Charly (1968) - Cliff Robertson Movie - Sci-Fi Movie

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Charly (1968) - Cliff Robertson Movie - Sci-Fi Movie An intellectually disabled man undergoes an experiment that gives him the intelligence of a genius.

Charly (1968) Charly Cliff Robertson Cliff Robertson Movie Sci-Fi Movie Movie

Moi Vienneau
Loved, loved, loved this movie when I was around 13. My mom introduced it to us. We cried at that age for Charly because we sensed the injustice of his having been given the gift of seeing life for what it was, only to have it taken away forever. Did we think about how cruel the doctors were? Probably not, just about how unfair it was. Watching this again 40 years later, is a totally different experience; particularly now watching it with my 13 year old!
Those 122 views are from teachers who put this on after the class had read the book.
Angel Simone
Cliff Roberston totally deserved an oscar for this performance, Charly was so innocent and sweet I hated the factory workers making fun of him! That's just mean.
leutian leyva
i actually would rank this 6 on top greatest movies of all time simply because of cliff robertson acting
So I guess after she called him stupid, he went on a bender with motorcycles, women and drugs and kinda sowed his wild oats and then gave it all up? Is that what we are to infer?
Apologetic Fiction Fire
I think a fitting sequel to this movie years later his intelligence slowly returns but no matter what he said or try to do people still treat him as retarded. He dies and autopsy reveal the answer.
My favorite scene - The pastry mixer.
Jenny Mohler
ilove charly its a great movie