What's Your Rashee? - Aaja Lehraate Video | Priyanka Chopra

Presenting ‘Aaja Lehraate’ full song video feat. Priyanka Chopra & Harman Baweja. Song Name - Aaja Lehraate Movie - What's Your Rashee? Singer - Shaan & Bhavya Pandit Music - Sohail Sen Lyrics - Javed Akhtar Director - Ashutosh Gowariker Studio - UTV Motion Pictures & Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Producer - Ronnie Screwvala & Sunita Gowariker Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Subscribe: Vevo - /> Like us: Facebook: Follow us: Twitter: />G+:

What'S Your Rashee? Harman Baweja; Priyanka Chopra Aaja Lehraate Bikhri Bikhri Dhadkan Dhadkan Jao Na Koi Jaane Na Maanunga Maanunga Pyaari Pyaari Sau Janam Salone Kya Aa Le Chal Shaan; Bhavya Pandit Marianne D'cruz Aiman Tarannum Malik Rajab Ali; Bela Shende Ashutosh Pamela

Prateem Bhattacharjee
I wanted to save the song after watching this almost 7-8 years later but Sony music doesn't allow its videos to be saved . abey kya fakir ho jaoge tum log?
krisha gautam
Gemini 💜 My rashi
Parul Pawar
harman bawega is not that bad actor still bad with his luck in films
Priyanka chopra😘 - only she could've done all the 12 roles !!..hats off to her She's gorgeous n hardworking ..way to go girl..
Rubaiya Chowdhury Ricta
Its my rashee song. I am a Gemini.
Priyanka Kaul
I love that grey and black stripes hoodie guy! The best part of the song: " Ooiiwooo... Saathiya... Girl i really wanna hold you aa bhi jaa!" :D
Rohit Ghosh
I need to see Harman again in industry.
Tanish Mishra
Who can't stop watching?
AJ Maiti
PC looks so cute in her pink miniskirt
Abhijit Zimare
Gemini <3
Huma khan
my rashee song m a gemini
sarcasmholic !!!
2:57 I always waited for that
It's 2016,and I'm still loving this 👌
I wish they were still together.
Ujala Chaudhry
love this song
Ismail Hahmi
I missed Harman Baweja
Omkaar Muley
harman rocks!
jyoti rao
The best dance and the best song ever.. 😘
Himani Shah
last main konsi rashi wali se shadi karta hai?
Angel Doll
I love PC :* she is the best !!
cagmadhige abdi
Pc I love you she is the best
tas snim
i'm watching that in 2017
bala ambika
Wow.. that moment 3:03
Rajendra Meena
maira Sharma
Everybody changed their zodiacs to mithun after this song.....
Mystery TV
1day harman sir will be superstar of bollywood i promise
who is watching in 2017 .. and gemimi too
sabina khatun16
I m gemini.. but m not like her.. I m vry lazy n boringgg 😒😌😌 energy level is zero now!!
Geminiiiiiii yeahhhhh
Watching in 2017??!!
Lady Sovereign
king allaqafa king allaqafa
الرقصه الخاصه لبرجي حبيتها
Tech Bizy
Who is watching this song in 2017? This was the only actor who can stand eually to Hrithik at that time. Dont know why he is't doing movies now. He is smart,having acting plus dance skills. He is an amazing actor. Miss ya Harman.
GeeksareSexy (マリア)
Lol the song that made me want to go Gemini just like that xD
Those days were like I was about to leave to school and suddenly this song appears in TV then starts to procrastinate for school
Mamta Mamta
Harman you can do it please please come back
gobinda biswas
My lucky song
Alex Luna
PC is perfect,her lips, her smile,her body.Year after year, she becomes a good actress
I love this song😘💃
Rupam Bhadury
i still love this song and the moves in 2016
play list
Harman was a great actor with looks height dance skills dont know y he flopped
ألَمَوِنِأّلَيِّزِّأّ أّلَمَوِنِأّلَيِّزِّأّ
اجمل فلم شفته 😍
aamir ali
awsm dance
Seher Shakoor
priyanka come back to Bollywood !
Mustang Wanted
Who is watching in 2016
Chanda Sarkar
I'm a Gemini. Just love being crazy n barely predictable.. ;-)
Inakuos Oumaima
I Love U Priyanka Chopra
Naem Khan
What's that last chain worm called?
Shivi Verma
How does Harman Dances like that , never mind I cant so i ll watch it again and over again :D
prashray bajpai
gobinda biswas
Lucky song for me.
purva nachan
I like for shaan
Ashok gurung
this is it in 2k18 I m from usa n this song always aroused my motivation
Div ya Bharuth
Cool song😘😘😍😍
Robin Dhir
Step 2:57 practiced alot And, yes did it. Mine is Libra
S M Ramead
Sohail Sen r d burman award. Well deserved😀
Sadmim Kabir
i really dont like this
Manisha Jha
Cool😎 Priyanka is awesome.🤘
Muqaddas Kaleem
Priyanka is looking cool in this song
Muqaddas Kaleem
After a long time I am listening
Muqaddas Kaleem
Wow! My favourite one..
Laiba Anwar
This movie gave songs which are still used in many tv shows..
Romika Bhardwaj
Love you priyanka😘
Soumyaa Dubey
Harman was nice in this movie.
Diganta Jyoti Bordoloi
Omkaar Muley
I love 'em both!
Barkha singh
2017?? Hands up
Sabyasachi Rout
Nice song
Khadija Yaqoob
One of my fav song. Memories
sharita sarmah
3:16 love this part 😁👌👌
Ra Shrivastava
Love shaan,'s voice
sandesh koli
Ayesha Ayesha
ayesha shaikh hasan
aditi s
My song. Gemini. 😁😋
Latika Sone
Feels good to watch
Shiv Meena
great dancer
Shaan's voice is sooo sexy i just can't get over it seriously soooo loveable...i wud like to have someone like him as my entire life's partner...my life will become heaven
Tiger Tiger
Who's still watching in 2050?
Jalaz Mani
team gemini# fierce sirens
Shantanu Limaye
حسين الشريفي m
nice song
Anjali Luthra
I really like their dance
Sonali Kar
nice song
laxman singh
Omera fatima
great song love this song😘😘😘
kiran ansari
i really enjoy this song n dance also
نجلا الحربي
ايش برجها ؟؟
nina mhbola 31
Afsha Bari
I too like that guy
yuvraj agnihotri
I love this song
Himanshu Suman
how the fuck everyone know the step.......................
Shina Kapoor
nice dancing song
Noor TV
Wow lLove lndia😙😙😘😘😘😚😚😚😍😍😍😍
Adullahi Ali
salman mohmmad
me in 2016
Ms Hodan Pretty
Nice vidéo i love her
john boodaaye
very nyz
john boodaaye
very nyz