Nodame Cantabile- First night together& proposal

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i really love this couple, i hope there will be another season about them after married

Nodame Cantabile

Linn Edits
Nobody's gonna point out the fact that he was a huge jerk for sleeping with her, leaving her and only coming back to her when she became incredibly famous?
Keisuke Akimi
haha, the manga is over, so, no more season :/
God I miss Nodame. But I don't think it's their first time having sex together. It's been heavily hinted before that they're sexually active as a couple
Rhea Mae Dajotoy
Nataya Riz
So they had sex or wat... Im airhead so please tell me
Supa Saiyajin Prydo
It should need another season tho.. Imiss this
Destiny F*cker
Saber proposed to gilgamesh
Nour Latrach
On which episode is this?