Rolling Stones - Angie (HQ)

Rolling Stones, Angie, Angie When will those clouds all disappear? Angie, Angie Where will it lead us from here? With no lovin' in our souls and no money in our coats You can't say we're satisfied But Angie, Angie You can't say we never tried Angie, you're beautiful But I hate that sadness in your eyes Angie, I still love you baby Remember all those nights we cried All the dreams we held so close Seemed to all go up in smoke Let me whisper in your ear Angie, Angie Where will it lead us from here? Yeah All the dreams we held so close Seemed to all go up in smoke Hate that sadness in your eyes But Angie, I still love you baby Everywhere I look I see your eyes There ain't a woman that comes close to you Come on baby dry your eyes But Angie, Angie Ain't it good to be alive Angie, Angie, you can't say we never tried.

The Rolling Stones Angie Rock Music

Kurt Simmons
Michael Jackson dead, David Bowie dead, Prince dead, but all the Rolling Stones are still hanging on. I'm scratching my head over that one
Theodora Onita
My mother's name is Angela and my father used to play this song for her. None of them speak English, but he can sing a lot of rock ballads. They still love each other after 27 years together.
Nairon Reis
Deb Walker
My brother wanted to name his daughter Kirsten.... Or Kersten? After seeing her be born and driving in the driveway we heard this song on the radio. I love Angela Marie Walker! She's Angie to me and having her own baby!
Sergei Apapr
Gaspar Noe brought me here
Carla Latham
I'm noticing a lot of youngsters are just now discovering the GREATEST ERA IN MUSICAL HISTORY...none before or after can stand next to the 60's, 70's, 80's an some 90's...this is the era with true vocals, instruments, pure talent!! Not to take away from individual artist, famous or not, I've been on many a outing where ppl play for the joy of it, I'm just sayin its exciting to know these beautiful songs an artist still touch ppl they were intended to do!!Rock on everyone!!!😎😍🎼🎶🥁🎻🎺🎸🎷🎹📯📰💿♥️
Adex Ventimiglia
August 10,2018 and still love this song 😍
Nicole De Grâce
A peine sortie de l'enfance lorsque j'ai entendu cette pièce de Jagger..... Et déjà j'adorais...... Merci pour ce beau souvenir
Payton Eastham
One of the greatest songs of all time. Still playing it in 2018. Justin Bieber can't even imagine being this great
Emirhan Şirikçi
My mom brought me here. She'll pick me up at 8.
Ester Balbi
so beautyful song!!!
Intellect Territorial
À toi qui a fleuri ma vie Valérie dit aussi mamour Quelle joie de m'endormir et de me réveiller à tes côtés Ne doute jamais de la véracité de mes sentiments à ton égard Tu es une femme superbe belle douce et intelligente C'est un vrai bonheur de partager ma vie avec toi Je t'aime mon ange
Nature and Art Channel
Just love this song!
владимир жижко
the king
Fantastic song...👍👍👍
Alexy Alvarez
Bella melodía ,tiempos hermosos ,mientras sigamos escuchando estos temas seguiremos siendo jovenes ,porque los de ahora tienen espiritu podrido.
Cazaciuc Maria
Nice music!
i love it this music this music will never come back so cherish it whit all you heartxxxxx
ANGIE is a theme of another world. Rolling Stones here are magical and timeless. Angie is a masterpiece, the most beautiful ever.
Eric Johnston
I dreamed this song in my sleep and woke up and it was playing on my stereo
Fabian Weiss
in need of some lyrics: Angie, Angie When will those dark clouds all disappear Angie, Angie Where will it lead us from here With no lovin' in our souls And no money in our coats You can't say we're satisfied Angie, Angie You can't say we never tried Angie, you're beautiful But ain't it time we say goodbye Angie, I still love you Remember all those nights we cried All the dreams were held so close Seemed to all go up in smoke Let me whisper in your ear Angie, Angie Where will it lead us from here Oh, Angie, don't you wish Oh your kisses still taste sweet I hate that sadness in your eyes But Angie Angie Ain't it time we said goodbye With no lovin' in our souls And no money in our coats You can't say we're satisfied Angie, I still love you baby Everywhere I look I see your eyes There ain't a woman that comes close to you Come on baby dry your eyes Angie, Angie ain't good to be alive Angie, Angie, we can't say we never tried
Eduardo Carlos
Brasil e nos falamos mais de dois anos de idade
Marcie Medon
All time classical music my favorite song. Thanks Dad for teaching me Angie..
Unprepared Hero
Wer denkt auch immer an die Angela Merkel 😅🤦‍♂️
Julia Tillman
Love this song and my memories from those days gone by.
Olivia Tóth
The woman to whom this song was originally written must be so gorgeous!
My first girlfriend was Angie, back in 1978.
maria pineda
oh yes good music
Rodolfo Zamora
I lo ve this song,,,osea. Music chingona😎😎😎😎
emmanuel rush
Angie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
magic The Lord
Hermosa cancion para invocar la nostalgia y recordar bellos momentos que no volveran ..tu recuerdo late en mi corazon ..visiten (Lord magik..sombras agenas ..\ . . /
Mike Rudell
So many of the Stones' songs remind me of my Mom; she loved them so much. It's been 7 months already and I'm still learning how to live without you.
R1100R BMW
Stones for ever
magic The Lord
Despues de tantos anios de amor ...tan solo quedo..una carta ..un beso..y un adios baniado en llanto..Mi hermosa Angie ..gracias x todos esos bellos momentos...I still loving you bby
Lana Seal
Beautiful song
Melissa Andree jose
Pour toi pascal a jamais dans mon coeur R.I.P
Robert Haynie
Another beautiful song from the 70s. Was some of the best times of my life. We rocked in the 70s and 80s. People today don't have a clue what great music is.
jaja a paja
Beautiful, .... :-))
Patricia Corbeel
Without any love in our hearts and no money in our coats, you cannot said we are satisfied. No. But happy anyway❤️
Ricardo Aziz
Minha música preferida dos rolling stones!
Grazia Patellaro
questa è musica, la mia musica--
I'm 20 and just experienced my first breakup, guess late for my age. Had a relation of two and half years, went to shit because of jealousy and shitty communications. Tuesday going on a date with another girl, only God knows how I will end up when I become old, until that time I will see whatever happens and enjoy it all.
Ricky Butler
One of the Rolling Stones finest! Remember our childhood memories!
Those who gave a thumbs down are not able to judge, music on any level.
Hadran Krichenko
Thank you my love beautiful song music Angie.🎶🎶🎵🎵💞💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Michelangelo di Lorenzo parma
Questa è per te mia beatrice nn ti dimenticherò mai
E D Daly
Here i am again... listening to music for hours, when there's other stuff i should be doing. Damn, im so easily distracted..
Irina Brainis
Loved them since I was a teenager
qwert yuiop
nie wiem co tu dodac slucham angie juz tyle lat ,moze jak poznam slowa to ta muzyka odczepi sie ode mnie?
dimce ordeski
Енџи, Енџи, кога ќе исчезнат тие облаци? Енџи, Енџи, од каде ќе нѐ одведе одовде? Без љубов во нашите души и без пари во нашите палта Не можете да кажете дека сме задоволни Но, Енџи, Енџи, не можеш да кажеш дека никогаш не се обидовме Енџи, ти си прекрасна, но нели е време да се простиме? Енџи, јас сеуште те сакам, се сеќавам на сите оние ноќи што плачевме? Сите соништа што ги држевме толку блиску, се чинеше дека сите одат нагоре во чад Дозволете ми да ми шепотеш на уво: Енџи, Енџи, од каде ќе нѐ одведе одовде? О, Енџи, не плачете, сите твои бакнежи сè уште вкусат слатка Ја мразам таа тага во твоите очи Но, Енџи, Енџи, не е ли време да се збогуваме? Без љубов во нашите души и без пари во нашите палта Не можете да кажете дека сме задоволни Но, Енџи, сè уште те сакам, бебе Ev'rywhere Гледам гледам твоите очи Не постои жена која е блиска до тебе Ајде Бебе, суши очите Но, Енџи, Енџи, не е добро да се биде жив? Енџи, Енџи, не можат да речат дека никогаш не се обидовме
Seeing these guys next Saturday in Edinburgh- a dream come true
>Be me >Fell in mutual first sigh love with this girl, her name was angie >Start hanging out with her >Super amazing times with this girl, i never felt more complete in my life >I go out of town for a pair of weeks >I didnt noticed and she didnt told me >She started to feel insecure about us >Love started to disappear from her side >She broke with me the coldest way possible >Said we could be friends > ''I just cant, it will be too dificult'' >We didnt talk for a time >I cant take it anymore, go speak to her, try to clear things, tell her i dont want her out of my life, i cant live without her >She says i better get used to it >I was to much of a pussy for being that sentimental >My hearth broke >I let her in and she just fucked me up bad She never corresponded my affection, yet she said she kind of loved me, we were together all the time, we were loughing all the time, everything was good, i dont know if it was my foult, what did i do wrong?
Juste pour mettre un comm' en français, bisous
rul haqim
Beautifull song 😍
Alessandro Sisti
Ok charly scotti
What is the name of that girl? Pqp Outstanding
Trev Mac
Where do people go?..i used to listen to this over and over with my high school girlfriend and also my friends and they all disappeared off the face of the earth..i'm like the Gunslinger finally realizing the world has moved on
Jelsonalano Alano
I Love this Song só much
David Beavers
awesome thanks from Florida
arlingthon figueroa
Amad Madun
Asli lagu gw zaman abg dulu ... Sweet bgt .
Ilkka Kiviniemi
So pretty woman Angie, a journey sometimes and somewhere......nice to hear the song about you.
You screwed up the lyrics
j claude M
Sublime. .magnifique. .bellissima...
Weldon Mix
If this isn't the most beautiful song, please tell me what is.
Wes Graham
Thank you
michel Apiculture
Toute mon adolescence en colonie de vacances 💕
Thomas Visek
I'm resting my dream's,until they speak to my soul!☺️
Cat Perez
2018 💋
Timothy Fontenot
my sister was named Angie R.I.P. miss her so much
catel francois
Super musique je ne m' en lasserai jamais !
Najiba Bellamine
Zoran Vojvodic
this is beautiful, i can listent to it god only knows how meny times
Aloïs Van Gucht
Great Song love it
Can I be honest, in the first place I came to see the stuning beauty of the girl, but the song is great as well.
Lokesh Naik
There ain't no woman that comes close to you come on baby dry your eyes.. .
Steve Turowski
The Rolling Stones are way better then the Beatles..I seen the stones at the silver dome in the early 80s and it was to be their last tour,well that what the guy told me selling me the tickets.I came so close to seeing Led Zeppelin but John passed so I never got to see them.But the stones put on a nice show.
Георгійпе Ивановє
Luc danelija tulechova?
Mark Teeffelen
jokan rulex
Anđee jos uvik top❤
Mark Meade
one of there best!!!!
Vedranko Cuturic
Super girl
Nick Volpicelli
Love this song.
andrie susanti
I remember when my dad play this song i was very small, still remember this song and love so much
adrian collings
There was a lass at university in 1973 called Angie. She was blond beautiful, but she faded after a bad haircut. This song reminds me of her.
ilonika werner
Ich bin nicht der Rolling Stones Fan, aber diesen Song mag ich. Er hört sich schön an.
Neftali Santiago
Le encuentro un parecido a hotel california o nada mas yo le encuentro un parecudo?
khaina yusof
Renata Biedak
Slucham tego utworu caly czas
Roberto Miggiano
Nice and old sweet memories when I definetely came back to Italy !!!!
Rodrigo Santillan
Angie my first love of my live how can I forget you .never
Bob Risse
Music hasn't died. You just have to look for it now.
Ashley Kenney
Keith Richards wrote this, I heard that Angie was a nickname for Heroine, and it was about his struggle to kick it.
Cesar Quezada
Clasicos inmortales. Que bonitos inolvidables
magic The Lord
A pasado tanto tiempo de aquellos bellos momentos que pasamos juntos y a pesar que ya no estas mas a mi lado se que aun velas por nuestros suenios .mi hermosa Angie 😘
Britischen Adligen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEEEEEITH! So unbelievable he's 72 today,right? He is still so young,that spirit! So we learnt this:Only cockroaches and Keith Richards can survive nuclear war. All the best for the birthday,Keith,we wish you at least 100!xxx
James Carrera
A song that had a major impact on me as a playing it on Guitar beautiful ❤
hermann preisler
dieses verdammt gute Bild ist alles. Für mich. Die sah genau so aus. Hoffentlich ist noch eine,nur eine einzige noch da.