Grand Theft Auto V: Michael

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I sell kids for memes
Michael is the character that seems the most real for me
This was Michael's problem. He was just a rich and miserable bank robber who feels like he's a worthless, incompetent and irrelevant old cook. He thought having a family might help him out, and having an expensive car and house will make him feel better. But Michael, undeniably, just is suited to violence. He thrives off it. The only way he feels like he's doing something productive is getting in gun battles or running from the police. He tried so hard to escape his miserable past. New identity, bribing FIB agents. But it came back to haunt him. And instead of running from it even more, he decided to embrace it. He's Michael Fucking Townley. And the only way he feels "competent and content is with a gun in my hand or a price on my head." And he's "plainly addicted to chaos." That's just why he's my favorite character. Trevor is mentally ill and Franklin is pretty cool.
Michael Is My Favorite Character in GTA 5 I Always play as him in open world
Still come back to watch this every now and than :')
התחת שלי לאכול את
Ned did a FANTASTIC JOB Voicing Michael.
"I'm rich, I'm miserable!" Michael summed up in one sentence.
Jakub Artur Kollár
"What do you want Michael?" The PC version of GTA V.
Best character
Josh Harhut
"I'm rich I'm miserable I'm pretty average for this town really."Michael De Santa
Foster boi
poor Michael , he got teabagged by his own son
Rockstar: What do you want fans? Fans: I don't know...I want something that isn't this. Y'know, I really want to be a good fan. Enjoy the game, live the dream. But at the same time...I really want some other stuff too.
Sergio Ortiz
Michael. The very definition of Mid Life crisis
The Concise Statement
This is my favourite traler. Nobody does epic like Freddie in Queen. Just like, "Flash! AH-AH!"
Old channel
Michael is my favorite character.
I am here still waiting for it to come on pc and ps4
I liked Michael. I think Franklin is the most forgettable Gta character of all time.. And I'm including the guy from Gta 3, who doesn't actually speak!
kek this looks like GTA IV now after the PC/xbone/ps4 trailer
Here's a couple things that I noticed:  0:20: Michael's clothes are different, (instead of wearing geeky clothes) Tracey's clothes are different, and M doesn't go the channel when Jay Norris is presenting the LifeInvader device, instead he goes to a movie and drinks a glass of Whiskey. 0:25: Jimmy's clothes are different, and from what I see, M and J are at a different position at the Pier. 0:47: Fabian (Amanda's Yoga teacher) looks sort of different 0:50: When does that happen? When playing Golf, I mess up on purpose when playing as M, but it never shows that cutscene. 0:51: The TV isn't showing Righteous Slaughter, it's just a Burger Shot ad. 0:52: When does that happen? Is it after when he screws a hooker? Or is it just a cutscene removed from the game?  1:01: M killed the wrong guy, which means the job is blown, he fucked it, and he's also an idiot.
lol idk
I came here from Freddie Mercury, deal with it
Constanza Banno Carosio
A genius made this trailer
I kicked my wall and now there is a hole
I looove Michael. He loves hes family but wants the life of crime. !!!!! <3
Nostalgic asf despite gta v only being 2 years old
Albert Dragan
the actual protagonist
Saquib Bhuiyan
Favourite trailer and favourite character
Ways to make GTA V Next Gen better -Bring back gaining and losing weight, muscle and fat -Bring back the cut Brucie mission - Do what IV did better, "narrative pacing" -Bring back all cut missions - Make a prequel mission set before the prologue. -Make the beach gym useful -Make the casino useful -Make the horse track useful -Make Burger Shot useful, again, - GTA used to be about mayhem, not worrying about traffic on your way to a 9 round of golf. Chainsaws, hammers, monster trucks, Tanks that are not made out of paper, and more things that make the game feel like it was not holding back potential fun. -Why are there so many cut songs in this game? fix this. GTA V needs to be bigger, more radio songs -Bring back all cut content, nothing is holding the game back anymore -Bring content from Online to SP.
Russell Brown
Michael: The organized, high-end professional with ties in high places and a criminal record a mile long. Franklin: The young street thug with a brain that wishes to escape the suburban gang wars and find a new, better life. Trevor: The homicidal madman that doesn't care what happens to him and basically does what he feels like doing.
Lowkey *
Best character?
Moises Diaz
I like Michael because he is not insane, or dumb like the others.
"I'm rich" * Start out with $6000 dollars *
Michael best character :3 
TheO Gamer - CoC
Hahahhha at 0:42 when the man falls out u can here a stab sound effect from black ops 2 lol
Jordan Torres
Michael is my favorite character he had the best missions
Suraj Tomar
My favorite character.,.......... after CJ
Man you really notice a difference watching this after playing next gen
I need to watch this at least once every a few months. This trailer is pure gold.
"You've had your time! You've had the power! You've yet to have your finest hour! P-CCC!"
2016 and still watching this
Hasan Alibaba
Anyone finds Michael's personality similar to Tommy Vercetty's?
The Cat of Alice Dee
0:51 i thought on the video "psycho dad destroys tv" :D
Michael look like bill Murray soo much Anyone think like me? "Sorry for my English"
Lucas Rezende
Michael is the best *-*
Leo M
Greatest Video Game of all time
A musica do fred mercury (Queen
Sharu Thammanna
My most fav character in the gta series hands down.
Daniele Emma
Tony Soprano + Bojack Horseman = Michael De Santa
Cris Hofer
we've all killed the therapist, admit it ;-) ...
imo, rockstar should've focused a lot on the story. they made the characters more alive in the trailers opposed to the video game.
Dyms roro
Best character in the game . 
Kid Dojo
U know if gta v was a movie and jimmy was in the great actor would be Jonah hill
Harout Marashlian
Better than trevor
I love this game it simulates whats actually going on in the real world and that it was released on my birthday. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!
Bryan Ulpi
0:15 Jonah Hill playing Wii U :v
jenni va
Tracey T H I C C
Derek Furst
The graphics look different here. The character models are more detailed and less cartooney. I think they saw the limitations they had with frame rate, so they made it more cartooney. I hope for pc, they have like a "definition" edition
Gabriel De la Ossa
"Music by: Queen." Dad, can you buy me GTA V?
I dont understand one thing : Alll the console players are writing coments how PC players are saying that consoles are bad and stuff .... but the only comments you see are comments from console players saying that PC players think they are the best .... So why do you think console players that some PC players are saying that you suck ? ...... If I remember correctly when GTA 5 on old gen was about to come out all console players start saying : HAHA PC Loosers wont get GTA 5 and they were saying it like for 1 year and now they are complaining that pc players are making fun of them .....
Queen is the best.
Juraj Zembjak
Michael is my favorite character :)
Vegeto Bleu
Queen , Radio Gaga
The German
Niko Michael and Tommy My favourite characters
Lokalny Patriota
Dear Rockstar. We love GTA Online but.. we want a new story.
Radio Ga Ga was a perfect choice for trailer
Young Beast
Freddie Mercury :)
Rafa Yasmin
fav.character on GTA V after MaryAnn lol:D
Captain lol
Radio ga ga
happy 3rd birthday gta 5
Micheal is my favorite
Buğra Güray
watched for millons of time still not bored
GTA Videos PL
GTA 5 PC - 2014-05-?? ;]
Cyril Kubát
My favourite GTA V trailer, Radio GaGa fits perfectly for this.
Burp a Perk
Gta v should of focused more on just Michael trying to balance his life between bank robber and and being a dad.
michael is best character in gta v
the punisher
Average american family life simulator
Nativeigel 1999
Michael should have his one gta game like solo
Michael I did not kill you I like you
Best protagonist is Michael. The bed protagonist to play as is Franklin The protagonist with the best cutscenes is Trevor.
I think you need a new therapist lol
Alejandro Rodriguez
Whats the name of that song?
Michael De Santa
H.V. Sanjay
Who's watching this in 2017?!
That's Jimmy's bed he lays down on.
Radio Ga Ga ! I love this song !
Dr. Friedlander
What do you want
Umair.k gaming
My favourite is Michael
JokerXtreme 25
anyone agree with me that Michael is the reason GTA V story happened?
Nick Arriaga
Still an awesome trailer
The Coperbol.
Alguien qe hable español
“I’m rich, I’m miserable” he pretty much described everyone who still plays GTA Online...
I am only here becouse of Queen
Pepper Gold
I'm preamtuer in this town. Next part is the BEST part of the trailer.
"I think you need a new therapist" This is funny but not the original meaning……
Matt Devlin
really good trailer
Matt Devlin
me too
Rico Fonzelowe
love it michael
El Sicario Peña
Michael fue el protagonista definitivo de gta 5 Todo el juego gira en torno a el y su personalidad es la mucho mas marcada y realista que la de los otros dos Su intencion no es que te encariñes con el si no ver la realidad de las cosas y como actuaria alguien en la vida real (aunque con un lado psicopata) Trevor Es buen personaje es el que mejor cae y es con el que mas te encariñas pero su personalidad es algo rara,muy cliche (unos momentos esta feliz y quiere coger con [email protected] :v pero otros quiere destripar a todo el mundo) y sinceramente no es muy relevante (no como michael y franklin que casi todo gira mas a ellos) Y franklin pues tiene mas relevancia que trevor pero el no tiene nada de meritos en su favor Su realismo no esta mal pero si lo vez a lo largo de la historia te das cuenta que es un pendejo :v Le enfada estar con su tia,sus amigos y su barrio todo por conseguir dinero (aunque sea con unos viejos como un anciano loco de 48 años y otro psicopata de 40) Yo creo que la intension de rockstar a crear a franklin es hacer como un tributo a CJ pero no lo lograron Cj nunca por nada mataria a sus mentores por el chantaje de un millonario idiota y un agente pendejo Cj nunca le hubiera valido madre sus amigos del barrio aunque hicieran pendejadas Y Cj NUNCA dejaria al barrio por unos cuantos centavos Franklin es quien mas fans tiene pero no se los merece Las unicas acciones buenas que destacaria de franklin fue.....nada Ok no :V cuando rescato a michael de los chinos o a lamar de los ballas o el final c donde salva a los ancianos locos pero de ahi para alla franklin fue un mal personaje Sus cualidades se podria decir fueron que tiene el mejor auto de los protagonistas y que tiene a chop :v nada mas Con quien rockstar si se mamo fue con michael porque si bien no es muy carismatico y no le llega a otros como Cj o Niko hizo de lo suyo y lo considero el mejor de los 3 protagonistas de gta 5
Iffa Nafsya
the music is queen -radio ga ga
Jordano Asterlan
like for CJ?
The guy who pays the bills is here.