Kaitlyn Maher - 5yo - Ave Maria

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Kaitlyn Maher sings "Ave Maria" at Christian Fellowship Church on Christmas Eve 2009. For more information on Kaitlyn Maher, or her debut CD "You Were Meant to Be," please visit: *** www.KaitlynMaher.com *** Also, please feel free to also check out some of her other links, including: * Facebook: />* Twitter: www.twitter.com/KaitlynMaher * MySpace: www.myspace.com/KaitlynMaher

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Diwas Upadhyay
Born gifted..amazing full of talent..she started singing when she was just 18 month old and would not sleep and had to be taken to doctor.. I hope she doesn't go rogue as other talented people go when they achieve fame.. and keep singing and do what she loves doing..
Lord, protect Kaitlyn from Hollywood's influence of corruption like so many before her. This one belongs to You Lord.
Ignez Maciel
She must be an angel disguised in a adorable little girl ......
Dakota North
OMG I almost cried she is amazing but the part I loved was when she said I hope it blesses people
Rapi D
Not just the voice but the to see the sheer joy on Kaitlyns face as she sings warms my heart. Angelic because I feel blessed after listen to her.
Trud McD
Amazingly beautiful girl with so much talent. GOD has blessed her and her life. I sincerely hope she goes further to bless America with all of her talents. We need more Kaitlyn's in this world.
Oh dearest and sweet Kaitlyn, You have touch my saoul so deeply sweet heart. I am sure God's is giving to us, an angel on earth by you honey. How beautiful you are. Inside and outside. I became a big fan on your first note on stage. A million Bravo and I suscribe to you of course. Pkus favs and my page facebook. Catherine xx ♥ From Quebec, Canada.
Angelina Driesbach
I wish I can give her a hug
Carol Krab
How could she remember the words. Wonderful .
eeeeek she is sooooo cute
Shane Jacobson
There are Angels walking on earth & here is one of them.
Nayantara Bakshi
I almost cried.. she is so so wonderful.. a true angel :).. Loads of blessings!!
Whitney Cruz
your the best
Dianne Asuncion
she`s amazing me I can`t do that when I was 5 I`d rather play than memorize chords OMG!!!!!
Sally Swift
beautiful voice and shes so cute
she sings better than i ever could... and she's 5
Naomi Ormeo
Fantastic gift from God for such a young age..Thank you God for her...Bless you little girl...
I'm everywhere you go
that moment you realise this kid sings better than you.
Kayleigh Alice
Hallelujah!God bless Kaitlyn and her family!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I knew she was in santa paws. But we xoxo you kaitlyn. Ur soo adorable and cute
julio velez
You've made a grown man cry. Be blessed Sweet Kaitlyn
Ken Lberry
What an amazing child of God.....
Amazing for a 5 year old I wish I was that good
Sabrina Nakhasenh
Wow she sing so well!!! :D
Mattia Polidori
Emozione e sentimento hanno toccato il cuore di chi l'ascolta.
Claudia Krizay
I must say she did an amazing job here.  I criticized her when she sang for America's got talent but here she is much much better- amazing.
Roberta Kennedy
Kaitlyn is amazing.
ruokuovinuo loucu
she is meant for u nly lord...protect her from other worldly pleasure and let her be ur server n praise you
Norma Parker
Amen to that, yes you are right this Kaitlin belongs to the LORD I pray GOD keep her safe.
aniyah watkins
u got so good awww
Eliz MaLind
M Jackson
wow that girl can sing!!!!!keep singing girl you rule
OMG when she was 4yo she has like the extra from her voice, she a pro now!
ines kusuma dewi
so cute😍
Xerxes Carruana
Mauro Navalesi
Non solo è bravissima, è anche simpatica
Timothy T
This child is beautiful beyond belief!
Sunny Quackers
I don't see anything here...wobbly voice.
Dorcas Ankrah
so so soo cute
Lucija Jaković
Marilyn Medialona
i liked u so much baby wish ur my baby
can you see this little one in a few years when she can control her breath better? fantastic
ann lopez
Sandra Veiga
She is amazing!<3
wow. just wow.
Brionna Leigh
God bless that little heart
Un angelito divino.
HealingInspirations by Annie
Beautiful little sweetheart, blessings always, Annie
you have changed ALOT!
Dorcas Ankrah
what a beautiful voice
Kaitlyn Graves
She also tried out for America's got talent when she was four it was amazing and adorable she made it to top 10
Antahnia Forte
soo beautiful😳😳😳😳
Darwin the Hot Dog
I was 2 when this was made XD
Justin Mayhew
I can't handle the sheer level of adorableness!
Antahnia Forte
sooo cute😍😍😍😍
Marcela Henriquez
Una niña encantadora .La veo a corto plazo actuando en el cine.Tiene algo especial, Dios la bendiga.
Mary Mwinga
she is more precious than gold wow.. God's Angel.. God protect yu.. my 1st time approaching your videos and Im loving all. keep it up bless up
Caitlin Medina
simon semaan
Like if you got goosebumps ... I did at the beginning of the song
Amélie ROUX
J adore
Nahomi .reyes
did anyone see this was published on christmas
Tina Workman
Good Luck in you're life,YOU ARE A PRIZE
Hannah E.
OMG Love it!
Martha Nunez
awww... she is so adorable ♡♥♡♥
Iyni Keyal
God will lift her in life higher
Twinkle Lazaro
love it,i miss my daughter
Crystal Ortiz
she sings better than me so CUTE!!!!!!!!!
deacon chang
Vicky Gentiloro 198026
Ivone soares fernandes
onde andará essa fofurinha  , da vontade de abraçar mt forte ,ela é um docinho ,e como canta bem... bjsss lindinha onde estiver ...te amo
Ester Ng
so cute and love it
Ryenne Kelly
Adorable and cute
Elijah Harper
awe so precious! !!!
Paul Boyd
God bless you and Keep you from all harm and evel Influence and With along life for Jesus.
blessing okorle
GOD bless you
leticia cardenas
She was in america got talent
Ein fach nur schön
Stephen Ngigi
WOW I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I* LOVE  U PLUS THIS IS TS /tia and shaunna and we love you your my hero
shy atkins
Oh my gosh this kid is amazing she is truly my idol. You are amazing Kaitlyn Maher truly the best!!!!!
Neha Jairaj
she's so adorable
Vicky Gentiloro 198026
Vicky Gentiloro 198026
youngest top 10 in agt history ever, she is also adorable and talented!
Ka K
I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ bravooooooooo
Doreen Grytz
The Girls is hammmer
Cheri Ann Sandefur Peavy
Christian P.
helena pawpaw
OMG ..love it
what is she doing now?  connie
Kayla's reborn babies
Love it
Katelyn Rose
Yes No
so cute ^^
Impossidle Jackson
So cute love church songs
Mihaela Hatch
very hard song. she nailed it
Kiều Loan
Amazing little kid :***********