Pete Davidson Confirms His Engagement To Ariana Grande

SNL's Pete Davidson talks about how weird it is how much people care about his engagement to Ariana Grande and his obsession with Robert Pattinson's movie Good Time. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: /> Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35 /10:35c Get more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: />Like Jimmy: /> Get more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Follow The Tonight Show: />Like The Tonight Show: />The Tonight Show Tumblr: /> Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: />Like NBC: />Follow NBC: />NBC Tumblr: />NBC Google+: /> The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives. Pete Davidson Thinks Being Engaged to Ariana Grande Is "F***ing Lit" /> Hashtags: #PeteDavidson #ArianaGrande #SNL

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China Kweess
robert pattinson barely talked but he still managed to be iconic
Sierra Bilotti
At 5:26 you can hear Ariana off to the side say “oh my god” 😂
V. Z.
Ariana Grande: I'm gonna marry him. Pete Davidson: Okay!
Camryn Petti
Get you a man that promote your movie that is already out
Isabella Wong
DeAnna Juan
“I didn’t know I was that ugly,” LMAO ME LOOKING AT PHOTOS OF MYSELF edit: woah wtf how’d i get so many likes
Shehzadi Aziz
i can see why she likes him. he’s really funny and genuine even if he isn’t the typical model-looking guy you would expect ariana grande to date. it’s nice seeing a couple that are probably genuinely in love. ultimately personality > looks
Vanessa V
imagine being his friend or being in a relationship with him. you would legit not stop laughing
Adriana Hernandez
Pete promoting Rob would be me as a celebrity
Dildar Abdurexit
He is so cute lol i can see why she likes him just like so clumsy funny oblivion
J Connor
i love that he literally isnt here for anything but the engagement so hes just promoting this random ass movie im ded but also loving this
Born Catherine
Jimmy: You know you can't say that word on television. Pete: You asked me to be on here! Hahahahaha
An italian girl passing by
Sounds like he has a meat ball in his mouth while he’s talking
Gina Gabriella MUA
Call me crazy but i actually think Pete is crazy hot .
Rahul R.
His teeth are bigger than my future
Sonni Lam Films
This has got to be the most HONEST and realest interviews ever take place on The Tonight Show... and its soley because of Pete Davidson's realness lol love it
Jeff Gourley
“I can’t get fired from your show, idc”😂😂
someone give Pete a talkshow like rn
Mary Dragonee
the fact that he brought a clip of a movie he isnt in at all
Calli Shae
Did not even realize Rob was there until like a minute 45 in
Stannis Baratheon
The levels of brilliance with Pete is unmatched lol he knew why they invited him on the show and he knows actors like rob deserve more media for serious roles and great films so he trolled jimmy and promoted rob, gave the world the middle finger and knew he would never have to be back
Private Fields
HAHAHAHA DIDN'T KNOW THIS MOTHERFUCKER WAS SO FUNNY 😂😂 I'm glad they're engaged so Ariana gets to laugh a lot 😂😂
yourbæ s
Robert was me everytime i go to strangers's house where they all talkin and forgot me right there
I didn’t realize Ariana grande was engaged to Steve Buscemi
0:12 wtf was that handshake lmfaoooo
Amber Tatum
Robert Pattinson in the background 3rd wheeling is *ME*
Ava! At the disco
Why tf does Pete Davidson look like that character from Big Mouth?😂
Power Fitness
This guy’s a major dork compared to Mac miller
R.I.P. Mac miller
Flex Tape Clear
He looks like Alan (from two and a half men)
Magalí I. B.
That's the most honest guest I've ever seen on a talk show
samantha degrande
This is by far my favorite interview on the show. Pete is the funniest fuckin dude and i love how hard he trolled jimmy. It should be a regular thing on the show now.
Jimmy Fallon is so salty lmao
Sunshine Madeline
rob is sitting laughing and you can see the reactions to when pete says the wrong thing.
Ammar Hussain
Jeyli Guandqiue
One question, why is Robbert Pattinson there?
Pete’s hell of modest he doesn’t want to hyped up at all just like making people laugh and trying to stay humble I mess with dude for that . 💯
This dude smokes hella Meth... How do I know? because I smoke hella meth and can spot a meth head from a mile away..
Aleena Jimenez
Jimmy would be an idiot to not bring Pete back!
Black Knight
Mac is better than this mental kid
Robert Walsh
Pete looks and acts like the love child of Adam Sandler and Steve-O
Tobi Vito
havent they been together for like 1 month when they got engaged?
He looks better with a cap, he should always wear a cap
“You should of popped on the first date, marked your territory” 😂😂
Veronica Renaker
I haven't seen Robert Pattinson since Twilight.
Also, Ariana confirmed she was here for this interview. She said she was dying of laughter. XD
‘I feel like I won a contest’ she’s not an object ew
Daniel Moosayebi
Who is this guy Gilbert Gottfried son or something?
David Conner
this is hard to watch you gotta think this and arianas recent interview on Fallon tore malcolms heart out and he overdosed because he couldn't move on like ariana could and did very fast I must say. I'm not blaming them but damn this is sad to watch when you know shortly after hip hop lost one of its only brilliant young talents off of one of the best albums I've heard in years and more importantly a really good man in really horrible mental pain. btw Pete's wierd af I'd hate to have to be around that dude all the time annoying ass dude that people are only talking about because he's with ariana grande but hey good luck to them. R.I.P Malcolm McCormick (Mac Miller) Fly forever my man.
Amber Scholl
this is the funniest interview I have ever seen
ANImE-.-REkTor :/
Rip Mac miller
Hannah Baig
BRO why does he talk like a 50 year old LMFAO. he's trash
Pro hac Vice
Holy shit I am just trying to enjoy the interview but that guy is ruining it for me... the guy behind the desk
Luxry Paola
Robert looks so left out 😂😭
Omg this was the greatest interview of all time on Fallon... can’t believe he promoted good time instead of his own movie 😂
Seanna Foreman
RIP Mac Miller <3
🔥🔥[NEW] Ariana Grande - R.E.M (INSTRUMENTAL) made for you 🔥🔥 on my page :)
🔥🔥[NEW] Ariana Grande - R.E.M (INSTRUMENTAL) made for you 🔥🔥 on my page :)
It's things like this that probably destroyed Mac's emotions. I've had my heart broken and seeing an ex with someone else is one of the the worst emotions anyone can deal with. It had to be ten times worse for mac since ariana and pete did everything so quickly and publicly right in mac's face. RIP bud
Kennedy Walsh
How can u watch this interview and not love him afterwards
nathan brown
Nawal almansoori
A first impression for me and... I wouldn't even think of dating this person.
Vvs Flash
Rip Mac
BlaseSavage 11
I like how he gets engaged to Ariana Grande and started talking about a movie I’ve never heard of
Ima call it now. They won’t last. Usually people who get married that fast divorce. But we shall see fam we shall see
Gawd he looks like he's on drugs...
Stefan Leggott
Ariana should take the guy next to Pete. Not Pete. Lol he ain't doing shit lol
Nicole Taylor
"Im just that guy who comes in and says "I GOT PIZzA" im dead he goofy as hell😂😂😂
He's soo funny I can see why Ari likes him aha
Daniel Carter
Pattinson HATES this dude.
Bushan Thiyam
He only knows how to steal love from people
Melina Soraya
He looks so drugged up & Don’t like his personality ! He keeps swearing in jimmy show 🤦🏽‍♀️....A shame Ariana choose the wrong guy to marry, she seems so sweet!
Death Wish
He looks like Lincoln clay from mafia 3
reagan wolf
Pete is clearly trying to make Fallon uncomfortable. His bpd is making his sarcasm inevitably seen. He’s annoyed that Fallon is literally just using him as a way to talk about Ariana—he wants to cuss and bring up as many controversial subjects as he can because he’s over it 💀
baylie mccoy
I only watched this because Robert Pattinson is in it
This is Kevin Federline all over again
Hoody Jones
are u happy now ? he is dead
B. Wong
Anyone thinks Pete Davidson smokes weeds or takes drugs either?
Mr. Someone
Jimmy's fake laugh is getting more and more annoying
Fear 808
This was so painful to watch.
Mac is the GOAT
Leon R
What does she see in him 🤨 Im asking this questions seriously coz no offence but i don’t see looks and i don’t see personality. People have described ariana grande as a bit of a narcissist and very bossy/rude. Idk if this is true or not but if it is thats probably why they’re together.
Never trust a guy with a handshake like that 😂😂
j michelle
I just freaking love how Pete is gushing over Robert Pattinson, in his role in this new movie!😂😏
Jacia Terry
Ugh. Pete Davidson.
dan jacob
Does anyone else think this guy is a colossal douche?
Am I the only one that finds Pete extremely attractive?
Kaiya Jones
They changed the title from "Pete Davidson says being engaged to Ariana Grande is 'f**king lit'"! Lmaoo
I need a friend like this to cure my depression😩👌🏽
wait this is max russo right?
Jesse Paul
I hate ariana Grande and Peter .when I hear that news Mac Miller die
Nick Fatahiyar
And now Mac is dead.
He is a mix between the bird from Aladdin and Adam Sandler
Michael LeBlanc
He is so NOT funny......will go down as one of the least remembered ever from the SNL cast.....
•BeyondTheScene •
I love how Robert was just laughug in the background the whole time 😂😂
Martini Dah
Yeah this ain't it
Chris R
his posture is awful even sat down
He and Robert Pattinson are so different yet both completely gorgeous!