The 5 GREATEST UPSETS in NBA Playoff History!

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Mike Korzemba
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travo lit
You always emphasize the last word of every sentence 😂
I swear Mike could make ANYTHING sound dramatic, ANYTHING
Andre Roberson went 3-for-21 from the free throw line in the Houston series despite being an NBA player
SuperSonics blew a 2-0 lead
rameel ahsan
Remember that the warriors can STILL blow the 4-0 lead
Yaktyl Smith
9:40 Hey look, a sold-out Warriors crowd pre-2015! #WeExist
Avery Bradley’s Son
Imagine if Mike died
Brb gotta go get popcorn
Don't let this video make you forget the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.
You forgot: WARRIORS BLEW A 3-1 LEAD xD
Formal Mercenary
who remembers when he played 2k on this channel.
Elite Squad
Way to ignore Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf like every NBA person does he's the real reason the nuggets upset the Supersonics smh
King Eazy
The warriors been choke artists since the 70's god damn KORZEMBA GOAT
Mr. CamiGames
Mike Korzemba, please do a what if video about Kawhi Leonard staying in the Indiana Pacers. Respond to me plz. Am a big fan.
I'm guessing you don't count the finals as part of the playoffs.
jason blum
Can you do a what if Russell Westbrook got drafted to the heat instead of Michael Beasley?
2007 was the Suns' and Mavs' year. Both choked in the playoffs
Ed Ryab
You should have 1000000 subscribers you are great
Golden State Chokers
Phillyboy 215
Where are the 12 sixers
Giannis Antetokounmpo
We damn near were part of this vid until we came back from down 25 and lost
Mike were are the 2016 cavs? They came from losing 3-1 to the warriors and win the championship 😂😭
Gmsd 30
Hello Mike! I am a big fan, keep of the great work!
Matthew Moore
Mike Korzemba, plz can u make a vid what if greg oden never got injured
Jephthah San Pedro
Biggest Playoff Upset must be the '11 Dallas Mavericks vs Newly formed "Big Three" of Miami Heat. Dude, who even believes that Dallas would be in the WCF, let alone the Finals? The Heat pretty much stomps the season and to the Finals. What Dallas did was way above everyone's expectations, including themselves.
Simon Khaimov
I live near saint johns
dakarai king
It did #struggingknickfan
Your the best NBA/basketball YouTuber ever
Baller Squad
number 4 definitely cheered me up
Rob Bepat
Do you go to Sju???
Mauricio Muller
Orrrr the 2011 dallas mavericks over the heat
So bc you like the bulls you didn't put us in huh 😤😤😤😤😤
Colson Rossino
Mike, do you think the Thunder can pull off a Rudy Gay and/or Blake Griffin Signing this offseason?
Jiaming Liu
Javale McGee will be this year's nba final MVP.
Avinaash Krishnan
I made the exact same video
Jays Edits
Add the Utah Jazz to this list!
Matt the Backwards One
Cavs over the 73-9 Warriors team should've been on here. greatest regular season record ever and almost *double* Cleveland's point differential
Baseball28 TP
Mike can u do a what if vid they r my fav I miss them. ex what if Andrew Wiggins didn't get traded
LeBryant Howard
You forgot to mention that the memphis Grizzlies were missing their top scorer Rudy gay in that series because of injury.
Where are the 2016 Warriors (Chokers)
King Rooster
Ayelet Yardeni
Of course they would become the first 8 seed in history of o play in the finals, they were the only 8 seed to beat the 1 seed
Spider Fan
The 2015-16 Thunder beat the 73-9 Warriors... oh wait.
I honestly think the 2016 Cavaliers should be on this list. Huge underdogs against the 73-9 warriors, up 3-1 and at that time, Cleveland was given almost no chance to win the series.
damn the grizzlies 'bout to do it again
What about the 2011 NBA Finals with the Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat?
Planet Zeal
What about the #6 seed 94-95 Houston Rockets? I mean they beat the top 3 seeds in the west and went on to sweep the NBA Finals and become the lowest seeded team to win a championship. Also, I know they didn't win the series, but the 2009 Houston Rockets who lost to the eventual champion Lakers in Game 7 of the second round. The Lakers had no trouble with anyone in the post season that year other than the Rockets, who didn't have their best player, Tracy McGrady, due to injury, and lost Yao Ming half way through the series due to injury. The latter of this comment is more of just an outstanding team effort and a what if I guess, and I think you should do a video about it!
Christian H-K
you and KOT4Q should do a 1v1 to see who's the biggest Bulls fan.
Grant Williams
I wouldn't have had the Spurs Grizzlies one at number 1, even though they're the wonderful Spurs (and mind you I appreciate your praise for Poppovich) the last like 15 games of the season they really started to suck, winning only one game in a huge losing streak
Konstantin Lomeyko
You forgot warriors blowing a 3-0 lead in the 2017 NBA Finals
DrakeGotBurner 2006
do nba players who were centers as kids but point guards in the nba
So the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals after setting the record for most wins in the regular season isn't an upset?
BrotherBallerz 111
why mikey Klondike always rippin on Knicks fans
Tommy Townsend
Discovered this channel about a month ago, can't stop watching!
Mike keep up the great work. Love your videos. Always excited when you upload. Keep it up bro
Joshua Bahramy
favorite YouTuber by far love the vids and the background music
King Bdog
i followed you on Snapchat
Endless Endeavor
U did cheer us knicks fans up
Brody Ginn
The 3-1 comeback?
Jenari Holbrook
What if every current NBA player went back to their home team? Who would be the top teams ?
Carl Woods
you should make a video explain the nba lockout in 2011. like if u agree
Paul K.
Notification Squad where you at?
Seamus O'Malley
Who is wearing socks right now?
Ethan McMaster
Mike, you are my favourite YouTuber in the entire world! I watch your videos as much as I can! I love your content and whole channel. Like if you love this channel and comment your favourite NBA team.
Matt Zielinski
Warriors blowing leads since 1976 😐
Yo that Nuggets-Sonics series was huge. The Sonics had the Rockets number that year. Though the Jazz would've still been tough for the Sonics matchup wise and was a potential 7 game series, if the Sonics got passed them they had swept the season series vs the Rockets that year.
Partick Ford
Why not the 1974-75 Warriors there Finals win against the Bullets was a very big upset
Garth Jepsen
do a vid about Steven Adoms and his story pls
No Jumper
Watch , mike gunna come clutch and upload the 5 vids on the last day. #kobe
Zale Bender
Um 3-1 warriors
Meer Mohamed
Make a vid about cavs chances to win a championship. i know you have before the season started, but now with cavs defence struggles and new players make a update. Or make a vid about spurs chances against the gsw because i think that they have a chance to beat the gsw
Liam McCaffrey
Who's watching The NFL draft?
MW 44
I thought he would put the CAVS vs GSW
yari vianey
what about the 6th seeded rockets who won it all in 1995
Cavs overcoming a 3-1 deficit wasn't an upset?
Mike Korzemba is boss, but I was looking forward to the 2015-16 GSW. I guess it wasn't as disappointing as some of the other losses here.
Jude Becela
what about the 2016 warriors blowing a 3-1 lead
Matthew Moore
Daniel Villarreal
Make a video about evaluating every team and see where Chris Paul should go
Will Hicks
Notification squad!!! Hi Mike. Can u pin this? And btw, Grizzlies blew a 3-0 lead in the 2018 playoffs
Marquez DaFool
73-9 and blew a 3-1 league I better see it
DJ Sam
you here that the warriors choked not once but twice😮
Hans Gruber
Wheres the 11' Mavs?
John Patino
🤞🏽Your not allowed to go for the bulls anymore!!!! Or at least until they make a finals series again...💍 Which will probably be around 2026 of there lucky enough to find at new gun slinger to start killing it again..& that hopefully he doesn't get injured 2-3 times a season for 4 straight years.
Daniel Niizawa
Hey guys remember how the warriors blew a 3-1 lead last year?😊
Josh Smiley
Make a video on jimmy butlers story
Abdul Nasary
Bulls blow a 2-0 lead
Wont see any upsets like these for a good 4 more years prolly
TurnuppGod Live
Grind grind😀😀😀
Erik P
Hey Mike can you plz do a video on Drazen Petrovic I don't think he gets enough credit he deserves of a player and how good he could have been.
Akhil Gutta
2004 pistons vs lakers
Well I'm surprised. I was almost sure you would put the '16 Cavs beating 73-9 Warriors in this video. Beating a team with the best regular season record in history is quite a big deal
For Saken
How many thought the '16 Cavs was gonna be in here
Venkat Raman
mike you should join TNT conversations!!
Young Asif
why did u remove ur bill russel overrated career vid?