'Unpretty Rapstar' rapper Yook Ji Dam claims she's dating Kang Daniel?

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Shortly after Yook Ji Dam's SNS posts involving Wanna One's Kang Daniel and content written by his fans caused a stir online, fellow 'Unpretty Rapstar' rapper Kasper took to Instagram to shed some light on the situation. ➜ Read More: />Partnership & Affiliation [email protected] FOR PROMOTION USE ONLY - "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Make sure to share the video, leave a comment and smash the like button for more! If you're new be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications ◆ If you enjoy don't forget to like and subscribe ◆ />Mysite: />Thank for you support ♥♥♥♥♥ For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]

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to those people who don't understand a thing. They met at a party and by then they started building some kind of relationship but Daniel broke up with her(in good terms btw) to focus on P101, It's not like they even dated but it seems like she couldn't accept it. So she started to read fanfics of Daniel and she suddenly thought that what she read was exactly the same conversation she made with Daniel. So she started accussing the fanfic writer of stalking them(and btw why would someone stalk them when Daniel was just a normal nugu trainee and she was still a nugu rapper). Her friend and father shut her down by saying that what she said is not the whole truth, they didn't understand why she did it. Daniel seems to be a really good guy that Jidam's dear friend and even her own father defended Daniel. It seems like she got herself drunk because she's got no one for Valentines day. Who wouldn't tho esp because it's Daniel we're talking about.
sandra hurtado
if they were or are dating, who cares is their decision their PRIVATE life...but to say it NOW why? does she want to ruin his career? knowing that he's really popular right now and also there a lot of immature fans nowadays who can be really cruel and can lead a person to get depression or worse situations..
If they are, then who cares. If she is lying, she needs to get her head on straight and stop making up stories.
Andy Chenster
So basically they were going to date but, Daniel ended things. She just wants that attention low-key even if they were good friends
Respect to kasper for explaining things in a better way
Tatiana Chairez
Dude I swear I blink and there's already something new going on
eLePhAnT KpOp
Why do I not believe this? 😂😂but if they are...nice??? I guess 😂lmao
PIXIE x BLINK #SupportSquad
She must have gone nuts. Like, even if they dated, he still tried to treat her great after breaking up. Why was she trying to ruin his career over a fanfic she found? What was she doing reading fanfics anyways? Can she get over Daniel or did she need a boast to her career now or what? I don't get it.
나 비 리
But didnt they date 2 years ago ?? (idk if that's right) why bring up old news
clasha anna
Out of the blue, she brought up relationship that already over 2 years ago. There's no reason for people to hate on daniel bcs of this actualy. From what kasper wrote. He already ended everything, but this girl seems just can't freaking move on or probably she's just trying to make some issues to blow up her popularity. Not to mention if it's related to daniel it will surely trending on naver. Haha. What a nice move to ruin your own career girl
Christine Khoo
Tbh I guess she wants attention but I don't blame her plus she ain't making anything up so that's her.
Taeyeon Generation
I think this is a rumor!!!..Who cares!!!
ah ah imagine
even if they're dating for real, she should've stayed quite lmao. not only did she ruin her own career but also daniel's. daniel is a rookie couldn't she at least be considerate and stfu.
Gati Woro Kinasih
the case is.... if she date him, she defenetly ruin her career, not his. And she doesnt love him. Daniel is such a good boy, he will be good to her, im sure. But she did bad for his career. And she just made up this story and having 'bad' commenting with fans. if she's not, DEFENETLY, this story that she made , ruin her career herself. Why??? Theres immature fans. Newbie fans. But for me, its up to him or her if theyre dating or knot, bcoz it doesnt mean to me. Its up to them. I just love wanna one. Their personal feeling and personal life, its their. Mine is mine.
I don't even know what to say to this?
Lol that's so childish
Inspirit A.R.M.Y MonBebe Starlight
I'm so confused tbh.
Ismail Ahmad
Shes drunk thats it
Indah Radiska
Yuk Jidam is kinda Sulli 2.0 imo. Such a cheap-attention seeker.
Dizzy Hill
She sound so desperate
She just went and disgraced herself. What did she think she was going to get out of this by exposing this? Attention seeker much.
Hana Hana
did she turn her brain off or what? even if they dated, she should know that saying something like this can cause a big drama and make immature fans do some pretty things
Who cares if they dating,it's there choice...
maybe she just wants people to know "hey,.i am kang daniel ex gf, and still related with him (even if its just friend)" but dear,..ur confession just will be hurt yourself, netizens already see it just looking for a sensation,. btw,. so this is the type that daniel likes,.hmmmm ok
HappyGo Kathy
First of all. It's not "dating". Coz that would mean she is seeing Daniel as we speak - on a more personal level. The rumor is that she "used to date" him. They or rather Daniel apparently decided it's best to end the rel prior to the crazy world that is Produce 101. It's in the past. Whether they dated or not, which is absolutely normal, is up to this girl and Daniel to confirm.
It’s not the first time she’s making up stories. She said she dated Woo Won Jae when he just got famous in Khiphop. And Woo Won Jea said that he didn’t even know her😂 It’s quite funny cuz most of Daniel’s fans don’t even read that kind of fiction. Those are mostly fictions about “Ong and Daniel”. She must had read a lot of fictions and the one she’s referring to is actually not her case, as Kasper said. Not to mention that no one would stalk them when Daniel was not famous and she’s never been famous enough TILL NOW. She’s so crazy omg. She got what she wants - attention.
Yuk Ji Dam = Has so many Haters Kang Daniel = Has so many Fans
Black Cat
Can the Netizens chill😑
Reyhan. ASL
But what if they were still dating during p101?? What if Kasper don't know anything about their personal relationship??? Who are u all to judge her???
Reyhan. ASL
Don't blame Jidam. You don't know the whole story.
well i don't care either way ! I'll stay as a loyal fan to him ....ppl who leave him bcz he dated her, uh i donno what to say lol
Bubbletea Taro
don't hate a girl i love Daniel he's my ultimate bias but still
Yvonne Lee
She read fanfic done by Daniel’s fans and claimed the lady character is her. She is just delusional. The fan who wrote the fanfic had already denied it. She going to comeback with a concert,she just wants to use Daniel for his popularity. Silly girl.
꽃녤 [캐미블]
I’m not saying its confirmed but in my opinion its a false rumor, Yook Ji Dam is just seeking attention so she used Kang Daniel as her tool. Normally any kpop star who claims that they are dating someone becomes more unpopular.. So I think she is trying to make him unpopular and herself famous. 😂
Handayani Selly
Dia bisa nangkep serangga buat daniel, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I still don't get it. So is this girl pretending that she and Kang Daniel are dating? Is she making up stories to cling her name to famous Kang Daniel? 😒
Sarah E
*Welp, I'm thoroughly shook.*
ραяк ʝιнуσ
Wanna one is popular right now and I think I jidam is using wanna one so that she can be more popular well some ppl might get curious about what is jidam's career family background and etc. That's how she will gain more fans or attention
Infires RaeHyung
😲 What Does This Really Means?
she proabably got drunk for valentines day because she didn't have anyone. relatable.
Kim Jenny
Stop making stories
Caesarya Aprilianti
The thing that bothers me a lot is... why did she open up the story right when daniel is at peak of his carreer. Sorry to say, but i can't help to think that she wants attentions.
I'm not against the dating of idols but seriously, something sounds fishy. First of all, she posted it our of the blue. Secondly, like what is she expecting to receive from knetz? Praise and stuff? I mean come on, we know how knetz react when it comes to idols. And I'm pretty sure she knows that. And it's Kang Daniel, who is so popular right now. She just needs attention again.
Dumb for people who were not there to speculate anything. I think Kasper clarified a lot. At one time she and Kang Daniel were close but of course they cannot be now since he has debut. We don't own these idols people.
아니요 깅 다니엘 is mine😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hana Naz
I'm supporting Daniel:)
Areum Song
dyel 1201
Let's now end this issue. Let's just enjoy the remaining months of wanna one with us. Their 3rd album is coming up. So guys, let's unite and support these kids all the way, till the end. Forget about those negative issues. It will just make us miserable and ugly😂😂😂. Wannables are open minded, right?😍 FIGHTING!!!😁
Jung Jaehyun's Body
I'm gonna punch her fake face for making my baby danik sad 😠😠
Kumala Dewy
Even if it's true, it already happened like 2 years ago.
lia re
congratulation if its true if not than don't make such things..it will ruin career of both....its his private life one day he will get married no matter, but why that girl is too much jumping
She want attention
Kang Eunjae
Dingo berry
I think she doesn't want any attention but she can't let him go because she still have feelings for him. Suck love only one side. I hope you have enough courage to let go JM.
Music Lovers
Now I have more reason to hate her I don't know the truth but this looks like an attention seeking freak Trying to safe your unpopular career ? Bad luck, you r going to hit bottom pit end and daniel will continue to rise to the top and stay unbothered
last to first
I'm feeling sorry for her....
Yook Ji Dam seemed so sweet, I don't want to believe she is crazy :c
Selfish and childish yuk ji dam 👎👎👎
ok but why did she mention ong seongwu name in her post ???
What is she a attention seeker?!!?!Come on girl that happened years ago and even if you dated why would you bring it up!!!?!! I guess that she wants daniel back for her again now that he is popular😕😒
Kermit Oppa
What a way to kick off Valentines Day
Kermit Oppa
This is just messy 🐸☕
Kermit Oppa
If you say so sis 🐸☕ But I personally have nothing against them dating you go Daniel boi get sum
What happend to the string cheese?!
Who cares if they're dating or not? The stalker needs to f off btw
Melati Kamah
oh. idc yaaAAH. its their privacy life. even she lying, idc. or if yes she is, im just okay
voyez vousme
She’s delete her ig already (@6jidam) right when I stalk her account until 2016 post. Idk why she’s make a rumour like that, but when I stalk her ig stories I realize she’s beautyfull then even she’s not a famous singer. And if daniel dating with her back then( before produce 101) , its make sense because she’s beautyfull.
Captain Deeznuts
amber loves to cry for her idols, bye
Bet they were hella cute
Dao Alisa I.
It’s not the first time she make up story lamo 😂
Xie Kathryn
Daniel Niel
alright... when he become popular why must to have this news? I wonder why the girl need to reveal it .. ? Motif? but one thing that i knew is they already broke up.. so why need to make the news to comes out here? I'm feel upset when I see Daniel keep being silent and less smile on a stage after this thing.. well.., I hope Daniel is still fine.. and keep smile.. you can do it baby... Forget the past and trust yourself babe ♥️
Yg stan since forever
Sorry how can this be possible, he is dating me right now😏
poor Daniel, stay Strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! foreign fans can understand, and accept , how you are, and loves you I hope, koream wannable can understand, cheer, and support him more !!! I think that rumour is not important, what is important, that Ji Dam is unnormal, you all can watch the show Unpretty rapstar , she was only one , who is unnormal, little bit stupid, i think, she tryed ruin his career conscious, or want payed for this rumour much from Entertainment
Lee Pona
She crazy 😂😂😂
Yook ji dam looked weird on upr too. I used to admire her and her rap couse I love her rap flow but..I didn't understand her before and I don't do it now🤔😒😒😒
QueenAwaa Kingdom
then suddenly i wonder wht how the other members EX's gf react when they saw this .
talalelei Sefo
Since kang Daniel is just so popular this girl too want a share 🤣🤣🤣
Peachniel Baejin
She's a thick faced girl. DANIEL LOOKED TIRED AT GAON
Do we know both of them personally? Na-ah, most of us don’t. So what if they dated or dating. It’s not like it’s part of our business. Weew. So many lost pups.
Fatimah Untoro
I dont think its real lol she was probably being delusional while drunk
Mitch Kulet
We have a new air fryer and im thinking to try cooking this girL on it 😈👹👹😈
faylaa s
Ariane A.
still confused 😅 plss can someone explain to me nicely. I only understand some few sentence but not all
Rizza Velasco
so meaning there's nothing between them,hayyyyyy Jidam,you're not the only one who's claiming daniel's girlfriend we're a lot so,just think straight okay,even if you have so many photo"s with daniel,as along as there's nothing between you and him,I don't REALLY care,he's still mine,hmmmm...
Lai give me more lines Guanlin
Okay but...why was she reading fanfics involving Daniel in the first place...?
heyitsmii bn
Daniel is still a rookie and i believe his ent wont let him to date anyone for the time being. 🙄🤓
Kitsune Mitsuko
Yook Ji Dam = The rapper with Wedding/Bride Dress??? .-.
Little Tea
She suffer alot too...so already past...now daniel got a lot of girlfriend do cheer up we still have chance haha xddd
Maraiza Eurizze
BTW we can’t tell our idol who to love because we are just a fan. And if you’re a real fan, you should accept that they have rs. We should support them..........
i think the author and ji dam is same person,it make me goosebumps,she's totally crazy
YMC denied.
Ellie Ng
Is it odd that amongst all this, I suddenly like Kasper?😂😂
Quantina Wooten
No shade but they kind of look like the same person
Stitched Wingsx
I am dating him too.😂😂😂😂😂
Intan Nursyuhada Binti Azhar
They don't have any photos or evidence.. So, why we must trust the statement? It's just people mouth. I think, daniel didn't even know this statement..am I right??
bea pearl roces
asyumerang palaka. Psycho. loka loka. mangkukulam. bruhita.
Imagination is your limit.😂
tutay fatma
Cew ini geer kali,tragis lagian jaman dulu,ngp baru ngomong sekarang pas daniel udah super duper top,kalo semua teman cew daniel kyl gini weh bahaya
Jesseca nguyen
Con nhỏ đó nghĩ sao mà hợp vs daneil vậy daneil thì đẹp trai còn con nhỏ đó thì xấu vừa găng hô vừa xấu mầy biết mầy xấu hk con đỉ ngựa mầy hk xứng đáng vs daneil đâu mầy biết chứ ok
Jesseca nguyen
Đm con nhỏ đó làm kang daneil buồn