History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episode 1

Full credit to Mr. Syun Matsuena the writer of the manga, Funimation Entertainment and Original network TV Tokyo.SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE:

arafat rahman
I need a this kind of dojo . Very badly .
Chillord Ice
2 reasons why Im here Good story Miu's thicc ass
Ken Cruz
Dis is my 3rd or 4th watch this anime
Da CookieGod
Miu aint as thicc as the manga....so sad
5:40 I kicked a guy from my school like that
mighty Duale
This may be an old anime occurring to 2018 but it sure get the spirit I love in my shows let's move on
ahmed kassa
I hear natsu's voice
Unk nown
The legendary bandage below his eye still there until the last chapter of the manga
Crystal Schuster
The gerila pisses me of
NinjaWaveSonic Feelfreee
Welp tis is my 10th time watching xD
Does anyone knows whats the title of song at 15:27
David Martin Gil
I didn't know that Camy and Ryu from street fighter did go to the same school 😂😂😂😉
India Marshall
Jin Su Choi
Sorry an excuse for everything
Arrion Curnca
Season 2 is not complete yet😅😅.this is too underrated anime
Flaming Pyro
How to get motivated 101
5:07 From Eyeshield 21
Kurapika Kurta
15:27 Does anyone know the song?
Aaron The Dragon Slayer
Those legs....
Rosbe Gepelago
Ang ganda ta laga ng kinichi
Karl J
Pwede Tagalog version..
White Lotus
Looks at videos name no English dub ?!? 😭 clicks on video .... ENGLISH DUB!! YAY!!!
Emmanuel Duran
this my first time watching this anime.
Denise Asuncion
The nth time I rewatched
lei deocariza
i want to enter to that dojo hahah
Samuel Hunter
Underdog fighting his way up true story..respect .
Is the voice actor of kenichi Josh grelle
Louie Maceda
Very much good anime..i really love it.. Hoping for new episode ..llike episode51
sadaf x
My favourite anime😍😍
ConChan No SouthEast Asia
I watched all..
Ken Cruz
We are waching agin yey
Kenneth Egar
cris nyborg
Hahaha i don't know how many times i watched this anime..i love this..my favorite anime😍😍
Alberto Alejandro
I was i school when I used to watch this in the evening .. brings me a lot of memories..! thank you so much for sharing...
Fahim leo
please add one piece
The Manga is 100% better.
Mikesi Meow
tite ;)