Mortal Kombat X - Endless Tower with Liu Kang (Dragon's Fire)

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Playing with Liu Kang! Requested by possessL and SSGSS Vegeta B-Man Follow me on Twitter: />Follow me on Twitch: />Follow me on Instagram:

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Liu Kang's Splitter fatality is so ridiculous and over the top and i love it.
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Liu Kang
Show me what you can do
Am I the only one that likes Revenant Liu Kang better then regular Liu Kang?
Jesus Davila
and this is why Liu kang is my favorite character
Edward Kenway
Double flawless and a fatality on Ravenous Mileena 100% Respect !!! 👏
Wolfger Lynel
She's not dead. thats just how Mileena looks with no teeth as an old woman XD
Sadistic Ways
Am I the only one who's waiting for the legs to fall down in liu kang's splitter fatality?
Ian HM
That Liu Kang and Liu Kang fight was amazing and at the same time hilarious. Both Revenant, both Dragon's Fire, both the same guy, what more can you ask for?
Elijah Smith
YOUR SOOOO GOOOOD AT THIS GAME keep it up I enjoy blood everywhere XD
Amazing Video Mslara Keep It Up.
cool vídeo mslaracroftx I watch all vídeos of endless tomar 😃
Alejandro Pokémonski
+MsLaraCroftx, have you tried Kitana's Rightfull Heir (I think that is the double kick combo's name) + Staff Grab combo? I think I invented it :b I think is funny, also, you can do Rightfull Heir+Uplift+Staff Grab. I haven't tried do it with Staff Smash. You are awesome Lara, when I saw your first MKX Kitana Ranked Matches I decided to be like you. Keep it up :3
A Youtuber
demolition sonya endless tower please
Ezio Auditore
wow, you are palying very well
GO LIU KANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kwame Barber
wow ur really hooked to this game ur video are loooooooooong lol ur very good at mk ☺
I am an average guy Be cool and nice with me
never underestimate a lady skills in games,never suspected a lady to be this good at game 😃
Adrian OK
Great ladder Lara as usual :) planning on doing a Venomous D'Vorah Endless Tower anytime soon?
Antonio Wirt
Yo. Great video. I gotta ask: how did you get that costume?
Rodrigo Vinícius
Nice video!
Waleed Khan
another great video losty waiting for pericing kahunm mlieena but i really love that you r using different character in each video :)
I know this is small, but I don't like how Kang is flat footed in this game. He doesn't bounce. That aspect always reminded me of Bruce Lee.
Will you do Jax revaunt endless tower plz lara
Slice gaming
At least someone doesn’t keep using flame fist liu Kuang
RAGE chief muscle freak aka the RAGE
nice combos
Sadistic Ways
Am I the only one who's waiting for the legs to fall down in liu kang's splitter fatality?
When r u going to do the naginata ranked? Oh and could u commentary on ur next kitana ranked? Thanks
Wolfger Lynel
Are u excited for Kombat pack 2?
Hey and can u do inferno scorpion endless tower pls
Jaime custodio
Poor mileena xD
Muhamməd Abdullah
Hanzo Hasashi (skorpion) win
khalli D
run cancels on point, I like it .....videos are impressive
billy balogun
How do u run cancel like that!
Anthony thegammer
you good
best ever
great vid
Ezio Auditore
Only watched 2 minutes, and I'm already liking this. :)
Apex Oni
Hey! Will you take place in the enhanced online beta?
Cruzerc 28
Awww you didn't play against invasion boss Tanya :(
lado mania
seems like ure playing on easy .)
Malik The Great
how long have you been playing Mortal Kombat? I started playing with deadly alliance.
finally Liu Kang has good Fatalites that don't suck.
Jonathan Arredondo
Next time try a stage fatalitiy with liu kang .middle of the arena close down, forward, back, x
Brandon Lloyd
do a endless with jax wrester
You are very good at MKX
Kyle Sear
Have you ever thought about doing this with Kung Jin? He has some pretty sick combos 👌🏾
Kaioken Goku Blue
Kinda picking your nose hah (Dragon Breath Liu Kang)
Kaioken Goku Blue
Damn he lost in the end R.I.P Youtuber
Tekunin Megpoid
6:45 Talk about a Flame War...
Ted Bear The Survivalist
You're really good at mortal kombat I'm really impressed!
Tell me please . Which days will be the invasion  tower ? Sorry for my bad english ) )
Richie Rose
HahahahahahhaahahahahahHahHahHaha love
Kimmie Fenton
You know, if you would show yourself playing WITHOUT CHEATING this would be fun to watch. How is it that YOU get hit and lose NO health.
Nicolas Luz
Até que é legal
Ricky Solis
U are the best player to play mornkmbat
Yan Lovsi
Raped by Scorpion... Classic.
It's so cool to see Smoke in the faction kills. Too damn bad he wasn't a playable character.
Scorpion MK
54:17 liu kang couldn't stop me from passing!!!
Tawahna Green
I love saying, "Choke on it, Bitch" every time Takeda or Lui Kang shoves something down somebody's throat. Lol. Love it.
Blain Jones
started out great. got extraordinarily sloppy in the middle.
18:52 Revenant Liu Kang betrayed Quan Chi
SuperMigs #Boom
I thought thats the dark emperor?
Dx Grimreaper
Great videos i love a gaming girl😉
Rose Casket
You should help me practice my Jason(slasher and relentless), Jax(Wrestler) , and Leatherface(Killer, butcher) i have a really hard time learning moves
Hyper Hydra
Scorpion say: this is the end of you, then it's come true... Is it just a coincidence?
Ken LaCost
Yeah me too
Rahul Kushwaha
Excellent keep it up
Oyun Günü
Santosh Meena
Can u tech me to play it
Beby's Channel
How you do that
Beby's Channel
Wow i can't belive
Frost CrusH
Liked how you started the tower before recording to change your character to Liu kang so the difficultly wouldn’t show😂😂
toto fejla
I like the fatitaly on jax and I have it.
I’ve always had a crush on Liu Kang tbhh
@LOSTyGIRL are you this good online? I'm not hating just been trying to figure out ways to do the juggling and combos
Reaper Night45
Ur basically doing the same combo all over again
Riz Keyes
I love the bicycle kick
Alex Harwell
BREAKING NEWS: Shaolin monk brutally beats and bisects blind man!!!!!!!
Tristian Fulton
Thats on very easy
raihan islami
Was Revenant character is the every fastest combo attack?
Jackie Flores
Someone please tell me how to do that bicycle kick
Antoine Wright
Teach me how to do this ur awwwwwwwwwesome
Billy dilly
Joseph KERR
Got a rage quite with liu yesterday lol
Zachary Damian
You’re very good.
Joshua Vazquez
31:08 AHHHHHHH!!!!!
Clayton Bryan
I like your combo
Bùi Việt
I like when he uses bicycle kick
GamerPro1234 Dj creefer and Animation.
Kung Lao or Liu Kang? Tell meeee
The fatalities are so wack to me. Hopefully they can do a better job and give us something a little more exciting the next game.
it looks like he has it on easy
Muhammad Nabil
Noob here,i wanna know why does Liu Kang look like he just came out from a lava... What's his back-story? P.S. Girl,you got skills.Count me as your fan.The way you fougt,amazing.
The ALPHA Guard
Nice combos and gameplay LOSTYGIRL!!!😀😀😀
John Mark Nicholson
How'd you got all of the revenant costumes and Raiden one?
Unbelievable.. Are u a Guy or Girl