Early Birds vs Night Owls

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Mr Videos & Games
I have to wake up in a few hours. Help.
Souparna Khan
I am a night owl
I'm both
Mariah's shades
It's 2am now and I have a major test tomorrow and I haven't started on the subject. I'm so screwed.
#splatoonreference Rest In Peace splatoon 1. Rest now.
They say the early bird gets the worm, but is it true for humans? We break down who wins this battle over bedtime!  #AsapSCIENCE  
Ishika -
I sleep at 3-4 am watching anime all night and get up at 6am for school after that sleep in afternoon so that makes me afternoon birds
Michael’s YouTube channel
I’m both
Billy Brandt
School's making me be both
Kit-Kat Gaming
Like if you are a night Owl
Ilana Friedman
Morning people scare me.
Sonia Motwani
Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese
uni corn21
Me protect
Me *P R O T E C C*
Abby Conner
🐦🌞Early Bird🌞🐦
Where are my early birds at?
watching this on 5:32 AM note: i didn't get up early lol
Maggie Motl
Is anyone a early bird? (Ps. Im a night owl. Also ps. Again I have a cat named Night)
I'm not an early bird or a night owl. I'm some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.
Nati Ocean
I stay up all night and wake up early morning what am I?
Sniper Scope 99
You see early morning people have their mornings from around 8 a.m to 12 p.m, night people (like me) have their mornings from 12 a.m to 4 a.m. So with that being said, who is really the early bird?
Turbat G
watching this at 3 am 😶😶
Cinnamon Roll
The early bird gets the worm, but the early worm gets eaten by the early bird.
Peace world tc
Hurrah.. Night owl frequently early worm catcher
Sleep is for the weak
well its 4AM now sooo....
Sakshi Awasthi
Watching this video at 2:48 am in the morning....
Bri Limits
I am a night owl,probably why I hate school so much.
I'm watching this at 3:25am #NightOwlSquad
Mariyam Ibrahim
Well, for those who've seen death note...L IS A NIGHT OWL!🙌🙌🙌
Toni Mauge
Night owl squad, where you at?
Poyraz Tuncer
me protect
Why is night the most alert and least lazy time for me but also the easiest to fall asleep smh
Monish Biswas
I am night owl and I am proud and loud
B. L
im both tho
Laila Eam
I go to sleep late and wake up early getting about 7 hours of sleep. I get straight A's as well, and I'm an AP student and also skipped 2 grades. (I'm in 8th grade as a 12 year old)
Rita Mendes
early bird gets the worm? uhmmmmm.... I think you're forgetting about the owl that stays up sooo late that THEY get the worm
Paranormal Activity
Night owls where you at!
challenge accepted
I’m an early bird :/
I'm both.... yeah I'm sleep deprived
Rheka Denney
It's 4:00 AM
Marko Simić
I love staying up at night. I get soo many ideas and I'm so much more creative at night. But now that summer's over I have to go to bed at 10pm to get up at 6 for school😢
Erick Romero
Night owl. who who
Epicfab YOLOL
My parents are both early birds and I'm a nigh towel Also I wake up wide awake and have high grades at school
Kat Kat
I an early bird on a night owl
Elongated Muskrat
to be fair im kinda both,I barely sleep
Rhythm Fever
welp so I'm sorta a mixture of both. in other words I don't get much sleep lol
Kyra 1712
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m both. 12:00 at night and 6 in the morning
nOrMaL pLaNt
basically... *BE BOTH*
What I Feel
My dad is an early bird and my mom is a night owl. The genetics must have somehow smashed together in a big hot mess causing me to hate both night and day.
Banana Orange
Whether you are a night owl or early bird , it doesn't matter as long as you get sleep and it works for you . Although personally I don't see whats good about mornings . Its just a start towards the day no one feels their best in the morning anyway .
I Have A Cool Name
If I go to sleep at 12:00 and wake up at 3:00, am I a night owl or morning person?
Melisa S
It’s 3:07 am while I’m watching this.
The Caped Crusader
I hate waking up I hate going to sleep what am I
if im being forced to do something for a long period of time like go to school then i become an early bird. When i have nothing going on i naturally turn into a night owl, staying up until 10 am sometimes and sleeping until 9 pm the next day. Or id stay up til 5 am and sleep til 2 or 3. Right now i have nothing going on and its almost 6 am and i have been up all night . lol
Masked Jester
I wake up early and feel like i didn't even sleep and i stay up late like 3 or 4 AM so what am i?
No Clue
What happens if you’re both??
J Cook
I'm so much of a night owl that I stay up all night, get the worm in the morning, and go to bed . . .
Peace Hope
I'm both a night owl and an early bird 🐦 🌞 Probably explains why I'm never tired... 😂
Team Night Owl 😊
I'm a early bird and night owl cause no matter what time is I sleep I wake up at 9pm I sleep at 1 am or 2am
Toni Mauge
If the early bird gets the worm, then what do night owls get?
Yuanyuan Zhang
The funny thing is, owls are birds.
Ava Xx
Wha....? I need to sleep? I can’t be bothered....
Moncerrat Flores
I am a night owl
It’s MarMar
Any night owls in the comment session?
Willy The Warper
Its at dawn when i'm most alive, you know, when the sky is dark blue, its beautiful, and the air is freezing and there is just enough light to see, its also when most animals are out too
Latte Cat
In the morning and when I get home from school I'm exhausted, but despite having hardly any sleep the night before, I begin to feel absolutely fine between 8 and 10pm.
Lilith Purdie
I'm both.................................. R.I.P
Lol I’m both 😆
clara sunomone
LoL 😂 I'm not both I'm soo lazy I'll sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 9 am . Lol 😂😂 but my grades are very nice ....
Elsa Liu
Me night owl
Steven Espina
It's pretty obvious that night owls are the majority on the internet.
I'm a night owl 🦉 but then I wake up at like 8. So I'm an early bird 🐦 too
There are more night owls than early birds because it's hard to fall asleep earlier than usual, but easy to fall asleep later than usual.
i am both... idk how im alive
I’m both, is that bad?
Kaitlin Marie
I'm both.. Bed late and wake up early.
isabel Morel
Kiddy Cringe
I'm not an early bird nor night owl, I'm a lazy chicken.
Min Jung
Im both...
ryuji sakamoto is best boy
I've confirmed I'm the only early bird here.
Aidan Mousavi
I like doing homework in the morning but I'm usually a night owl Edit: in fact I do half my homework in the morning and half at night
Aidan Mousavi
Who's an early owl (combo of both)
Matt Hazen
The early bird can get th worm because worms are gross and mornings are stupid.
Otaku_Yuno :3
Lol this just proves everything because I’m watching this at 11:00 pm and I’m planning to stay up even later.
Jeanette Ruiz
I feel like I'm a little bit of both... I'm just weird 😂
Annie4Life forever
JJ Plays
I'm watching this at 01:57 Am. I do believe I'm a night owl. Just a hunch
A Guy Who Does stuff
Oi! You don’t get to insult me , that’s my job
toyasosavage 101
I'm both i go to sleep at 3AM and wake up at 7am I get about 4 hours of sleep
sophie's gym
I'm an early bird AND a night owl. It's 2am right now and no matter what time I go to sleep tonight, I will wake up at 6-7am, and I won't be tired at all! I'm an odd child...
Universal Flower
Im a early bird yet I am energetic even if I woke up at 4am and stayed up untill 3am the next day... *dabs*
Tanner Russell
I'm a night bird! Early owl? I don't make food yolks dill with it...
Da Dragon Durp
Early Bird gets the worm While Night Owls get delicious rodents.
Hereditary?? NO. How is it that the Greeks were so brilliant when it came to treating ailments/conditions/disorders? Because they utilized the person's astrological birth chart. There's real factual consistency in that certain planets affect us in certain ways, like how our skin produces vitamins when absorbing the sun, and the same way the moon effects the ocean tides. We, much like the planet itself, is made up of nearly 70% water. If the outer planets can so greatly influence LARGE MASSES of water on Earth, then how difficult would it be to influence us little droplets?? Not difficult at all. Astronomers always find out things decades (if not centuries) later that astrologers already knew. Documented. This is a science that needs to be considered in studies like this. For instance, if you're a Leo (or any fire & air sign), you're likely to function better during the day. Scorpios & Cancerians (water signs) are primarily night owls. "Hereditary." smh. Don't just pick up a book. Study this.