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America's Funniest Home Videos
What Video Do You Want To See Next?! :D :D
jonathan gates
9:20 *screams cuz he didn't know that he was there* * looks up* *screams louder when he see's that he's recording* XD i need a break so I can stop laughing
Kitty Kitty
I appreciate all the ones that didn't cry
Dave R.
so many children are traumatized...this doesn't even represent a small percentage of them llol
Cat Kirby
I like it when teenage boys scream like girls 😆
Megan Playz
He took his pants off 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Bunny Hart
why does everyone fall when they get scared
FNAF Adventures and more!
The first one OMG LOLLLL!!!!
Amped anamations
5:27= ULTRA SCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spenner GD
8:17 BROKEN ANKLES! Edit: look at his left ankle it looks like THEY BROKEN!!!!!!!!!
_RAG _
4:21 i jumped amd screamed.
Owl Master
soni collins
it's not good to scare lil children....
Lara Singeorzan
5:04 My reaction to Mondays when I felt my weekend pass by fast.
Aira Marie Mendoza
AHHH that’s scared me!!😂. 2:15
Fraulein Moreno
4:56 I was there but that wasn’t me
Sunniva Synnes
5:28 highlght
Rainney Girl!
The reactions lol
Lkp Xml
I like to see how americans destroy their kids and future, it's so funny... World needs more psychopaths... Pharmaceuticals industry as well
4:23 I died😂💀😂
harp seal
5:27 - 5:36 😂😂😂😂
Kaiden Pitzenberger
Wooo i love AFV im a big fan now can you turn me off now XD
5:27 jejejejejejejeje :)
Daniel's Life
" AAAHHHH!! That scAAAAred me!"
Andriana Cook
2:46 lol the Way She screamed XDD I laughed Sooo Hard 😂
5:26 😂
Albert Mendoza
The screams though....🤣
Gabe The Doggo
Pathetic af scream 4:45
Thresher 82607
I laughed at 0:25
VixinColors 53
9:27 finn wolfhard?
Miles Family
Good lord, I’d run too. 10:00
Isaac Ingram
Aaaaa, thet sceered me.
2:45, I can't breathe cuz of laughter XD
VixinColors 53
1:18 I died!😂😂😂😂😂
Kiwiz Stuff
This proves life is hard
BlanketBoy471 ninja
me and my little brother
Dapper Lappi
8:11 but that's the old hag aka the queen from Snow White .3.
Denise Nash
Monster Inc. is making lots of money
Pokemon Master
5:27 my favorite
Why was the air unit one in this
The Kochan Family
Humans are goats confirmed when they are scared XD
Moon in a cup
When the mannequin popped up from behind the bed he yelled "Jimmy John's!"
กิตติพงค์ จารุสาธร
5:27 55555
Eli Ayase
Happy Merry (Christmas, (halo) Ween! Happy Merry-ween
Pas très malin de faire peur aux enfants ....
Matthew de Paula
cassidy. hinton
9:14 was so funny
kaiya Pursi
I had a face mask on i ruind it
Angelia Visco
I burst in to laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺☺☺☺☺😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀
papa janneh
on 5:16were they in the wrong lane??????????????????????????
James Herington
Happy Halloween everyone
jupiter xavier
Happy halloween everyone!from philippines!😊😊😊
Console Queen
Why scare babies or toddlers? Unless you're also a kid, it's no real accomplishment. @[email protected]
The Holy Mackerel
I would get no joy in scaring the living crap out of a toddler. It’s just not funny.
Rishikesh Sharma
Another best scare pranks😂😂😂😂awesome
Banana CC
5:27 XD
gémmy çhrístmàs\hàlløwëēñ fåñ 174977210
0:19 her face when she screams lol
Chad Fort
that crazy
Kevin Windt
fucking awesome
Chris Christian
Some clips are pure satanic....NOT FUNNY
Magic Snow Wolf
2:22 R.I.P Teddy bear
MaximusFTW Fanatic 770
5:04 😆 xD
Holly Tyler
Some of the kids are scared for life
TheEvrLastingGmr YT
I almost pissed my pants because of this 🤣🤣🤣
Lesly Tello R.
Omg FmL So DEAD 😂😂😂😮😂😂
Lesly Tello R.
Cat Kirby
5:13 😆
Anthony Valdez
I luh uz
Tiamoy Topaz
9:44 what has this world come to
Super Mario and Star Wars fan
At 2:33 when your kids come back from school
Super Mario and Star Wars fan
At 2:33 when your kids come home from school
Super Mario and Star Wars fan
At 0:42 who knew if you go in the bathroom with a maul mask your child will be scare
SoNe 9MaoMao
I love Kids but i *HATE* their screams
Christina Clabough
Nelsonba Win
0:05 that loincloth malfunctioning snake prank 😂😂😂
Coconut Leaf Spine
Zap Brannigan
2:24 WOO
AleAndTheGary Show
Nice kiss demon mask
Profortnite gamer
2:14 $cared me
The Holy Mackerel
It was nice of Rob Zombie to open the show.
Little Tiffy08
Lmao the exorcist😝
The Holy Mackerel
9:19 when your kid comes out of the closet.
Павел Малаховский
3:39 Da best gift ever
Hassan Latif
Like as you mean it
Chico Bicalho
Scaring A: little children, and B: people sleeping does not count. In fact, adults that scare very small children deserve an ass whooping.
Rose Chan
I found some of these just out right mean and not funny at all, but 9:20 was hilarious 😂😂😂 I'd LOVE to see some compilation of kids caught singing
I just watched the first one 20 times in a row
Riya Gill
@5:36 when you hit it like.......
Mikki Moon
Ha ha
Jeriah Squad
Butta Luv
Most are corny
Leiden and Evan’s Videos
00:24 killed me
Tracy S.
I have to say I haven't laughed this hard in a long time good video.
80s Child
The boy singing might get me fired because I laughed extremely loud!
mowens07 Gaming
Wind to 1:37 and listen to the "Boo" it is very funny.
wafflecat :3
When u realize u have to pay rent 0:09
Lee Burns
Scaring awake people > scaring asleep people