Logitech C920 Webcam Review (for Online Lessons and Making Videos)

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See below for everything I mentioned in this video... /// Tools in this video /// The webcam is the Logitech C920: />The mic I'm using: />The clip-on mic I mentioned: />The lights I use: />I recorded this using Screenflow: /> /// Review /// I really like the webcam, and as you can see, it looks good. The biggest drawback is that you need software to control the settings on a MAC. This is the software I use: /> Let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you are an English teacher, download my free guide here: /> Subscribe on YouTube: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Google+:

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Ekaterina Ivanova
Dear Jack, I would like to thank you for this review. I was so impressed by the quality of the camera that I made up my mind to buy one for myself. I was absolutely astonished by the quality and can't help admiring it. It's really worth buying! Thank you again and again. :)
English with Leandra
I bought this webcam and just received it today! From the testing I've done so far, I love it. Much better quality than my built-in webcam!
Sara Tilleman
Great video! Why buy an external webcam if you have one on your computer? What are the advantages?
Nabil Abuodeh
thanks a lot
Sara Tilleman
Hi Jack, What tripod would you recommend using for the logitech webcam you recommend?
My Language Success LLC (www.MyLanguageSuccess.com)
Thank you Jack, this is very helpful - Matthew Huseby
Nabil Abuodeh
thank you
Falcon Travel Channel
Very helpful, thanks)
Andrew Mackey - Spiritual Wholeness and Integration Guide
very helpful, thank you
spanish. ink
What about the lighting, Any type or Brand recomendation? Thanks Jack
TEFL Equity Advocates
Thanks for this review, Jack! I'm using this camera for my videos and been really happy with it. I've noticed, though, that a lot of YouTubers now go for a blurred background. Do you know if this is possible to do with C920? Or is there a program you need to use to achieve this? Thanks!
My English Group - Mi grupo de inglés
And what software do you use? I have issues when recording, the video tends to freeze
Mercy Blackstarr
Can you use this webcam on movie maker to edit videos?
Taryn Adams
*Great equipment>>>**t.co/BsTAOLmPVg**  used to set up Xbox One/Living room TV for Skype. No issues at all worked right out of the box!*