Cecilia Bartoli - "La regata veneziana" - Rossini

Cecilia Bartoli sings "La regata veneziana" composed by Rossini Gyorgy Fischer - Piano

Cecilia Bartoli La regata veneziana Rossini Gyorgy Fischer opera mezzo soprano classical

Bartolii is not just singing the songs; she is bringing them to life.
Sávio Faschet
"La regata veneziana" - Rossini 00:00 Anzonleta - Avanti La Regata 3:03 Anzonleta - Co Passa La Regata (The pianist shortened the intro). 5:06 Anzonleta - Dopo La Regata
Sávio Faschet
She looks so fresh, young and beautiful here... Those earrings are perfect for her curls.
Massimo Turrini
se le dico: la regata veneziana........ a cosa pensa!? RENATA TEBALDI ;-)
Guido Regis
Non si capisce una sola sillaba!!!
Difficult to say, very difficult to say what is more beauty ,voice,performance or charm of this lady,but all together is majestic!
esmeralda zatta
They are three songs written in venetian dialect by an anonymous. They refere to the Regata veneziana ( venetian boats' race ). It's a feast to which the entire city partecipates. The first dates back to 1274 and takes place during the first week of September. The first song describes the beginning of the race, the second the race and the third the end of the race. In every song an anonymous lover cheeres her Mommolo ( James ) for the victory. The texts describe some details of the Regata.
Alguien podría ayudarme con la traducción o informarme de qué habla cada una de las canzonette. HELP !! Could somebody tell me every one of the canzonette talks about ?
Robyn Lustbader
Ceciliaaaaa. Stahhhppppp looking into the cameraaaaaa. JK LOVE YOU.
Sólveig Sigmarsdóttir
She is simply the greatest diva ever...! Love to hear her her voice and watch her performing.
Bravo, Cecilia, gesticula que no es estatua!
que gesticulaciones? Escucha...
Thanks for the great post!
Menos mal que puedo escuchar esta bellisima pieza y deleitarme, con la interpretacion de la MARAVILLOSA RENATA TEBALDI
I enjoyed this a lot. Bartoli is wonderful, as always. I have a live video of Aprile Millo performing this set and it's beautifully sung and charmingly acted...she's quite funny in the second and third numbers.
very good... see also the performance of soprano and mezzosoprano in the fianl of the Regata Veneziana !! by Mila Vilotijevic and Giovanna Pinardi .... delightful too !1
Megan Wilhelm
@bakvarnyu Do it then, and post it! Because I would LOVE to see an even better performance than the GODDESS OF THIS PIECE!
Megan Wilhelm
@dukesunshinerfw She modified it for the performance! Cecilia Bartoli doesn't mess up..... like that!
bene! in questo caso metti il tuo video qui :) ti ascolteremmo e vedremmo chi canta meglio!
@bakvarnyu Well, you show us and leave the judging to us then, how about that?
i could sing it better
CAntante ,musicista,attrice!!! Solo Lei...Auguri Ceci
she really is only 24 years old at the time of that performance??!are you sure?wow,that's unbelievable!her education can't be so long ago,then,right?at least in germany it's like this)absolutely amazing singer!
3 words = she is perfect
Lupo A. Janelli
I have nothing to be jealous about, thank you. I do very well fo rmyself. Regardless, just because she is (was) famous doenst mean she is perfect. As someone esle wroteon here "she is human". Accept the fact that she does make mistakes and she has done on here. If you think se hasnt then I am afraid your music-reading is not up to scratch. Bck to music school wth you, As well as to good manners school, you rude, nasty little poison tongue.
You are a stupid lil fuck, i read music n she has it perfect, u r just jealous cuz she famous n your not..get a life.. reli..
Wc tM
one of the very few boring pieces from Rossini
Barbara Baker
There are no awards for not making mistakes. Bartoli is rich and famous for her miraculous expression, not for her correctness.
Lupo A. Janelli
What are you illiterate? Can you not read?? she messed up the entry to the second song ...AND she messed up the words in the last song too! I am not even talking about the dodgy coloratura. OK?
Lupo A. Janelli
And she IS hyped. Not an accident she harly sings on stage anymore. Except for Zurich (small house) Only recitals and recordings but no live opera. Voice is too smal and not as "perfect" live as on records. ;)
Lupo A. Janelli
Though I know La Regata very well, We are not discussing me but her performance. I have specified already what mistakes she made. If you REALLY followed wit the score then you would know I am right. If you failed to spot the mistakes then you obviously cant read music (incidentally do you know Venetian Dialect? Are you aware this is what it is?)
Lupo A. Janelli
yes I am on stage all the time. That's not the point. If I wanna someone who is nervous in a recital who didnt sleep the night before and therefore sings in flawed way I go listen to a student recital. Not a reputed star hyped up by a PR system
Lupo A. Janelli
...AND she messed up the words in the last song too! Well for someone who is deemed to be SOO FANTASTIC and absolutely incredible and an amazing and colorful mezzo (and all that) I would excpect more precision and accuracy, besides aspirated coloratura and disturbingly "cutsie" acting, when it is not disturbing to watch for other reasons.
Lupo A. Janelli
And she messed up the entry to the second song. Good on Gyorgy Fischer to have caught up so seamlessly and not show her up! Great accompanist
Lupo A. Janelli
there is no ornamentation in this. Every note in the score of "La Regata", unless yours is a multi-purpose comment to apply to all her clips!.
Thomas Hughes
Her control is absolutely incredible, as is her expression, ornamentation and interpretation. An amazing and colorful Mezzo to see perform.