The Sarah Jane Adventures Unreleased Music - His Name's the Key!

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Unreleased music from The Curse of Clyde Langer part 2, The Sarah Jane Adventures series 5, episode 4.

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ZD Cosner
Thank you for uploading this music. I notice this is pretty much an effective blend and mixture of Sky's theme, the episode curse theme and the heroic theme at the end. This scene was very powerful. I remember cheering for Sky when she opened Mr Smith and encouraged Sarah Jane and Rani to break the curse. The power of words was such a refreshing narrative. Series 5 was great despite being short lived. Had this series been completed, it would have definitely been the best series of SJA.
Luke Cross
They should do an after series with Luke Clyde Rani Sky Mr Smith and K9
finlay tron 2000
Can u make the soundtrack at the end of goodbye sarah jane smith where ruby says "I will fiest on this world" I love that bit of the soundtrack