발전하실거라 생각하고 화이팅
What 'cha say Phil?
manuel men
Does that makes sense can you count how many times he said that ? Lol
I just trained legs, I feel like my workout was minimal to this.
Karan Kumar
My workout ends in about 45 mins and that's when his warmup is over. LOL
max maxim
Kai you need to create a new league, more authoritative than the Mr. Olympia, I believe in you
vídeo not available
Savannah Precious
is it me or does kai train in a g string under his sweat pants...
Hatem Alshwadfy
why not available!!
eric white
Thoughts become things!!!! Awesome video and love how the mindset of Kai everything makes sense when done correctly.
Taylor King
@1:31:35 Powerlifter Kevin Oak boy #Caffeine&Kilos
Manjot Saggu
"Does that make sense?"
Stebbings Muhammd
Kai always Breakin when he showing something
Sai Tauati
you're the man kai!! and dr kang too.these videos keep me on track with my training
I really hope that this gets re uploaded as it's not working. 🙏🏻
Rob Late
Why do BB's like wearing hoodies and track pants in the gym? Is it to encourage body heat for warming up or just some sort of ritual? I heard that some like to hide their body until competitions but I've never quite understood it. I need to go as nude as legally possible because being too hot makes me itchy and sweaty as hell but that's just me!
I put one of my clients through this exact same workout......R.I.P.
finished yesterday morning and now it hurts to sit
1:23:20 , 1:46:15
more like an assworkout
Nikki No Nose
Lil sweat going kai !?? ....full track suit werkout and sauna all in one
Danii Psn
Learn so much and today is leg day. Let's put the knowledge to the test.💪💪💪💪💪
Calvinsing along
Chest Workout next King Kai!!
Patrick Jaidy
wtf i can't watch this damnnnn :-(
Malachi Gary
at the beginning it looks like Dr Kang hates life
Erick L Williams
I bet Kang could sit on the toilet for at least a week after this....
Amr Fe
He is the bodybuilder monk
Robert PumPed up GarciA
why he looks light the kid that won the ..a day with kai..
carsten nielsen
47:20 ; Evolutionary related involvement of the limbs, is here beautifully shown; Continiued, circulary patterns of movement is natures way of optimizing creatures behaviour. It creates functional flow and min. energyconsumption for optimal functionality for the energy invested, which is natures way. Correct usage of the bones and joints as evolutionary intended, is what Kai here show and not often seen elsewhere. I really appreciate the real dynamic approach Kai here show. Kai is identical with the perception or meaning of the name or phrase "Dynamik".
great workout and all... but damm kai cut yo fingernails before one gets popped off by accident bruh.
Jesus those calves!!! WTF!
Arturo Peña
Hello Kai, do workout 3 days a week, please!, saludos desde Peru, muchas gracias!
Alana Rae
im here from Netflix loved what I saw
Rudy Straight
Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow!
Dudley GT
man im trying to get that donkey type lower half like kai got going on, ima do these workouts
Ben Graham
kang don't know what you saying B
Mónica Estrada
Este video no está disponible??? Nooo porqué????!!!!!!
Kai Greene is such a great wise person! I love to watch his training videos... learn alot from them! Peace and love. TBT ;)
George Ramos
Kai Greene. Awesome trainer, his working out philosophy!
Kai is a very smart man. Anyone see the paintings he produces? He’s an artist in and out the gym. Very intelligent man and not just muscle, he’s got brains too!
Darius Hammond
Not_your_average Meathead
Until I saw this video I thought I never skipped a leg day, now I realise I've pretty much never had a leg day
Kai Greene owns the sport of bodybuilding
Myra Linya
Thank u for sharing
Myra Linya
Nice workout I did it with u guys at home
cris sanchez
i lift like the hulk when he's hang over that what's up what cholos without barrios
2 scoops ? I take 3/4 of scoop of total war and I;m exploding :D
Indago Tv
kai is a living legend
Will T
i know what he saying!!!!! King Kai!!!!! #dontsweatthetechnique
Clt Nc
I thought that was Nell Carter from the back.
Dallas Ford
your awesome kia!!!!! Thanks 4 everything 💪💪
Kais technique is flawless. The way he performs the excercises makes it look much harder
Take a bunch of steroids and live in the gym all day: life of modern bb. Not much point in watching unless you got the genetics in the first place.
Anthony Carrillo
mad respect kia
11:06 thanks for the insight, Im going to try it tomorrow.
g naka
Kai, used to be heavily under rated bec of his sexual preference wh/ should have no bearing when competing.
Violet M
EZ Reapers:Megatron
Turgay Bey
Yeah Kai Green
Yeah buddy
Mostly all Chinese ppl ive seen have naturally big calf muscles you can tell this dude has that as his calfs are huge compared to his quads and its not due to training his calves.
Casey Jensen
Does that make sense??
Wants to be a bodybuilder but never lifts "some heavy ass weight!" Wont be Olympia next year either i suppose.
uriel piña
shoulder whorkout whit KANG and KAI please!!!!
Tolga Keles
Islet Gedeon
The master Kai Greene the one and only. One love.
He pretty much kills your legs and then does squats lol that's crazy
Magnus Magnusson
It must be very cold in that gym!!
juan carlos
Android Boss
Thank you so much for the core warm-up/stretching routine at the beginning.
Saunch Supps
a bender ball with pre????? Why
Marvin Bane
I needed to watch this before I destroy my legs later today but the video isn't available !! what's going on ?
Michael Howell
and before legs? I thought that would weaken the core during squats
serious business!
1:38:51 kais posing routine song :D
He should really think about wearing some tighter underwear
Cedric Dalton
very good video. great training bascis. its not about weight but about function, longevity of body and injury minimization. great vid.
Slown Jam
Berg Nascimento
Nelson Ramon Ortega
when was that? was kai in korea?
Queen's Studio 5 Project
I think I'm in love!! 🤩😍😍😍🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️💣💣👑👑👑👑
Dani hallo
i like kai...and i do also like kang...so i like the video...
يوسف النعيمي
we want new videos >>> new training >>>> new new new
Davor Azic
if I did a session like this ,I wouldn't recover fora month!
중량이나 ㅈㄴ 끼워서 5-6번들고 내려놓고 아 오늘도 열심히햇어 자위하는게 트레이닝이아니라 이게 바로 보디빌딩이다... 이미 선피로 과정에서 강경원은 끝낫다
L'vagabond De la street
Bien tresser la tresse !!!