The Best & Worst Ways To Carry Your Camera (Bags, Straps & Holsters)

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Chris & Jordan are constantly asked what their favourite camera bag or strap is for carrying their cameras around. We decided to look at a bunch of different options and tell you which ones we love and which ones we... like less. Music Provided By /> Shot and Edited by Jordan Drake Shot on The Panasonic GH5 Order Gordy's Strap from The Camera Store: /> Order the Kelly Moore Luna Bag: /> Order the Cotton Carrier Dual Hoster: /> Order the Domke 'The Chronicle' Bag: /> Order the Manfrotto RedBee 210: /> Order the Lowepro Pro Trekker 650 AW:

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Jeff Rendered
Cotton carrier...or as tony Northrop calls it, the virginity defender.
I honestly thought that jogger that comes into frame from the left at 3:49 was Jordan getting a run-up for his next camera snatching.
Frederick Dunn
At 04:55 I've worn the cotton carrier for the past 8 years... yep, the full rig and it's become part of my professional branding :) I've never heard it called the "virginity defender"? (';')( ';')... I can wade through crowds with it, climb without clanking my gear into stuff. There is no question about who the professional photographer is at a wedding :) I call it the swiss-army-knife of photography... I carry a D5 in front and a D4s on the side, one with a wide angle zoom 24-70 and the other with the 70-200 zoom. and, I can carry a speed-light in the pouch on the waste strap. I'm wearing one in my profile photo :) Takes all of the weight off of your neck and you're good for those long wedding days! if you're fit, confident, capable, friendly, and professional... no one is making fun of that rig :) Final note, I don't know any other pro in my area who wears one, so it's part of how people know which photographer that is/was! All of your gear in one place :) Just thought I'd chime in. Great video!
Tony & Chelsea Northrup
Can you review gear capable of carrying Chris' mic pack? Wheelbarrows, F350s, Sherpas...
LOL, so Jordan's secondary role with The Camera Store is stocking the second hand department!
Uncle Elias
Don't run with scissors!
Rhawi Dantas
The best tip this video gave me was: Don't travel with Chris. He is a thief magnet.
Trieu Tran
Jordan is such a pro camera snatcher hahaha
Linus Wärn
Am I the only one carrying my shoulder bag across the chest?
I love the cotton carrier since I got it, I don't even want to take it off lol. Im not a pro or anything though and only use one camera/lens, Nikon D3300. But I love how it keeps the camera stationary and out of the way. I honestly don't get why you don't like but but it makes me worried about how I look now, thanks... :)
Awesome video. Way better than all the usual camera bag and strap reviews. As funny as Jordan the camera snatcher was it did start to make me think about how I would carry my camera gear around safely.
TK Imagine Studio
So nice of you to give Jordan a hand.
Johann Kwan
Lately been taking to throwing the inner insert on my Billingham Small into my EDC bag, a Maxpedition Falcon II day pack. I find this way more comfortable than regular bags, fits my Leica M with two lenses, filters, battery. and charger, and lots of room for other stuff. Using this set up primarily because I need to carry other stuff most days, and the insert gives me the padding I need for the gear but then the rest of the bag stores spare clothes (sometimes), sunglasses, books, pens, notebook, water bottle, etc with room to spare and plenty of molle webbing to expand on the pack when you need even more storage. Sometimes throwing an insert into your favourite bag is the way to go!
Chris taking a hard stance against racism!
Al Stegmeyer
Please consider that you should not debate camera possession with a crazed thief with a knife or scissors. Years ago I tried to fight off a thief and ended up with a stab wound in my chest. It happened so fast as he ran away I thought I was punched until my white shirt turned red. The visit to the ER was more expensive than any camera I know and I'm lucky I'm around to make this comment. Luckily, I was in Coconut Grove FL and Mercy Hospital was up the road. Finding medical care quickly could be a deadly problem...especially if your out of the country. My opinion is to keep a low profile with a good plain black shoulder camera strap without branding (UPstrap) and hang a bandana matching your shirt or jeans over the camera. Bandanas are available in many different colors to match your clothing and have many uses.
Frank Torres
Nothing on PeakDesign. Interesting. PeakDesign beats every product shown here.
James Z Productions
I´ve settled for a spider holster just clipped on to my regular belt plus a b-grip hand loop, keeps the camera safe without looking too dumb. Well, if you don´t mind feeling a bit like you´re taking part in a duel that is.
Okay this may be your best video yet. First off the trolling by using the Pentax strap with the Nikon had me dying and I'm a Pentax user. Secondly the bit about not to be messed with when you had that vest on was fantastic. I had to watch it 3 times.
Nicholas Erwin
I don't know how many straps I've been through and how much money I have wasted to ALWAYS end up back at the Black Rapid straps.
I personally prefer a "shoulder bag" but with a longer strap so I can wear it like a messenger bag with the strap across my chest. Makes it easy to put the bag behind you and have it stay there, quick access to gear, if your shoulder gets tired you can easily switch shoulders and many of them look great. The Tenba DNA series is pretty fantastic for this style of bag. Same feature set as the Peak Design Every Day Messenger Bag at half the price. When I was still shooting DSLRs I used a DNA 13 and LOVED it. I ended up switching back to film cameras that are quite a bit smaller so I downsized to a Domke F803 (one of the most handsome camera bags ever) and gave my DNA to a friend. He loves the bag now and it became his daily carry over his Vanguard bag.
Memeorandum of Understanding
way better than twilight... specially the ending.
Matt Granger
Great vid guys
Alim ZazaZ
Best ending ever
adam findlay
Peak design strap, clutch, and Chinese knockoff of the capture pro here, super handy
Christopher Mason
The Double Dragon reference!!!
Hobby Rx
Cant cut through my PACSAFE bag or my Peak Design CAPTURE System.
Peter Moule
For any kind of real outdoor photography F-Stop bags are hands down the best backpacks out there. Super adaptable, comfortable and versatile. One problem that I've found with most camera bags is that there's no room for other stuff like rain gear, food, trail building tools, etc, but the F-Stop system lets you choose how much room you need for camera gear vs. other stuff which is really nice
Calvin Lewis
I agree with some people in the comment, the camera clip by Peak Design is a flexible way to make any bag, belt or strap a quick access system. Also, I think one of the best solutions for travel is a camera insert/pouch. This allows me to carry my gear in secret while allowing my to use a regular bag that I can use for other activities. A pouch/insert plus the camera clip gives me the flexibility I need.
Ted Nghiem
Didn't his mom teach him not to run with scissors? haha!
Myles P
I'm a fan of the simple wrist strap with a Peak Design capture clip on a backpack. Just the right amount of dork without the bulk.
But "Steal me straps" are so cool. :\ (lol, those skits are fun)
Evert Kjellgren
I've tested sling bags, shoulder bags and small backpacks for my mirrorless system, but MindShift Panaorama 180 is really excellent and my hunt for the perfect carry system is over! Pair it with a Peak Design clip on the shoulder strap and I'm all set! (Got the G80 in the main compartment and GF7 on the shoulder strap)
Minimalism (and humour) for the win!
Dan Dolar
Great video! I know you were keeping things light and humorous, but I gotta say that you were pretty harsh regarding the Cotton Carrier. I've had one for several years now, and for situations where you need to have your camera accessible but you don't want it swinging around on a strap (like in crowds or at wedding receptions) it honestly can't be beat. And if you wear a black shirt, it's not nearly as embarrassing to wear as you've described. Just my two cents, cheers!
You missed the best hybrid available. The rotation system of Mindshift. A classic two shoulder backpack with much easier access, so you have to never put the backpack down. I use my Mindshift Panorama all the time and it's perfect for hiking. You can carry all your stuff on the back and still constantly access your camera. Somehow nobody seems to know about this line so a review would be cool.
Saurabh Beedkar
No Peak design products?
Marcus Chong
I'm actually pretty surprised why the Newswear Chestvest hasn't been shown, been shooting for the past 8 years with it and it's one of the best vest systems I've used! Also Peak Design's products are awesome as well!
Kevin Minato
the cotton carrier backpack strap is a perfect set up!
Joshua Boldt
It hurts my back if I carry weight for too long on one side of my body, so a Cotton Carrier is perfect to keep the weight of my camera centered the majority of the time -- now you know the one time it is worth it ;)
pete draper
The Cotton Carrier is brilliant. I normally carry my D500 + Nikkor 200 - 500mm on the chest carrier and my Olympus EM1 mark II + Olympus 300mm f4 on the hip carrier. I carry my designated gear for the day in my LowePro Flipside 500AW. As soon as I get to where its time to shoot, I tranfer it onto my Cotton Carrier. I walk for up to 7 hours with this kit and it is very comfortable. It's practicality and comfort over style for me.
Western Australia Now and Then
The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect camera bag. I have a cupboard full of the things and it is just a case of taking different bags for different trips depending on what I am doing.
Shawn Turnbull
awesome and funny! good job guys!
Simon O'Shea
Disagree with you on the Cotton Carrier. Wearing it for years now, and could not give a darn what people think.
Robert Armstead
RIP No Peak Design...
Review Guy
Also are there any bags you recommend that fit a camera with a battery grip that you can keep the lens on ? As you know for those of us that use a battery grip and storing your camera can usually result in the camera being very tall. and its not convenient to have to remove the battery grip every time you store it. So is there anything out there that can store a camera with his battery grip and lens ?
Joe Farace
Chris, thank you for your honesty.
1 side shoulder bag gave me bad back pains. Now I am seeing a specialist doctor. :(
Fernando Guerrero
One of the funniest videos that you guys have made. keep the good work!
Julio Tessmann
have you heard about peak design?
The MoneyMaker strap and accessories
Joe Murray
Clicked on this so fast :) Great to have this different video, I need to visit Canada, shame how the Toronto Raptors lost though! Also congrats on 250k subs!
Arteon Tarchin
i just put my d4s onto my shoulder with a strap, a 24-70 f2.8 on it. and a 70-200 f4 vrII on the front passenger seat of my renault talisman 2017. im all set for weddings, and sports. for wildlife, i got different tactics. 200-500 from agency.... simple...
Dustin Dilworth
Liked cause of the skipping.
Mi Scenes
After watching this, I'm going to just stay home.
Alex Jackson
Well Chris, with your flawless skin and perfect features, you *do* actually look a Japanese school girl. lol
Don Falcone
Best view at 10:47
that yellow kelly moore luna bag looks like a fukn purse -.- Hell nawww
Ben Welles
Cool video. Looking forward for a d7500 review. And as a side note, does anyone else see the issue with putting quick release clips on several thousand dollars worth of equipment?
Orighomisan Ogbebor
This is hilarious!!!!
Allan Zepeda
hahahahahahah that ending!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wayne Gassmann
Peak Design is my favorite, I hate any kind of strap system.
New York New York
Which bag do you like again????? Oh never mind.....
Why so many videos by GH5, but no GH5 review? Waiting for major firmware update?
Tom Garnett
I do a lot of bird photography and I have several systems, Black Rapid, Spider Holster, and the one I like the most for all day all terrain hiking is the Cotton Carrier. I can climb over rocks using both hands, it takes the weight off one side, its fast to get out, has built in rain protection and can use an umbrella although I have not tried that yet. As far as what people think, I really don't care, don't like it, don't look. I have had nothing but good comments from people on it.
Jurij Turnšek
What about the Mindshift packs? Also a traditional hiking backpack and a mirrorless camera in the goggles pouch. And a neoprene pouch on your sternum strap etc. Most of the times, you need to carry something more than just a camera ....
How about Peak Design Sling 10L?
William Statt
I bet your store won't sell a lot of Optic Pro Straps after this. Send them all back if you can.
Just put backpack in ur chest!
Great review guys! I have to say, I love my ThinkTank Turnstyle 10 bag, easily swing it up front to grab gear, and doesn't hurt my shoulders with long use. Great price now and even comes with a waterproof bag to cover it if needed. Highly recommended. Fits my A7RII and multiple lenses.
Just bought a bag from you guys, love it :)
Jackson Henney
The Tahoe BP150 is by far the most popular backpack we sell at our store. It's just such a good size for the amount it can hold and at a good price point! Also Peak Design Slings are the biggest selling strap... That may also be because I use one and prefer it over my Blackrapid (I'm not a fan of having the tripod mount used as a strap attachment)
Jay San
Origin story: Jordan as a small boy stealing cameras to feed himself and his siblings. One day he steals from the owner of a small camera store in Canada. This man sees Jordan for the raw talent he is....and the rest as they say is history. Anyone else keep saying "that's what she said" every time Chris said "easy access"?
Pacsafe makes some decent bags that have anti-theft systems integrated, like zippers that are lockable. I also really like the Peak Design Cuff, as well as the Capture system. I put on capture clip on my backpack strap. Works well.
Chris Li
So what about the Everyday messenger? I'm thinking getting one soon but the reviews online are all seem so biased.
Daniel Garcia
2:08 Hilarious!!!
How do you talk carry solutions and not include Peak Design? Slide, Capture, Clutch, Everyday Backpack and Sling .... Hello????
Toddy Surcharge
The ending was sick and twisted.....immediately subscribed.
mallagundla ramasubramanyam
it is very good aloct for photographers, a sudden lofting inthe serious listeing.
With the sling strap you should use those movable clamps on the strap to stop the camera from swinging around, works a charm. Am I the only one who hates peakdesign? I was reading through the comments and there seems to be a lot of love for them, but I seem to be the only one who finds them to be uncomfortable, a pain in the ass to carry, and overpriced for what you are getting.
Valerie Cason
LOL...Pentax strap on a Nikon ;)
David B Cossini
I totally disagree with you, the belt system might look funny, but it has a very specific purpose, I use it for wedding almost exclusively I use the ThinkTank with the Pixel Shoulder harness and it is the most comfortable system for 8 hour plus weddings,  I  use it in conjunction with the Spider Holster Pro think tank compatible holsters on my belt. And when I am a civilian and want to travel light I use the Spider Holster Spider Light this  is the most comfortable way to carry my full size DSLR and 24-70 2.8 lens.
@14:49 the HORROR
Swiper no swiping!
Chris, you're the man!! :) :)
Danny B.
Chris, if aesthetics are important to you, get to a gym, put on some muscle and get ride of some of that adipose tissue around your waist and chest area.
😂😂😂 11:25 😂😂😂
Omar Carrasquillo
I moved to a Fanny pack with my A7S to walk around and keep an over the shoulder bag with lenses, tripod and filters in the trunk just in case. Gonna buy an LX100 just to have a camera on me at all times.
Framed by Thomas
You didn't touch the peak design system. It's my favourite strap and bag system.
Jerry Zhou
Chris, which part of Calgary is this place?
Miguel Arroyo
GREAT VIDEO!! but... the runner is white!! hahaha great indeed!
9:35 Re: Manfrotto backpack: "If you're doing any hiking, walking around, or trail seeking, this is a perfect choice" -- Not without a hip belt. You really do not want to carry all the weight on your shoulders all day long. BTW, please do not pollute your videos with politics.
Claude C
I think you're too concerned about how you look. You're out there to get the shot. Nothing else should matter.
Sampsa Kares
3:49 I was expecting another thief
Gregory Curtis
Nice video! There are many of ooptions and I'm still searching for that "perfect" carrying system. I'm a hobbyist photographer and I'll shoot an occasional event. I'm also a wheelchair user (paralyzed from the waist down) so what would be an ideal carry system for the able bodied person would not work for me so I have to be even more creative to be comfortable and effecent. I've yet to try the tactical vest but I can see that it might be a great idea. So, never say (13:47) never haha!!
2:00 LMAO
When you're hiking or backpacking, PeakDesign Camera/lens clips hands down! I used them on a 70 mile section of the John Muir Trail and loved it.
Dave Cheung
you guys are BEST!!! LOL! Couldn't . Stop . Laughing . #rockon
Chris Prouse
8:20 - Totally agree... bought a similar sized Lowepro Flipside backpack about 7 years ago and absolutely love it. Nursing a zipper until I'll sadly have to retire it soon, but I would definitely buy another. Great video and comedy as always! :)
Lucian Teo
Props on Double Dragon reference.