How to Use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop

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I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How: /> I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How: />How to Use Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop Content-Aware fill is a simple way to remove objects from your images. Learn how to remove anything from a photo in a couple of simple steps! What is Content-Aware Fill? Content-Aware Fill is located in the Fill dialog ‘Edit - Fill’. Content-Aware fill works by analyzing a photo and filling in a selected area with similar texture and color from the rest of the image. How to Remove Objects To remove an object from your photo using Content-Aware Fill, create a duplicate of the background layer by dragging it onto the new layer icon. Next, select the object you would like to remove using any selection tool. In this example, we use the lasso tool to make a rough selection around the dog in the image. Once selected, go to ‘Edit- Fill’ and choose ‘Content-Aware’ from the drop-down menu. That's it! whatever you selected should be gone! If the tool doesn’t do a perfect job, make a new selection and try it again - often times it will do better the second time. VISIT PHLEARN.COM FOR MORE FREE TUTORIALS /> SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE FREE TIPS AND TRICKS /> GET FREE TUTORIALS IN YOUR EMAIL + DISCOUNTS ON OUR PRO TUTORIALS! /> BUY THE TABLET AARON USES! /> LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram ► />Facebook ► />Twitter ► />Google+ ► />Phlearn ► /> Did you know there is a lot more to PHLEARN than YouTube? /> -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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OMG!!! I’M FIRST!!! I don’t even know what to say… I was so unprepared for this moment. There are so many people to thank, I hope I don’t forget anyone. I LOVE YOU MOM! I love you Phamily! This is the greatest honor of my life to be the first commenter and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. I share this honor with all of you. Today we have all won!
This video would be so much better if Aaron's name was Phil.
Atris Twothirteen
awww. . Remove the humans; Keep the pup!
Knownot Productions
I keep hearing "Content Aware Phil". Like there is some guy there who is aware of the content around him.
John Bielick
I've been watching Aaron present these Phlearn lessons for quite some time now. I've purchased a handful of his lessons, but was somewhat disappointed because I felt that Aaron talked too fast and rushed past the explanation of certain things.  In these last few Phlearn lessons, though, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in the way Aaron is teaching. He has slowed down and takes time to clearly explain what he is doing.  Might make me interested in purchasing new lessons from Phlearn!
Who Art Thou?
This video could have had half the time and content and it would have been all the pertinent info you need. Skip to 3:35. Short handed : create background copy, use selector of preference on content and use fill > content aware
Skullcore PC
Skip to 3:35
Fionàn O'Kelly
another great episode...!!
Stathis Vaxevanopoulos
Dont say " Shift+Delet " instad Shift +F5 for Fill
This does not seem to work on Smart Objects unless you rasterize the duplicate copy (layer) you create. Or am I missing something?
Jim Grady
Worked for me - good level, clear presentation. Thanks.
Thank you very much for this thorough tutorial
Maxine LaGarde
Hello, I'm having problems with this. My object doesn't erase or disappear after I follow the steps. Any tips? Thanks Max
Dale Newstead
I came here to learn, not to phlearn! (PS. thank you for the free tutorial)
SleepDroid Studios
I use that tool all the time. It does grab some things to put in there that I don't want, but overall it really does well. Great video. You just helped a ton of people with this one. So much faster than rubber stamping.
Brundaban Panda
liked the tutorials very much and is useful idea
yo please help me; content aware is always greyed out
Sterling Williams
SO #GRATEFUL100 for your talents and years of sharing total awesomeness Mr Nace!$! one thing, no idea here why the first 3 mins of video was made or kept Anyway 🙌🏻⚡️💪🏻💥❤️👏🏻
Carlos Irineu
I user to love Aaron's episodes. He was fun, he made somewhat stupid jokes and sometimes it was quirky, but Aaron and the episodes were good because they had this thing called "humanity". Now somebody probable made the mistake of doing a market research. Go read about Jobs opinions on that, or just consider IBM. Aaron got replaced by an android on drugs. Yuk. The episodes are slow and the explanations are for 5 yo. I only really go to terms with the incredibly crappy photoshop interfsce because Aaron was fun. It's not anymore. Please change the slogan to "Welcome to Phlearn, where we make photoshop and learning boring and lame". Last one to leave please shut down the servers. btw, if the market research tuned put a need for "further explaining" or something like that, open a second channel, like PLHEARN BASICS or Back to Basics.... do a market research for the name... and ask the Aliens to send The Real Aaron back to Earth. There are enough people with no brains and no creativity here.
Pedro Zarur
R.I.P Doggo
Daniel K
Hey Aaron, Please can you show us how to use the slice tool. I need to make some e-blasts and need your professional help. I feel like I'm coming to the Photoshop doctor!! Cheers mate!
mnm ihsan
I selected area to fill with cantent aware but it’s not showing fill in edit ‘’ what can I do ?
Mehedi Hasan
Thank you !
Thank you
Charlie Wright
It would be great if you didn't use keyboard shortcut's the whole video or at-least tell us the short cuts for the people starting out...
Fein gemacht
you pick up very easy images but no one is showing how to fix complex images.
Ruchika Karwa
There is no option in my photoshop CS3 for content aware. plz help !!!
Thanks that was helpful.
Dave Dee
Quick tip If you want to do this feature with a larger area or over text, simply make your selection then "select > modify > expand" I use 4 pixles maximum This will expand your selection out and enable a cleaner dissolve since the selection is not right up against the border of what you are doing.
This helped a tonne. Thanks, mate! :)
Dominique Bethel
HELP: My Fill never seems to work.
Mike Godard
Thanks for the keyboard shortcut! Make selection --> Shift-Del.. So useful!
Michael Sutton
Awesome tutorial, I've been scratching my head over this now simple​ tool all morning, thanks for an awesome tutorial.
Indra D. Bachrie
aaww... poor puppy... thanks for the heads up PHLEARN
Pablo Alomoto
Hi Aaron, I know you already did an album cover, but can you please show us how to do an album cover with the front more photographic instead of artsy like the last one (like a photograph of the artist.) Also show us a design of the back with the list of songs. Thank you so much Aaron, you're the best!!
Bikram Kumar Singha
Hi Aaron, firstly i am a regular viewer of your tutorials and it has helped me a lot. i have a request to make. can you do a tutorial on how to make infographics. it would be so helpful. thank you in advance. continue phlearning :)
Sam Toby
The effectiveness of the Content Aware Fill tool depends on the type of image . On cleaner backgrounds , it works fine . On detailed images , it works less than perfect . This tool is also available in Photoshop CS6 Essential & CS6 Extented .
I love your videos, but you need to content aware fill that gap in your beard underneath your lip
Dewayne Pinion
Could you do a tutorial on "History"? Using the History fill as well as the history brush and other relevant items?
brent hale
Jesus, this should have been a 20 second video.
Michael Seely
After the removal, how do you get the marching ants to go away?
Content Aware intruded in October 15, 2008 when Photoshop CS4 was lunched. It has many futures among other: Content Aware Fill (which we saw in this clip), Content Aware Scale (to scale an image none proportionally without distorting it). Keep on the good work.
M. Anne Black
THANK YOU for this tip.. u cannot image how long it takes me to remove objects that could be easily removed with this tool, but I use the patch tool, clone, etc .. great shortcut
Norman Nuss
Great video. Are you using Photoshop elements 14?
Jacopo Holmes
hey, thank you for the tutorial. i made some works and i'd like to show them to you to have some advices. is it possible?
tejasvi knight
you are the best teacher of photoshop on youtube. keep it up. i learned much from your tutorials. Thank you so much.
Rick Darcy
Excellent explanation and then you recap at the end. You rock. I'm not sure how you've received any thumbs down! that is a 3 thumb up. Great work... thx.
John Ruggiero
Nice video. I really like these short clips.
Hillary Is Evil
Great job.
Video starts at 3:37 Now you don't need to waste your time like I did
David Eagleson
Please can you make an episode about how you make your tutorials as I love what you are doing and would love to see behind the scenes at Phlearn!
david mcmillan
I like how you added the recap at the end of the video. great tutorial as always!
Hour videos are always so useful. Thank you.
Helpful video! thank you so much :)
Kaiser Music
The fill option is still greyed
Ahmet Elhan
you have already covered content aware fill in previous videos. why again now? whyyyy?
Thanks, it's really helping
MP Design
this is an perfect tutorial. thank you sooo much
Kilwa Dev
thank it help
The Mono Lad
Damn, super useful
Chuck Norris
Hi Phlearn, I've been using content aware for removing object, I wonder if there is any way i can keep the background of that removed object clean. It becomes really distorted after. I am just a newbie in photoshop. Thanks!.
Four Leaf Cloverr
Tom Ruiterman
Thank you for putting the before and after in the beginning . awesome video
Simon Anderson
Was the first comment done with content aware 😂
star dark
Thanks a lot
emma lissette alvarado vasquez
Vivek Singh
Content aware fill is a great tool but I find it extremely difficult to remove things from a busy background with many things overlapping each other without destroying the background. Is there a way to remove things from a busy background without destroying the BG???
Jorge Gallegos
awesome... thank you Aaron
Argeane Almeida
I thought he was going to delete the people. Bad surprise.
Mr. Rana
Sadaqat Ali
Great job. Excellent video
Wolf Moller
im using a mac just like you, but fill is grayed out and i cant click it
Fernando Alves
Probably there's someone out there better than you at PS, but by this time and searching for references on youtube you're are simply the best!!!! Man, you work like Grand master on it. thanks for all your knowledge shared here!!!!
Sarah Greenup
Thank you for all of the wonderful instruction on CC!
Spirit Lion
why can't i use "fill" ?!?!?! my fill option is greyed what do i do wrong???
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
How about the "Content Aware MOVE Tool"?!!
What happened to the high frame rate Aaron? Was really enjoying that on the last few tuts.
Hang Xiao
OMY, the dog is so cute.
Irvin Esmabe
I just want to thank PHLEARN for their very helpful videos! Thumbs-up!
E Dynee
Question here! :D When I use pen tool then fill it with (foreground) The color is not on the line art or object that I made, it's all on the outside... It's my problem this past few weeeeekss :( Can you help me? :D Btw it gives me a lot of info, (this video) keep it up!
Cyndi Caviedes
Awesome! Thank you!
Joshua Van Der Merwe
Content aware or The Patch Tool?
Rick Thiel
Thank you so much! Your videos are super helpful.
Rishi Raj Koul
Super episode
these take so long to get to the point lmao
the animated thumbnail is so perfect... it's perfect for a 2016 video...
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poor pup
Tech Right 2016
Thank you for this valuable tutorial..
You saved my life!!
PLEAAASEEE, I'm begging you, link the stock image.
Samantha Baer
Hi, thank you for this tutorial, I tried to do this, but it says "Could not complete your request because the smart object isn't directly editable". Do you have any advice on why this is popping up? Thanks.
Lisa Rogers
Worked like a charm! Thank you!
Zoha md shomsuz
Thanks for a nice one
thank u. i love ur tuts Aaron.
shivdas k.k
Worked very well. Thank you
Allan Howlett
What is a dodder?
A Esquibel
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omg the poor puppy 😞