Behind The Shells: The Making of Ninja Turtles VHS Review

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Before I upload my review for the second film tonight, I wanted to talk a little about the vhs tape that was released, before the second film's release. It was called Behind the Shells: The Making of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is a 30 minute or so look into the making of the second film, and a little bit on the popularity of the first flick. For some reason, the companies decided to never put the damn thing on any dvd release, even for the 25th anniversary boxset. Although thankfully, it is on youtube as well... you can find it here (by the way, when you click on that link, it will automatically go to parts 2 and 3 after each video ends, so don't click on anything once you click on the link below.

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I got this tape today at DAV. Pretty cool documentary and a hard tape to find. NITPICKS: The things I find strange about this tape is that it has the RCA/Columbia logo on the box and labels, but it's not featured at all on the tape (no warning screens either, just the New Line Home Video logo). The tape speed is in SLP mode (as opposed to the common SP mode), so the quality of the playback isn't that great. That aside, I'm glad I own it. I was obsessed with the turtles as a child.
Yes its still up on YT bro i'll give it a watch sometime. Awesome job thumbs up!
slagar the cruel 85
that good but the concerty tour and christmas specials vhs suck ash.
Matt Kasper
Nice review on the making of wich is pretty cool. Wtf is vhs though? lol