The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby - OFFICIAL PROMO

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The official promo video for the Rolling Stones' 1997 single "Anybody Seen My Baby". The track is the first single from the album Bridges To Babylon, and was composed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, KD Lang and Ben Mink. The video was filmed in New York City and directed by Samuel Bayer, who also directed the promo video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", as well as videos for the likes of Metallica, Robbie Robertson, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Green Day, Aerosmith and My Chemical Romance. The video features Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie in the role of "Baby". She confessed her love to me Then she vanished On the breeze Trying to hold on to that Was just impossible She was more than beautiful Closer to ethereal With a kind of Down to earth flavor Close my eyes It's three in the afternoon Then I realize That she's really Gone for good Anybody seen my baby Anybody seen her around Love has gone And made me blind I've looked but I just can't find She has gotten lost In the crowd

Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby Bridges To Babylon 1997 Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts Angelina Jolie Sleazeball Lounge KD Lang Ben Mink Don Was Dust Brothers Glimmer Twins Jamie Muhoberac Waddy Wachtel

Constant cravings
Charles Manson
Keith Richards is the fucking man! He's is the definition of rock star.
Mister Sarajevo
The similarities between this and the KD Lang song is obviously a coincidence. Just like Bruce Springsteen certainly didn't plagiarize KISS when he wrote "Outlaw Pete."
Hi! I'm here :-)
Alejandro Alarcon
Kiela Michael
Only the Rolling Stones could pull off that level of cool in their 50's.
Sandra Dias
Angelina Jolie is AWESOME!!!!!
Giorgi Jackeli
Good music never goes out of style.
alice smithy
im just here for Angelina jolie tbh
It is said that Mick Jagger was obsessed with Angelina Jolie after they made this MV.
Jolie >???
This is by far their saddest song. :(
John Willis
Angelina is simply gorgeous in this video. Love this video.
Mirko Popović
This song makes me feel mixed emotions . Really sad and kinda happy :/
Cario Almeida
Grandes Sttones!! Dinossauros do bom e velho Rock!!
Never liked Angelina
J. Cav
This is one of the Stones' less-Stone-sounding songs, and yet it manages to be a pretty kickass tune. BTW, I want the guitar Keef is "playing" with.
Paul's Deli
2:44 is it possible.. The young 50 Cent?
Can't think of another woman other than Ms. Jolie to be traversing the streets of Manhattan dressed like she was for this video.
Mara Carbaja
hermosa Angelina Jolie
Илья Батькович
Angelina Jolie in the clip ? Super
Ch M
Is that Angelina Jolie?!
martyna xo
This song brings back a lot of memories for me...
My Name is SickBoy
Angelina of the 90's ... sooo hot
black berry
Jolie went badass after this video
Cool song!
Keith Yo
great song great video and I'm not a Stones fan
Christiane Vieira
Jaffet Sanz
In my opinion the best song of the Rolling Stones. :)
One of my favorite Songs from the Stones <3 I can remember another Version of the Video where the chubby Transgender from 3:28 is melting into Angelina Jolie (i think it was so, but i´m not sure) and the Homeless from 3:32 is ripping off his Nose and open his Chest where you can see that he is a Robot or that. I saw it one Time on MTV, it was aired in the middle of the Night.
izel mori
wow they made it. They hired today's one of the most beautiful and famous film stars and made her run in streets bald, wearing prostitute clothes.
Stanley Vlad
I love this song....
Cliffordbilly Clifford
Brad Pitt's new favourite song for a while:)
Hilda Brea
angelina jolie is so sexy,just like Mick perfect fit for this video
kirsi marja salonen
this is a cute song :)
Ginny Rhodenizer
that voice wow melts my knees
Muhtesem AKCA
babalar bu yaslarında yaptıkları muziğin kalitesine bak.jagger adamsın.
Ash Waters
that solo from 04:16
Anastasia Arvaniti
ναι ναι ναι ναι
Coogan Alaska
He's got a good voice and lots of musical talent but his dance moves are dated and corny. Let it go dude.
mohair ellis
THIS IS CHERRIE TYPING;; AT THE BEGINING OF THIS VIDEO, IT SHOWS THE "TWIN TOWERS", STILL PAINFULL TO WATCH AFTER 15 YRS.*********************************************************************************************************
she looks like Furiosa
20,766,000 plus viewers ain't no ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, the song slowly rocks but it grips. It infuses many styles of music..or... picture loosing your kid in a huge store or mall etc., or your dog lost at the park, etc??? The agony and pain, the loss of a loved one dying, gone and never found ??? And everyone looks strange....??? Magnificent I say....
Santiago Garcia
Formidable tema y muy buen vídeo. "The Rolling......adorables " dinosaurios" del rock.
Hendrik Huizing
Must be the ultimate cool recording ever made
Bartlomiej Baltazar
яков горов
Pedro Macruz
Brasil say Hellow !!!!!
The Rolling Stones
She confessed her love to me Then she vanished on the breeze
Nicolas Nikitakis
Angelina is awesome !
priscila santos
Mick Thunder
there is smthg about the second half of 90's : they must film the streets in shaky speed up way o don't how to describe it but it gone a cliché for the 90's
arlene Mendoza
one of the best singer in the world
Black Jack
Scott Johnston
K.D Lang.... "Constant craving".... You heard it here first.... Still.... Awesome tune by the Stones though..
Mooktadir A
The unmistakable Rolling Stones experience..
Arlindo Detomi
Anderson "Spider" Silva at 4:19?
alvsiaz o
omg i can't handle angie in this video
eric simon
- The story goes that there's a transvestite among the girls in this vid
yogi 2436
I'm going to forget I ever saw that
Natalia romanov
crazy... the best
Zoe Guitar
Best Rolling Stone's song ever!
Brico Passion
its beautiful musik mike jagger the best thank you for the moment magic.willy
Aylen Lopez
Love Love Love! Angie and the rollings song!!!!
Tomas Argañaraz
this is art
Zviad Ambroladze
The Rolling Stones are as brilliant as always. And Angelina is as beautiful as no one else in the world! <3
Elizabeth Tarantino
So cool Angelina wears it well I have the same haircut... C a n c e r she gave me the confidence to walk outside in public as I am...
Duvan Daza
Ella me confesó su amor,  entonces se desvaneció en la brisa  tratando de aferrarme a algo que fue imposible.  ¡Era mas que hermosa!  ¡Cerca de lo etéreo,  con una especie de sabor que le daba a la tierra!  Cierro mis ojos,  son las tres de la tarde,  luego me doy cuenta  que realmente se ha ido para siempre  ¿Alguien ha visto a mi Baby?  ¿Alguien la ha visto cerca?  El amor se ha ido y me ha dejado ciego.  La he buscado, pero simplemente no puedo encontrarla.  ¡Ella se ha perdido entre la multitud!  Estaba ojeando revistas  en ese lugar de la calle Mercer,  cuando creí verla  subirse a una moto,  veía mas bien a una dama,  ¿Solamente me agitaba?  ¡Ujum!  Lagrimas saladas,  son las tres de la tarde,  ella ha desaparecido,  es que realmente se ha ido para siempre  ¿Alguien ha visto a mi Baby?  ¿Alguien la ha visto cerca?  Si tan solo cierro mis ojos,  alcanzo y toco la presa.  Nadie la ha visto cerca  (RAP SOLO)  ¿Alguien ha visto a mi Baby?  ¿Alguien la ha visto cerca?  Si tan solo cierro mis ojos,  alcanzo y toco la presa.  Nadie la ha visto cerca.  ¡Perdidos! ¡Perdidos y nunca nos encontramos!  Debo haberla llamado unas mil veces,  a veces creo que es solo en mi imaginación.  ¡Perdida en la multitud!
Markm M
Good Stone tune...but the stones have hundreds of good tunes .........
Kris Liebert
old but still good
OceanBushWarrior 2101
Go The Stones!
Watch the smoke screen at 2:12... Can someone answer me why that swastika??????
Bruno DaSilva
Angelina Jolie ....Sempre Linda.....
Demetrio Mota
Me amarro nessa música e nesse clip, me uma sensação de liberdade!
Patrick Proctor
This must be before she had her breasts carved off? & another thing, I love me some old Stones, but this track iszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
gualeguay crecido
Son unos monstruos sagrados
L.A Bailey
Rolling Stones
Mau Vasconcellos
Its 2018 and we're all still looking
filip telega
anie jolie is so sexy and hot in lingerie as girl who confess jagger her sins
Ron Wood Sexyyyyy Voice.
Makes the hairs stand up on my arms every fucking time I hear it. Still the greatest rock and roll band of all time...
Glad I live in the woods...
Gilson Santos
This guys are immortal, how is possible all of them still alive? especially Keith
Ruben PS
Angelina ¡¡¡
Band -excellent, Angelina-excellent, video- excellent, audio quality- horrible lol
Lorana Brabster
2017 July? Awake, wow........
Muzikant Zika
2017 still loveee it =)
Leandro Fernandoy
un tema para los que todavia no encuentran al amor de su vida lo buscan por cada calle esquina grande los rolling stones van por los 60 años lo mejor
David Gris
I always loved the Beatles..I hate the Stones and I'm here for A Jolie
Don Richard
Another Great Rolling Stones Song 🍺😁🤘
Iza Jakubosz
Taylor Abrahamse
Reminds me at the chorus of "Con-stannnt crae---eving..."
La parte que el chabon canta en la boleteria de subte jajajjajajajajajjajajaja que genio el loco!
Angelina Jolie so sexy and hot!
An incredible video..
Evelyn Tapia
Let's be honest here, Angelina Jolie is the perfect fit for this video AND this song, enough said.
Gabriel Gomez
Angeline Jolie?????
Antus Nella
Veo veo ... una Angelina Jolie!!
ueber koenich
hey guys, can somebody pls tell me what the announcer (Ron Wood) is saying in the beginning? some parts are inaudible but i've got it like this so far: announcer: Remember folks, whatever you do, don't... (inaudible) The beautiful array of people i see before me I've been in the ballers game many years i love it, love it, love it Folks are you ready for this? Welcome to the sleazeball lounge I'm the biggest sleaze of them all Not really, just kidding Tonight we have pigs, we have animals got all kinds of (shit) (look) I have the faith But i'm beginning to lose faith Because i just can't find my baby amongst all these beautiful girls Anybody seen my baby?